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Opeth Signs With Nuclear Blast

Update: a brief snippet from the new album in a recording video has now come online and can be heard right here.

Nuclear Blast Entertainment is very pleased to announce the signing of Swedish band Opeth. The label comments:

"Always an unstoppable force for uniqueness amid a sea of generic swill, Opeth have been setting the rulebook ablaze, and ploughing a uniquely progressive and exploratory furrow for over 25 years now. Neither conforming nor exhibiting any desire to be restricted to a single genre, Opeth, quite simply, have a time honored tradition of blowing our minds with both class and forward thinking. All these years later, nothing and everything has changed once again with their forthcoming album 'Sorceress.'"

"We're happy to confirm that we have indeed signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment and will be putting out our 12th studio album 'Sorceress' via our own imprint, Moderbolaget Records," states Mikael Åkerfeldt. "The decision was made in Markus Staiger's (Nuclear Blast kingpin) ridiculously potent Porsche going at 150 mph somewhere in the south of Germany. We're happy to be part of the NB team and look forward to a fruitful relationship."

Nuclear Blast owner, Markus Staiger, continues: "I am honored that Opeth have joined the Nuclear Blast family. Mikael Åkerfeldt and his fellow bandmates have demonstrated time and time again that Opeth are a band that never release an album that sounds the same. You never know what their new music will sound like! Nuclear Blast has been following the musical journey of Opeth from the beginning with 'Orchid' to landmark albums like 'Still Life,' 'Deliverance,' 'Damnation,' and 'Blackwater Park,' right up to 2014's 'Pale Communion!' The band have become one of the most challenging artists in rock music today. It is not often that we get to work with musicians of their caliber and I'm thrilled to have such a unique genre-leader on the label. The future for Opeth and Nuclear Blast looks very bright." More...

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Metal Bands React To Florida Shooting

Much like after the terrorist attack in Paris at Bataclan, metal bands from around the globe have issued statements in support of the victims of the recent mass shooting in Florida, as well as releasing rainbow-themed merch with profits going towards charities to help the survivors.

The Demoliton Man Tony Dolan, frontman for Venom Inc., has issued the following statement regarding the tragic attack in Orlando at the Pulse night club this weekend:

"Currently we are touring North America again. The diversity of people makes me feel proud to be a citizen of the world in the most amazing countries that have a real pride in who they are and what they stand for! Yet still this terror over religious affiliations exist. We get stopped from playing a shown 'cause we are satanic, but now a murderous spree happens in Florida where innocent people are killed for doing nothing more than being in a land that holds true value on freedom.

"It could be despairing and my heart goes to those dead and their families. Humans create such atrocities but we cannot and must not give in to terror...fear is hiding away....let them feel the wrath of our strength! An eye for an eye...but innocents must not be the target. That would serve to make us like them and WE are more than that." More...

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Slipknot Reschedules Tour After Surgery

Following unplanned surgery for Corey Taylor, Slipknot has rescheduled the start of the band's upcoming tour with Marilyn Manson and Of Mice & Men.

The first 12 dates on the tour have been delayed and are rescheduled for August. The tour will now start on June 28th in Nashville, TN.

Tickets for affected dates will be honored for the rescheduled dates unless noted with an asterisk below. No action is needed in these markets.

In Denver and Las Vegas, tickets for the previous show dates must be refunded and repurchased. Refunds will be available at original point of purchase. Purchasers will be offered an early buying opportunity for tickets to the rescheduled show at the new venue on the new date. More...

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Religious Fanatics Shut Down Metal Festival

The Tbilisi Jam Fest in Georgia (the country, not the state) was apparently shut down last night by religious protesters. The Ukraine-based band Jinjer comments:

"Well, friends, there is some bad news worth sharing!!! For the first time over several years Jinjer's performance was cancelled today due to the attack by religious fanatics. Tbilisi JAM Fest was disrupted because the monastery not far away (about 1 km away) didn't like it, the priests brought an angry crowd of believers and assaulted the festival area!!!

"Even though the festival had all necessary permissions by local authorities, the fanatics just cut off the electricity. The most shocking was that the police was just standing aside and watching... It is sad to realize that in Georgia, the country which seemed to be civilized, RELIGION has MORE POWER than the LAW.

"We really hope that the orginizers will be able to find an alternative location and JINJER will be albe to play tomorrow before we fly back to Ukraine."

The show is apparently being rescheduled for tonight, however, with the organizers of the festival posting this message online: "Tbilisi JAM! Fest 2016 WILL be held tonight! Preventive measures (during preparational period) make us reveal the location a bit later. Get ready to have fun and lots of good music!" More...

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White Empress Parts With Mary Zimmer

White Empress has parted ways with vocalist Mary Zimmer as work begins on a new album. The band comments:

"Morning guys. Heads up that new stuff will be up very very soon. First up will be the new photo shoot we did for the new direction, track and video to follow. We are just about to start writing the new album (we are all very excited about the new direction) to come out on Peaceville Records. Once that is done festivals will be booked. Ill keep you all posted to the very awesome future that is install for WE. New management, new booking and new blood, damn awesome. You will LOVE it!!!!!"

Mary Zimmer also issued this statement (see video below) on her Facebook page: "So, it's not easy for me to post this but the attached video is me announcing my resignation as the singer for White Empress. It was not an easy decision to leave the band, but it was necessary. I decided to make a video for you guys so that you could actually hear the tone of my voice as I'm speaking about my reasons. My most poignant statements are toward the end of the video. This time, I'm not giving up or taking a break from music like I did for the years between Luna Mortis and White Empress. I'm launching a new band right away with Erik EazyTattoos Lockaby called Santa Marta: The Band and the first video teaser is at the end of my video below. Also you can click on the link and check out the band page and more.

"Please watch this video to see what I have to say...I do mention this in the video but though I have left, I did still complete the upcoming EP for White Empress with photos and videos. I've already told them that I'd be fine if they wanted to release the EP with me on it, though, I have officially resigned. Basically I wasn't planning on quitting, so I'd love to see the hard work and time we put into the EP come to fruition, regardless. Largely, I'm cool with everyone in the band still and I'd like it if you'd still show them your support and avoid the online shit-talking. Please especially show your support to Adam Sagan as he continues his battle with cancer. Thank you all so much for everything and here's what I have to say:" More...

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Temples Festival Cancelled

Temples Festival - which was due to take place in early June and feature such outfits as Mayhem, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and Carcass - has now officially been cancelled. This news arrives after several bands pulled out over the weekend, citing a lack of flight deposits, visas, and other pre-arrangements never being met. Festival organizer Francis Mace just posted this message online:

"After an arduous 48 hours of uncertainty, and with deepest reluctance we have been forced to cancel Temples Festival 2016. At the beginning of last week, the organisation we had onboard to finance the event pulled their funding, and with limited access to advance ticket sales and no sponsors to back us we have been unable to source the funding required to cover the overheads which would allow Temples Festival to go ahead.

"Following Temples 2015, we were left with a sizeable debt and as opposed to dissolving the company and declaring bankruptcy - I decided to take on the debts personally and subsequently pay off all our creditors in installments as quickly as possible, this meant bands, staff and contractors were all paid late - and it's had a crippling effect on both my professional and personal life as a whole - truth be told, I made a series of bad business decisions and dealt with the situation very poorly - which I take full accountability for.

"I've spent the past week trying to gain access to the funds we need to make this year work and avoid the problems we encountered following last year's event, with our financiers pulling their involvement - it's been an uphill battle, which I've fought to the best of my abilities - and unfortunately, have been defeated.

"Over the past weekend, I've been attempting to produce the festival's continuation on a 'scaled down' level so we can offer something for those of you who have purchased tickets, accommodation, transport etc and allow the bands who are touring, UK based etc - unfortunately this morning it became clear that even if we were to proceed as such, we'd be left with another huge debt and therefore unable to pay the bands, staff, venue, contractors and a number of other crucial overheads the festival relies on - thus repeating the mistakes that were made last year. More...

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Manowar Calling It Quits

Whether you've pined for this day since the '80s or have been an uberfan who lives and breathes the cheese, it's a moment we all never thought would actually come: Manowar is disbanding.

After 36 years of true glorious heavy metal, the kings of all things combat are throwing in the towel.... but not before a final farewell tour! The band comments:

"Message To All Manowarriors - Nachricht an alle Manowarrior: The Gods And Kings Tour was a groundbreaking moment in our career. The stage, sound, video and you, our fans, were magnificent!

"Coming off such an amazing tour it was clear that the next time we must go even bigger and beyond anything we have ever done; something that will fulfill every Manowarrior’s dreams. Then that will be the ultimate moment to say Thank You and farewell!

"The Final Battle will begin in Germany and take us all over the world to say goodbye to all of you.
If you know Metal you know MANOWAR. If you know MANOWAR you know Metal!

"Those who join this tour will be left with an eternal memory; having witnessed the band that has dedicated their blood, hearts, souls and every moment of their career to True Heavy Metal. We are calling all Manowarriors to prepare yourselves now and to join us for The Final Battle!” More...

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Nick Menza Passes Away

Reports are coming in that former Megadeth member Nick Menza passed away on May 21st during a set with Ohm that took place in California.

Blabbermouth reported this morning: "Nick collapsed during the third song of OHM:'s set. Earliest reports indicate he suffered a massive heart attack and was pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital. No other details are being released at this time."

Since then, Ohm has posted this brief message online via Facebook: "RIP Nick Menza. In the brief time I knew you, it was a pleasure. We will miss you 'Machine.'"

Nick was primarily active with Megadeth during the '89 - '98 era. Ohm also recently posted a video of Nick's drumming, which can be seen below. More...

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Brendon Small Working On Galaktikon Album

While there's no news currently forthcoming on Metalocalypse or Dethklok, Brendon Small has revealed he is working on another solo Galaktikon album.

Small posted the image below via Twitter and Instagram with the brief message "Im very excited to announce that this is currently in production... #galaktikonII."

Stay tuned for more info on the album as it comes available. If you haven't heard the previous album, it's available for streaming in full after the jump. More...

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President Obama Mentions Finnish Metal

At the Nordic Leaders Summit arrival ceremony today in the white house, President Obama spoke about innovation from various countries, including remarks about heavy metal culture in Finland.

You can watch the full ceremony below (the part about metal starts right after the 6:30 mark) and a transcript of the entire speech is available here.

Obama commented: "I do want to point out that Finland has perhaps the most heavy metal bands in the world per capita, and also ranks high on good governance. I don’t know that there’s any correlation there. Thanks to Nordic innovators, we share our music on Spotify, stay in touch by Skype, and millions spend what would otherwise be productive hours on Minecraft, Angry Birds and Candy Crush."

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Agalloch Calls It Quits

All good things must come to an end: Agalloch has officially called it quits. The group posted this message online via Facebook:

"Following 20 years, 5 full length albums, many tours around the world, and numerous other recordings, John Haughm and the rest of the band (Don Anderson, Jason Walton, and Aesop Dekker) have parted ways.

"What the future holds for the separate parties remains undetermined. We collectively thank all of our fans across the world. There are also way too many other people to thank who made this band possible. You know who you are."

During its two-deacde run, Agalloch released five full-length albums and a host of singles, EPs, and compilations. The band's last studio album was "The Serpent and the Sphere" from 2014.

Update: John Haughm has now posted this message online about the split:

"After being inundated by a barrage of responses, I feel that I should clarify some things. I take full responsibility for the decision to part ways with the other guys. It was difficult, well thought-out, and something that had been culminating over the past couple of years. I simply could not continue any further with the band as it was. I had to make a change as my motivation and inspiration had started to completely deteriorate. Whether this is the permanent end of Agalloch altogether or a possible fresh start, I don't know. I probably won't know for awhile. The band has simply been reduced back to its founding, visionary member for the first time in 20 years. Beyond that, the future is unknown." More...

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Ozzy Osbourne Reportedly Missing

2nd Update: Ozzy appeared onstage alongside Sharon in California today (May 12th) to discuss Ozzfest and Knotfest coming together for a new two day event in September. Get full details here.

Update: more photos have now been posted online of Ozzy shot earlier this morning (see below). He's looking haggard, but is apparently fine. There has still been no comment from anyone in the Ozzy camp about the situation.

E! Online reported this weekend that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's 33 year marriage has come to an end, with Ozzy apparently vacating the premises.

Several sites are now reporting that Ozzy has gone missing since the split, with members of the family unable to contact the musical icon.

The original source of the story is a less than spectacularly reputable source however, and we are still waiting on confirmation from Osbourne's management or anyone in the family. PageSix.com issued this statement about an unnamed source:

Son Jack, 31, is said to be desperate to speak to rocker Ozzy but cannot find him. Pals said Ozzy’s children tried to contact stylist Michelle Pugh to see if their dad was with her but she did not turn up for work on Saturday.

A source said: “Jack tried to get hold of Ozzy because he thinks he might talk some sense into him. He and his sisters Kelly and Aimee are worried about him and a bit shocked by what has gone on. But Sharon is in an unforgiving mood and does not want him in the house, so it’s a difficult position. Sharon has got a fiery temper, but after a row, they often kiss and make up. It is a bit different this time, though, and she is extremely angry with Ozzy.”

Complicating the situation is that a tweet just went live from Ozzy's official Twitter account (check it out below) not mentioning the situation at all and possibly indicating he's fine. The exact same message with identical wording went live on the Slipknot pages at the same time however, so this may have been a scheduled post that went online automatically.

Celebrity gossip site JustJared.com has also released a photo reportedly shot today (May 9th) of Ozzy carrying a dog down a street in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available from an official source. More...

Read the full article at PageSix.

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First Live Footage Of AC/DC With Axl Rose Posted

First live footage of AC/DC performing "Shoot To Thrill" with Guns N’ Roses’ vocalist Axl Rose can be seen below. The clip was shot yesterday May 07th, at Passeio Marítimo de Algés in Oeiras, Portugal. As reported earlier Axl Rose has taken over for the band’s upcoming 2016 live commitments, with Brian Johnson forced to step down or risk permanent hearing loss.

You can now check out the clip below:

AC/DC's current setlist reads as follows: More...

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Eluveitie Announces Major Lineup Split

Swiss folk metal act Eluveitie announced the departure of drummer Merlin Sutter, vocalist Anna Murphy and guitarist Ivo Henzi from the band in what is described by Murphy as an "impossible situation."

The band will play out the next few shows with Sutter, Murphy and Henzi and then other performances the band has committed to, incuding Wacken this August, with replacement members before retiring for a while to solidify a new lineup.

The official band statement reads: "With a heavy heart we have to announce that Eluveitie will go through another change soon. We have decided to part ways with our longtime drummer Merlin Sutter. In the consequence of this, Merlin's close personal friends Anna Murphy and Ivo Henzi decided to leave Eluveitie as well.

"We all developed a lot over the last ten years – not only as a band, but also as individuals. And we partly developed in different directions; different goals, wishes and ideas emerged. Over the last years we all had to deal with interpersonal challenges within the band. Instead of pulling together, our days have rather been shaped by wearing friction and constant clash of interests. And thus we felt that we have become something we shouldn't have; that we've diverged from what Eluveitie was always meant to be – a band, a family, a passionate and deep-rooted group of musicians, where heart's blood can flow freely! Eluveitie was always meant to be about 'rock'n'roll,' passion and also about 'carrying the torch' of the Celtic spirit. Yet over the years we have partly diverged from our roots, which is not good.

"Each and every single one of us is definitely a passionate musician! But in this group constellation, we seemed to rather cumber, than to inspire each other. The band has suffered from this for a longer time now.

"So we ended up in this painful situation where the mentioned facts have made it impossible to us to continue like this and we came to the point eventually, where we believe, it's best to go separate ways. More...

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Torche In Serious Van Crash

While out on tour with Kverlertak this weekend, Torche was involved in a serious vehicle accident on the highway. The band posted this message just before a Salt Lake City show:

"Torche was in a crazy accident last night while en route to our hotel in Laramie. Everyone safe, but we hit ice, flipped the trailer, and banged up the back of the van. No sleep till 7am after we dropped the trailer off at a repair shop, via tow truck.

"A brisk four hours of sleep later, we picked up the trailer with a new wheel and have been hauling ass to Salt Lake, while trying to be as safe as possible with the shit weather out here. Zeus willing, we will arrive at or just before 9pm and will still be allowed to play. We will need it!"

The tour however will go on, with Torche scheduled to play Vancouver tonight. More...

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Gojira Reveals "Magma" Details

Roadrunner Records group Gojira has announced details on new LP "Magma," due out June 17th. The follow-up album to 2012’s "L'Enfat Sauvage," this new album is heralded by the single “Stranded,” which is available below and directed by Vincent Caldoni.

Pre-orders for "Magma" are available today at this location with all orders receiving an instant grat download of “Stranded.” Exclusive bundles are also available, which include a limited edition 52 page hardcover book with exclusive photos, sketches and artwork from the creation of "Magma."

Additionally, all bundles also include a DVD and HD digital download of Gojira’s 2015 Rock In Rio performance.

Frontman Joe Duplantier commented: “We are very excited to release our new album MAGMA. We put everything we had into these songs. This album is our flesh and blood.” More...

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Belphegor Accosted By Fanatic At Airport

Update: Belphegor has now issued a statement about both the airport fiasco and experiencing extreme censorship and cancelled shows in Russia on this trek. Read it over here.

Although there has been no official statement from the band at this point, a video is circulating of some sort of fundamentalist (apparently religious, but it's unclear as there are no subtitles) verbally accosting Belphegor at a Russian airport.

At one point the man even spits in a member of Belphegor's face (appears to be front man Helmuth?), and then hilariously doesn't like it when the favor is immediately returned.

Karl Sanders of Nile (out on tour with Belphegor) then steps in to stop the situation from escalating. Any of our Russian speaking readers able to translate this video for us?

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Monuments Drops Off Tour

Monuments has been out on tour (without vocalist Chris Barretto) in North America alongside The Contortionist. Unfortunately Monuments is now dropping off the tour early, with the band commenting:

"Friends, We must regrettably inform you that Baltimore will be the last show for us on tour with The Contortionist, Entheos and sleepmakeswaves. We've tried everything in our power to continue to the end of the tour, but financially, we just can't make it happen.

"A huge apology to those of you who were coming to see us at one of the remaining shows, but PLEASE go along and see the tour, buy some merchandise and support live music.

"Thanks to everyone who checked out the instrumental set on this tour. We had a blast. Maximum love to Contorts, Entheos, sleepmakeswaves and all crew for understanding. Yall rule." More...

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Leaves' Eyes Splits With Liv Kristine

Update: Both sides have now released new statements accusing the other of lying and playing dirty. You can read Liv's here and the rest of the band's at this location.

In a twist that has left many fans reeling, Leaves' Eyes has parted ways with vocalist Liv Kristine. One of our wonderfuly snarky FB fans commented, "since the band was named after her the new band name will be Krull's Eyebrows!" The band issued this statement online about the situation:

"Dear Fans and Friends, with the upcoming shows, tours and releases Leaves' Eyes will introduce their new female singer: Elina Siirala, Finnish vocalist living in London. Leaves’ Eyes and former vocalist Liv Kristine will part ways.

"Liv was the female voice of the band since the beginning in 2003. Together we toured through 50 countries and 5 continents, moreover we recorded 6 studio albums with outstanding singer Liv. We are full of pride in what we have reached together! From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank Liv for amazing 13 years of being our front lady, the work we have done together and all the passion for music that we shared all these years! We wish Liv all the best for the future, her solo career and other projects! Liv will always be an important part of the Leaves’ Eyes history but now we are looking forward to a new chapter and the new musical adventures of Leaves’ Eyes!

"We embrace Elina with open arms and hearts! She is a fantastic singer and performer. Please, welcome the new female voice of Leaves’ Eyes: Sensational Elina Siirala!"

Liv Kristine had this to say: "I am highly proud of having been founding member and front lady of Leaves' Eyes, which has played a vital role in my life since 2003. Good luck guys, thank you for the amazing music, outstanding moments with our worldwide audiences, moreover, the passion we all share. Love, Liv" More...

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Dope Announces Reunion Tour

Dope has announced dates for the "Die Mother Fucker Die" U.S. reunion tour which will feature the classic Dope lineup of Edsel Dope, Acey Slade, Virus, & Racci Shay.

This U.S. leg of the tour was successfully crowdfunded by the pre-order of the band's first ever live album. The ultimate goal of this ongoing campaign is to turn the reunion trek into a worldwide tour. Currently announced dates are as follows:

09/13 - San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge
09/14 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
09/15 - Vancouver, BC @ The Rickshaw
09/16 - Pasco, WA @ La Tropicana
09/17 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
09/18 - Spokane, WA @ The Palomino
09/19 - Idaho Falls, ID @ The Falls Venue
09/20 - Denver, CO @ Herman's Hideaway
09/21 - Colorado Springs, CO @ Sunshine Studios
09/22 - Omaha, NE @ Sokol Underground
09/23 - St Louis, MO @ The Ready Room
09/24 - Minneapolis, MN @ The Cabooze
09/25 - Des Moines, IA @ Val Air Ballroom
09/26 - TBA
09/27 - Waterloo, IA @ The Reverb
09/28 - Stevens Point, WI @ Live On Main
09/29 - Chippewa Falls, WI @ Every Buddy's
09/30 - Battle Creek, MI @ Music Factory More...

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