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Nevermore Wins Crowd at Jaxx in Springfield, VA

On Saturday May 6th, my friend, and I drove down to Virginia from northern New Jersey to see Nevermore, one of our favorite bands, headline at their one off show at the Jaxx with Evergrey the next day. We got to the show early to meet up with some friends, one of which is Will Bozarth from Distorted Mind, who assisted me during the interview process for my interview with guitarist Jeff Loomis (guitarist of Nevermore), since he knows the band from hanging out with them at previous shows. Will’s input added a new dimension to some of the questions and gave the interview a humorous edge. Sadly, I had lost the entire interview because of a technical accident with the recording equipment. Fortunately, I still have the questions and can hopefully recreate the experience on a later date. Interview troubles aside, in hindsight, this was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. More...

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GN'R Acoustic Birthday Tribute For Rosario Dawson

For those of you who don't know Rosario, she's one of the most down to earth, sweetest celebrities I have met; Dawson is best known for her performances in Men in Black and Sin City.

Dawson arrived at the Plumm in New York on May 18, 2006 to celebrate her 27th birthday. After getting a huge hug from the birthday girl, we watched as Axl sang 11 tunes, including “Used to Love Her,” “Mr. Brownstone” and “Sweet Child O' Mine”, as well as the quintessential “Happy Birthday” song. More...

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King's X Rocks Ziggy's in Winston-Salem, NC

King's X hit the stage of the Winston-Salem night club Ziggy's on Thursday the 18Th, to a very anxious and receptive crowd. the set was electrifying and the band was amazing as usual, pulling off complex three part harmonies at will, while never missing a beat, and at the same time finding time to fit unscheduled jam sessions which included not just them but also the opening act Mardo.

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Demiricous Dominates A Metalcore Lineup At Jaxx

On Wednesday, April 26, I got out to see Still Remains' "Of Love And Lunacy" tour, featuring supporting acts Nodes of Ranvier, If Hope Dies, Demiricous and Another Born Without at Jaxx in Springfield, Virginia. The real reason I was going to this show was to see Demiricous, but I also like what I've heard of If Hope Dies and wanted to check out Still Remains and Nodes of Ranvier, who I've heard a lot about but never heard their music or seen them live. I had noted to my friend who I planned to meet at the venue that the show wouldn't be crowded due the show being on a Wednesday night and having no big name headliners. I had no idea how much of an understatement that would turn out to be. More...

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Project Independent Tour Kicks Off At Whisky

With a buzzing anti-major label sentiment palpable in the air Thursday night, April 27th at Hollywood's famed Whisky A Go Go, I was fortunate to have the red carpet rolled out for me with V.I.P. treatment, for which I am eternally thankful to Jeff Totten, I.R.A.T.E. and The Project Independent Tour. I truly celebrated in the fact that I was witnessing one of the real success stories of underground metal this year. I also must say that I was more than taken aback at the overall turnout and strong sense of unity in the air.


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The Masters Of Chaos Tour Report

Last Saturday, April 8, was the day of the Worcester stop of the Masters Of Chaos Tour. Before the show I was dreading that if not enough tickets were sold, the Palladium owners will pull up a last minute change of floors ( upstairs, instead of downstairs) like they did last year for the Behemoth/ Suffocation show- not that upstairs is bad but there’s no photographers pit which would result in poor quality pictures from the side of the stage. Thankfully, my fears were put to sleep when I got there, the venue was full of enthusiastic metal fans. What an amazing night for metal that was. More...

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Therion Engulf BBkings Into Their World

On Wednesday, September 14th I went to BBkings in New York City, NY to see Therion and Beyond the Embrace. As I walked into the venue as doors opened, I saw about six people standing around waiting for the concert to start. I met up with a friend and chilled until it started. What was scary was how we were the only people there until about 15 minutes before Beyond the Embrace took the stage. About 30 people showed up in those 15 minutes. I was scared that Therion drastically undersold the show. I was very wrong. By the time Beyond the Embrace finished the venue was packed. I didn’t even notice how many people were pouring in, since I was front row out of the three rows of people there. By the time Therion was playing I couldn’t move. Before Beyond the Embrace took the stage, I thought I saw Brian Fair from Shadows Fall hanging out at the bar, but wasn’t sure, so I went up to him and said, “Hey, what’s up”. Turns out it was him and he was cool. We had a short conversation because the concert started and it would be nearly impossible to hear each other. More...

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666 Degrees Of Metal: My Ruin Murders The Whisky

On Saturday, April 1st, with some serious heavy metal electricity in the air, I was in person to see a rather large bill of underground metal bands at The Whisky A Go Go here in Los Angeles. First up was Coalition Bear from Thousand Oaks, featuring Jake Goodrich on Vocals, Brett Leonard on Drums, Jack Howard on Guitars, Quinn Brentson on Bass and Aaron Collins on Keyboard. Citing influences ranging from Lamb of God, Misery Signals, Darkest Hour to Toad the Wet Sprocket, I found this act to be one that wasn't too original or too stimulating, yet somehow still captured some of my interest during their thirty minutes as the show opener. The vocalist, Goodrich, worked the crowd with some light-hearted jokes and flat out had the death growl down better than most that are trying to emulate the work of Randy Blythe. Remnants Of Solace is a song that has some cool moments, certainly the repetetive end lyric howl of "I will make you remember."

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Kittie comes to West Virginia

I had the opportunity to check out Kittie at the Huntington Music Hall (aka Monkey Bar) on April 4th. The place was packed too, especially for a Tuesday night, about three hundred people rocking out. Unfortunately I arrived late to the show, very late. Though I did manage to catch the last five and a half songs of Kittie’s set.


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Darkest Hour Brings Down Asbury Park, NJ

Friday night, March 31, 2006, I was sitting at home on my computer and on AIM. I hadn't planned on doing anything until out of nowhere, one of my friend's instant messages me, asks if I like Darkest Hour, "yes", I replied, so began my Friday night.

After running a few errands, my friend, his friend, and I headed towards Asbury Park to see Darkest Hour, A Life Once Lost, the Acacia Strain, and Himsa at Club Deep in Asbury Park, NJ. Now, this would be our first time to this venue and were told that it was right across from the legendary Stone Pony. When we got to the Stone Pony, we where relieved to find out we hadn't been misinformed. We walked in after paying at the door and I was surprised to see a pretty decent venue.

Club Deep consists of a decent size pit area, a bar in the back, and a divider separating the stage and pit area and the merchandise area. Also, in the merchandise area, there are a couple pool tables and the rest rooms. Club Deep is about the size of the Stone Pony which isn't very big, but isn't extremely small. Club Deep was just the right size for a good show.

Now, because of the errands we had to run, we showed up 20 minutes late and missed the Acacia Strain. We made it just as a Life Once Lost go on. A Life Once Lost was ok, not really my thing, sounded very hardcore influenced, and we enjoyed some of their songs. After them, Himsa went on; we aren't too big of Himsa fans because their drumming, in my opinion, overpowers the rest of the band. Also, I believe the drummer is too good for that band. After we sat down for Himsa, there's a little leather couch built into the divider to sit on, we stood back up for Darkest Hour.

Darkest Hour, the band we came to see, made the night worth the $12 spent to get in. Their vocalist was having trouble with his microphone in the beginning, but that was resolved after the first couple songs. Darkest Hour tore through songs from all three of their albums, including their single, "Convalescence", off their newest album, "Undoing Ruin", which I purchased along with a shirt after the show. Darkest Hour put on an amazing performance for their whole set. I found the guitar work to be exceptionally good. At the end of their set, their vocalist decided to stage dive, right into my arms. A much unexpected surprise! I bet he and I were both glad that I caught him!

That was the end of a Friday night that started as nothing besides me and my computer spending some quality time. Anyone who says AIM and computers are a waste of time and bad for you, I suggest you take a look at how this amazing night started.

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COB, Chimaira and TTEOTD Rock The Recher Theater

On Tuesday, March 21 I decided to end my several month drought on seeing live shows and go out to see Through The Eyes of the Dead, Chimaira and Children of Bodom play at my new favorite venue, The Recher Theater, in Baltimore, MD. This single movie theater converted to a club/concert hall with a capacity of 700 was sold out and quite packed. The lineup looked good and I didn’t want to miss a chance to catch Through the Eyes of the Dead, who have breathed some much needed life into the largely stale genre of death metal. And ever since “The Impossibility of Reason” and their latest self-titled album, I will gladly see Chimaira any time they come to town. More...

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Fall To Grace Lights Up The Joint

Every now and then, I will see a band perform that I immediately detect has the musical X-Factor thing going on for it, in terms of potential to one day achieve serious commercial success. The un-signed Fall To Grace, while registering as a more straight ahead radio friendly heavy music outfit than say the high speed and brutal types in the metal underground that I typically appreciate, is certainly one of those bands, pulling a bit of its formula from million-selling predecessors: Godsmack and Alice In Chains.

Upon my first stumbling across their music profile on MySpace, I noticed FTG to be one of those rare acts that truly has the ability to flatout deliver memorable tunes. I was even sold more on their promise upon witnessing their live offering at The Joint here in Los Angeles on Friday, March 24th. John DiBattista, fronting on vocals and pulling double duty with some scorching lead guitar work, is a Rock N Roll superstar in the making. I would be a liar if I didn't just admit it. Of all the highly competent vocalists on the Hollywood scene right now, this guy owned the stage like he was born on it. The rest of the band isn't cheap liver either. With Silas Burke on guitar, Cary Kane on drums and a tatt'd down and mohawk sporting Christophe on bass, FTG worked its genius stroke while blasting from the dirty themed but refreshingly poignant Loss Of Love to the God Smack-influenced Depths Of Depravity and the Alice In Chains derived Hatred In Alibis. All this said, Fall To Grace's real triumph seems to be its ability to not fall victim to just being another big city cover band or one hit wonder, ultimately displaying a fierce and committed passion for creating its own distinct voice. The fact that they don't have a major label attached to them right now is one of the more confusing things to understand when trying to figure out the kooky deal makings of the record business. I know that extreme metal is always going to have to fight for this sort of thing.

A band like FTG that is as uncanny at breaking off possible radio chart toppers and being the next big thing for MTV, deserves not only to start getting some immediate recognition but also be preparing to perform in much larger venues in the immediate future. Let me say it didn't make this review anymore difficult for me when DiBattista made reference to his stunning other half, adult film actress, Angie Savage, who watched him from the bar. His brashness, swagger and obvious natural-born stage persona was all that more compelling for me at those moments. I am the kind of observer that when something is fully realized and achieving all that it set out to do when first forming as FTG has clearly done here, that no matter what the genre, Pop to Punk, you have to give credit when credit is due.

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Nine Inch Nails Play Ft Wayne, IN

Review By TJ Miller of Still Remains:

On February 23rd, 2006 in Ft Wayne, Indiana's own Memorial Coliseum, no one knew quite what to expect from one Mr. Trent Reznor, the mastermind and genius behind Nine Inch Nails. From the moment their headlining set started with "Mr. Self-Sestruct," the first track off of the multi-platinum "The Downward Spiral," one would say that Reznor was definitely in good form. "Sin," and then "Terrible Lie," would follow from NIN's debut, "Pretty Hate Machine."

Trent's guitars and mic stand combined with Aaron North's out of control stage antics were forces to be reckoned with. Was the band angry tonight or just really alive? Probably the latter as Trent took the time to explain to the crowd: "I’ve got to be honest with you people. Sometimes when you are on tour, you play these shows and there is something missing... Sometimes you play shows that are fun and right on key. Tonight is definitely one of those nights," he said, while thanking the crowd for coming out.

Crowd favorites such as "Closer, Head like a Hole, Something I Could Never Have, Only, The Hand That Feeds, and Hurt," were moving to everybody. But the highlights of this particular show were more of Trent's personal favorites including "Burn, Eraser, and Reptile."

This was easily one of the best concerts I have ever seen, but the only disappointing thing about it was
the band didn't trash very much of their equipment.

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American Motherload In Chicago, Illinois

I have photographed these guys four times. Just love them. Best part is, they treat me like Royalty. There sophomore album COME TO LIFE, is a must have for all Rock and Metal fans alike. With songs like, Suckerpunch and Mud to Dust. This is on band to be reckoned with, Hailing from Chicago, IL. American Motherload plays the Midwest area. They are currently in pre production to the new CD. Hitting the studio in about 1 month. There is some talk about me going to the studio to help document the recording process with my camera. REALLY looking forward to it. More...

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Jagermeister Music Tour Stops In Ft Wayne, IN

Bloodsimple took the stage with a fairly descent crowd. The boys came out with a furry of hard hitting drums by Chris Hamilton. Leading the pack on Bass is Kyle Sanders. Kyle was GREAT to photograph, with long ass dreads flying all over the place. Especially being left handed (Like myself), he was impressive to watch. Mike Kennedy and Nick Rowe supplied the Drop “D” guitar riffs and licks, followed by Tim Williams on vocals. This band had the crowd in a frenzy. The Mosh Pit was pretty impressive for a smaller venue (Pieres). I read some previous review on the fact that Tim’s voice has been alittle haggard. I can assure you, He was at full tilt. Very impressive. Although, the band didn’t come out and meet the crowd (At least to my knowledge), they definitely did one hell of a job. Entertaining to watch and sound good as hell. More...

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Mudvayne Rock the Big Day Out in Perth, Australia

Now in it's 14th year, the Big Day Out is Australia's largest one-day music festival, travelling to five major cities in Australia as well as Auckland, New Zealand. While previous years have seen big-name metal acts included in the lineup such as Slipknot, Metallica, Hatebreed, and Soulfly, the 2006 bill was a little lighter in tone with Iggy and the Stooges, The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand and Kings of Leon topping the list of 30-odd bands. More...

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Winter Fresh SnoCore Tour In Ft Wayne, IN

Feb 17th, 2006 – Ft Wayne, IN – Pieres Nightclub

Well the night didn’t start out good. Besides being late and missing Halestorm and some asshole bumping into me and knocking my camera to the ground and breaking it (The reason why I didn’t photograph Seether), the night wasn’t that bad considering all I endured.

So I did miss Halestorm, although I did have the pleasure of seeing/photographing them in Detroit on Dec 17th, 2005 in Detroit. Great band with lots of potential. Look for them in your Neighborhood. More...

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Sevendust Play w/ Nonpoint and Wicked Wisdom

February 02, 2006 – Ft. Wayne, IN
Piere’s Nightclub

I started this evening with mixed emotions about the first group Wicked Wisdom, which Jada Pinkett Smith is the singer. Could actress/model actually produce worthwhile metal? The answer to that question is YES! Jada hit the stage with a fury that I did not think was possible from this pint-sized rocker. This band has seemed to have a hard time being accepted in the metal community but I highly disagree, I think they kicked ass! I really think it's great to see Jada following her dreams and producing the music that's near and dear to her heart. Despite all the negative feedback from the Metal World. More...

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Industrial In L.A.: Krell Haunts The Scene

I dropped in on Krell performing at The Joint in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 4th with some high expectations. I have been listening to this band's music on MySpace now for several weeks prior to doing this review and let me just say it was a night I won't soon forget. More...

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Anthrax Rocks Chicago's House Of Blues

What better way to spend Friday the 13th (January) than at an ANTHRAX show? With all the old 80’s bands coming back around, it gives us/you the chance to see them live if you have never seen them back in the day. Believe me these bands still know how to rock and Anthrax (currently on tour) is no exception.

First came, Manntis. The crowd was thin. With guitarist Adair (from MTV Fame – Battle for Ozzfest) Jake, Dan and Josh, they held there own. You will be seeing a lot more of theses guys. More...

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