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Black Sabbath Announces "Final" Tour

After regrouping to release the "13" album back in 2013 (reviewed here), Black Sabbath is now claiming its the end of the road for the band following a "final" farewell tour in 2016. Black Sabbath just issued this announcement via Facebook:

"It's the Beginning of THE END. It started nearly five decades ago with a crack of thunder, a distant bell ringing and then that monstrous riff that shook the earth. The heaviest rock sound ever heard.

"In that moment Heavy Metal was born, created by a young band from Birmingham, England barely out of their teens.

"Now it ENDS, the final tour by the greatest Metal Band of all time, Black Sabbath. Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler close the final chapter in the final volume of the incredible Black Sabbath story.

"Black Sabbath's farewell tour, THE END, begins on January 20, 2016 and it promises to surpass all previous tours with their most mesmerizing production ever. When this tour concludes, it will truly be THE END, THE END of one of most legendary bands in Rock ’n Roll history." More...

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Morbus Chron Calling It Quits

After releasing the excellent "Sweven" album last year (reviewed here and also streaming below), Sweden's Morbus Chron is unfortunately calling it quits. The band comments:

"To all our friends, fans and supporters over the years. Today marks the end of Morbus Chron. However difficult this decision was to make, the four of us are certain that it is the only right thing to do at this point. There are no hard feelings present at all.

"For every passing day it has become more and more obvious that this band is made up of very different people, with different goals and intentions. We have reached our final crossroad and we simply can't choose the same path anymore.

"We had a fantastic run. The places we have been able to go, both musically and physically, are beyond what we ever hoped for. We are honored to have connected with so many people, and can do nothing but stand in awe when we recall the passion and dedication that you have shown us. These are memories and experiences we will take with us for the rest of our lives.

"Thank you for lending us your ears and sharing this journey with us. Thank you so much." More...

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Motorhead Cuts Austin Show Short

It seems like the era of Motorhead performing live with Lemmy may be coming to an end. There have been numerous tour cancellations over the past year, including a recently nixed Denver date.

During last night's show in Austin, Lemmy cut the set short after playing through three songs and left the stage, unable to complete the night's performance.

Footage from the gig can be seen below (the first clip shows where he ended the set, the previous two are from earlier songs). The band subsequently posted this message on Facebook:

"As you might have heard, Motörhead again had to abbreviate a performance due to Lemmy not feeling well. This is a DIRECT follow-on from the altitude issues in Colorado, and clearly, Lemmy tried to get back at it too quickly. For this reason, Motörhead will not play in San Antonio tonight, but the show will still go on with Saxon headlining. Lemmy will resume duties the moment he is PROPERLY rested and firing on all cylinders again. The legendary Motörheadbanger patience is much appreciated, and the band send their deepest thanks. More details will be released soon."


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Decapitated In Legal Dispute With Earache

Although currently signed to Nuclear Blast, the back catalog from Decapitated is owned by Earache Records, and a legal dispute between the band and label has caused the group's early material to be pulled from online streaming services.

The Polish death metal band comments:

"Decapitated advises that they have resolved to take long-overdue action to redress various legal, copyright and financial disputes with their former label Earache Records.

"In response, Earache has removed from streaming sites the band’s entire catalogue of music released by Earache.

"Although it is not their doing, Decapitated apologises to their fans for any disappointment and inconvenience and hopes that matters can be resolved as soon as possible. We will keep you informed as to developments and thank you sincerely for your continuing loyalty, support and goodwill."

Decapitated's latest full-length release "Blood Mantra" (reviewed here) dropped back in 2014. More...

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Underoath Reforms For The "Rebirth" Tour

After disbanding and playing a "final farewell" tour in 2013, Underoath is unsurprisingly back together and performing live again.

After recently confirming two reunion shows at the 2016 Self Help Festival and South By So What, the band now announces a full 2016 North American tour. Dubbed the Rebirth Tour, the band will be playing the "They’re Only Chasing Safety" and "Define The Great Line" albums in their entirety.

“I think the thought of Underoath playing again seemed really exciting,” explains Tim McTague of the band’s reunion. “We never thought we’d ever even want to play together again, much less be as excited to do so. It was a really cool feeling, and when discussing what this tour could be, it just felt right to play the two albums that our fans have held dearly for so many years. I think it’s going to be really special.”

“I hated the idea of Underoath being ‘over’ and I’m not sure what we are, but we are all friends again and that’s really the most important thing,” said Spencer Chamberlain. “That being said, we felt like now is a great time to do a tour and celebrate Define The Great Line turning ten.”

Pre-sale tickets are available now via this location. Dates for the "Rebirth" tour are as follows: More...

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Napalm Festival Cancelled, Replaced By Charity Gig

After 9 out of 11 bands for the Napalm Festival pulled out of the gig due to offensive comments by the promoter, the fest has now been replaced by a new show in Manchester (full event details here) with all profits going towards the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Old Corpse Road was the latest band to pull out of the Napalm Fest, with the band commenting:

"We regret to announce, in light of today's events, that we are cancelling our appearance at Napalm Festival on 12th September, for obvious reasons. Whilst we discussed all options for rescuing the gig, and did not take the decision lightly, ultimately playing the gig has become unfeasible. We apologize to all the people who were looking forward to the gig, which was shaping up to be a superb day and we will look to return to Manchester as soon as we can."

The issue in question can be seen in a partial screen capture (the original post has since been taken down), while an apology later issued by Napalm Promotions is available after the jump. More...

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Home Of Gene Simmons Searched By Police

Several news outlets are reporting that the home of Gene Simmons was recently searched by a Crimes Against Children police task force, although unlike the recent news of former Subway icon Jared Fogle, it would appear Simmons is not actually the subject of the investigation.

CBSLocal reported the following info:

Authorities say the home of KISS co-founder Gene Simmons was searched Thursday afternoon by police but neither the rock icon nor his family are considered suspects. The Los Angeles Police Department said the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force searched the home and explained that the Simmons family was extremely cooperative.

The story goes on to clarify Simmons' role in the investigation by stating:

Simmons’ representative, however, released a statement that said that police visited the home to discuss a “crime that may have occurred on their property last year while Simmons was away on tour with KISS.”

“Neither Mr. Simmons nor any member of his family is a person of interest in the investigation and they are cooperating fully with the investigation,” his representative said. The statement went on to say that police have requested that Simmons and his family do not discuss the investigation publicly so as to not compromise it.

Gene's wife, Shannon Tweed Simmons, also posted these messages on Twitter about the investigation: More...

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Immortal To Continue On Without Abbath

Abbath may have departed to form a new self-titled band, but Immortal soldiers on!

Norway’s unstoppable black metal force has been busy working on new material, with members Demonaz and Horgh having gone through legal processes this past year to retain the band's name and logo. Nuclear Blast had this to say:

"In October 2014, ex-Immortal singer/guitarist Abbath (Olve Eikemo) filed an trademark application for registration of the brand Immortal to Patentstyret (Norwegian Industrial Property Office) without informing the other band members. The band's core members Horgh and Demonaz were forced to seek legal help to counter this. The trademark application from Eikemo was not approved and was denied registered on July 21st, 2015. Eikemo has left Immortal to start his new band." More...

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Bruce Corbitt Undergoes Heart Surgery

Warbeast / ex-Rigor Mortis member Bruce Corbitt successfully underwent heart surgery yesterday, and a benefit show is now being planned for October to help cover the costs of ongoing medical treatment.

Full details on the Fort Worth, Texas show can be found here, with the organizers commenting:

"We are going to help Bruce & Jeanna Corbitt with the expenses of this nightmare they've been going thru. Bruce has been there to help so many of us and as a proud man, he will not ask for help for himself. SO let's all support him and show up!! Thrash'n Alan Tuggle will be hosting the event and there will be performances by:

7:00 - 7:30 - Rabid Flesh Eaters
7:50 - 8:20 - Chemicaust
8:40 - 9:10 - CreeperTexasMetal
9:30 - 10:10 - Protest
10:30 - 11:10 - Horror Cult
11:30 - 12:30 - Wizards of Gore aka Rigor Mortis
12:50 - 1:30 - Dead Rising

"Of course there will be raffle and auction items coming from all over the country so get ready for a killa time \m/" More...

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Tankard Drummer Hospitalized For Stroke

Frankfurt-based thrash outfit Tankard unfortunately has to announce that drummer Olaf Zissel was taken to hospital due to a suspected stroke.

According to a statement from Nuclear Blast, Olaf is doing well under the circumstances at the moment. He will undergo examination by a team of doctors during the next few days, so he won’t be able to play the shows at Summer Breeze Festival, Germany and Motocultor Fest, France.

Gerd Lücking (Holy Moses), who would be on the road as a soundtech for Tankard, consented jump in as stand-in for Olaf and to play the two upcoming gigs. Tankard comments:

"We’re shocked and keep our fingers crossed for Olaf, that the suspicion doesn’t confirm and that he will be released from the hospital soon. We wish, that he will get well soon and fast. And we want to thank Gerd, who consented short dated to play these both shows with us." More...

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Lamb Of God Tops The Charts

On July 24th, Lamb Of God released long-awaited seventh full length album "VII: Sturm Und Drang" via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

The numbers are in, and the proof that metal is truly alive and well lies within the album’s incredible #2 first week debut on the U.S. Top Current Albums chart, #3 on the Top 200, and #1 on both the Rock Album and Hard Rock Album charts.

Additionally, the album has charted extremely well internationally, surpassing the chart numbers for the band’s last album in every territory:

Canada - #1 debut
Australia - #2
Switzerland - #5
UK - #7, #1 Indie, #1 Rock
Austria Top 75 - #12
Germany #12
Japan - #13
Netherlands - #13
Finland - #3
New Zealand - #11
Sweden - #19
Denmark - #21
Belgium - #23
Ireland - #25, #1 Indie
France - #40
Italy - #84
Norway - #84

"VII: Sturm Und Drang" is available in various configurations at this location, and you can check out a few songs below. More...

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Slipknot Bassist Rushed To Hospital During Show

Update: Slipknot has now issued a statement about the situation and stated Venturella will be rejoining the band tomorrow. Read it over here.

Slipknot had to perform as an eight-piece last night after bassist Alessandro Venturella was rushed to hospital six songs into the set. A short clip of frontman Corey Taylor addressing the fans can be seen below:

"I’m gonna let you know what’s going on right now. I’m sorry to say that our bass player, Alex, had… something happened. I’m not sure what happened. He’s been put into an ambulance and he’s going to the hospital right now as we speak. But I want you all to make fucking noise for him, send him some fucking love. Now, we had a choice to come back out here. We’ve had to modify some shit, but we’re gonna keep on playing for you. It’s what we want, it’s what Alex would fucking want."

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A Body Divided Calls It Quits

Knoxville, TN's A Body Divided has issued the following announcement online about calling it quits and lining up a farewell show:

"Its with great remorse that I type this, but A Body Divided will no longer be a active band as of this moment. We will be playing the Whitechapel show and will be booking a final show in the near future.

"It's been a great four years. So many fond memories, friends, and times we have had. I don't think any of us would have changed it for the world. Unfortunately the time has come for new chapters in all our lives.

"It's been a fun ride guys two records, a single, and so many great shows you have always made us feel like our music mattered thank you for your support we love all of you.

"Come out and see us with the awesome Whitechapel, more info on our final show will be up soon. Thank you again." More...

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After The Burial's Justin Lowe Passes Away

Late last month After The Burial parted ways with guitarist Justin Lowe after he posted a rambling paranoid rant about the other band members, prompting a statement about Lowe suffering from mental health issues.

After going missing earlier this week, we are saddened to announce that Lowe has passed away and apparently died in a fall. RiverTowns.net reports:

St. Croix County authorities on Wednesday released the identity of the man whose body was found near the St. Croix River. The deceased man was identified as 32-year-old Justin A. Lowe of Vadnais Heights, Minn., according to St. Croix County Chief Deputy Scott Knudson.

Lowe's body was discovered by a hiker early Tuesday beneath the Arcola High Bridge connecting Minnesota and the town of Somerset. Knudson said Lowe had been reported missing July 18 in Washington County, Minn. Foul play was not suspected, Knudson said, adding that the cause of death was consistent with a fall.

Our condolences to the band members and family of Lowe, and if you'd like to leave a message to the band you can do so at Facebook here.

Read the full article at RiverTowns.net.

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The Safety Fire Calls It Quits

Rivaling CROMCarl's record for April Fool's gags coming true, it turns out The Safety Fire's post back on April 1st about breaking up wasn't as much of a joke as the band let on. The Safety Fire just issued this announcement via Facebook:

"We had you guys going for a while there, ey? You truly were all April Fools... However, the harsh reality is, we have actually broken up.

"Maybe we will do a farewell show sometime. If you want to grab some merch to show people you were once cool, or are now cool and know some defunct band that no one has heard of in a few months time, then click here. When they're gone, they're gone for good.

"Thanks for all the support over the years - from Cruisin' to Smüth Beats, we had a real swell time. Thanks to everyone who bought a shirt, came to a show, let us sleep on their floors, fed us... but most of all, thank you to those who ever said, shouted, screamed, mumbled or merely whispered.... Fuck The Safety Fire." More...

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Hexxus Member Arrested For Wearing Bullet Belt

In what will no doubt be a huge PR boost for previously totally unknown band Hexxus, member Kevin Young was arrested after causing a panic on a public bus while wearing a bullet belt. BPDNews.com reports:

At about 4:20 PM on Friday July 10, 2015, officers assigned to District D-14 (Brighton) responded to a call for a person with a gun on an MBTA bus in the area of Cambridge and Harvard Streets.

Officers learned that the driver had pulled the bus over as passengers began calling 911 when a male suspect boarded the bus with what appeared to be military grade ammunition strapped around his waist. The driver stated that the passengers were in a panic, fearing that the suspect was about to pull out a weapon. The suspect, later identified as Kevin Young, 26, of Watertown, exited the bus and was stopped by police on Penniman Road at which time it was discovered that the ammunition was fake. Officers recovered 69 replica bullets in all. The suspect was wearing what was described as spiked fighting gloves and spiked leather bracelets.

The suspect was placed in custody and will appear in Brighton District Court on charges of Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawfully Carried Dangerous Weapon and Disorderly Conduct.

Those charges have since been dropped when Young made his court appearance, however. MyFoxBoston.com reported this update yesterday:

“Based on the totality of circumstances, however, including confirmation that the cartridges on said belt could not and weren't intended to be fired, prosecutors dismissed the charges at arraignment in Brighton Municipal Court,” the Suffolk County District Attorney said.

So what do you think metal heads? On the one hand, walking onto a public bus looking like you are about to shoot up the place is a pretty damn bad idea (and it's a good thing there wasn't some trigger happy asshole with a concealed weapon on board), but on the other, he didn't actually commit any crime and arresting him for having fake bullets seems way overboard. More...

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Phil Rudd Sentenced To Home Arrest

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that former AC/DC member Phil Rudd has been sentenced to eight months of home detention for charges of threatening to kill and possession of meth. His lawyer has launched an appeal, but for now Rudd remains homebound. Excerpts from the repot follow:

In Tauranga District Court today, Rudd received the sentence having already admitted to charges of threatening to kill an employee, and for methamphetamine and cannabis found in his home during a police raid last year. The 61-year-old appeared tired and expressionless as he stood in the dock while Judge Ingram delivered the sentence, after refusing an application for a discharge without conviction.

In ordering Rudd stay confined to his Harbour Drive, Tauranga, home, Judge Ingram also banned him from taking any drugs not prescribed to him. The drummer angrily refused to comment as he left the court, smoking a cigarette and telling one member of the press "to get a fucking job pal, get a real job."

Rudd, who has claimed his old band mates from AC/DC has shut him out since he was arrested last year, had earlier pleaded guilty to the charges in April. This came after police dropped charges of attempting to procure a murder, which caused an international media storm that his lawyer Craig Tuck, said generated more publicity around the band than the death of its former lead singer Bon Scott.

Video from after the sentencing can be seen below - pay particular attention for the hilarious "You don't seem to have learned much?" that could have come straight out of Flight Of The Conchords. More...

Read the full article at NZHeraland.

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Stu Marshall Ending Empires Of Eden

Following the release of fourth album "Architect of Hope," it seems there's no hope to be had for any upcoming Empires of Eden material. Stu Marshall comments on laying the band to rest:

"I am announcing here that I will not be making anymore Empires of Eden albums. The decision comes for many reasons, one most importantly that I think the series has run its course and, unless an artist has something new to say, they best leave their prior works do the talking.

"To say I am grateful for your support is an understatement. The amazing people and opportunities this (EOE) thing spawned for me is incredible. Without EOE, Death dealer and my new band Blasted to static would never have been born.

"So first, thank you for following. The 4 albums will remain a set for me. Very special in many ways. Each album contains pure performances from some incredible talent. The good news is the music output from me is increasing... two bands both with global touring plans and releases. Death Dealer releases our second album this year with European touring staring next week and, Blasted to Static’s debut will be completed soon with early 2016 touring planned. More...

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Prematory Calls It Quits

Belgium's high-energy metal outfit Prematory has decided to put all that energy to rest, issuing the following statement about calling it quits:

"We have an announcement to make that some of you might not have expected: due to several reasons, we have decided that now is the time for the Prematory journey to end. After more than 150 shows and seven years of hard work, we've hit a hurdle that we can't overcome as a united force.

"The honest truth and reason behind our decision is that it became clear to us that we simply don't have the drive anymore to keep on going. All of the members are embarking on different journeys into the future and this has lead our collective to stray from the path.

"We know that many of you were still hoping to see us live. Sadly, all current shows have been cancelled due to scheduling issues and there are no plans to do a final performance at this moment in time.

"Prematory has been a big part of our lives, we've committed thousands of hours to this band and we have nothing but love for what we have managed to accomplish. We've had an amazing time and we would like to thank all of you for this. There are no hard feelings between all the current members, the decision to end was made in mutual agreement and we wish each other good luck in all future endeavors."

It would appear the new album the band mentioned working on back in February has been scrapped. For now, enjoy going "Down The Drain" with Prematory below. More...

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Act Of Defiance Releases A "Throwback" Track

In a time of endless sub-genre classifications, Act Of Defiance's debut offering simply delivers 100% in-your-face, uncompromising heavy metal. The scathing debut, "Birth and The Burial," is set for an August 21st release via Metal Blade Records and pre-order bundle packages are now available at this location.

The group's first official introduction to the masses is via the album's ripping lead-off track "Throwback," which is a face-melting all out thrash assault. Check it out below.

With a hefty resumé that chronicles time spent riffing and shredding in Jag Panzer, Nevermore, and a seven-year stint in Megadeth, Chris Broderick’s pedigree speaks for itself. Furthermore, joined by powerhouse drummer - and fellow Megadeth alumnus and former Eidolon drummer - Shawn Drover, bassist Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall) and vocalist Henry Derek (ex-Scar The Martyr), the band is a truly formidable metallic behemoth. "Birth And The Burial" is ten tracks of armor-plated, state of the art heaviness.

Drover states: "'Throwback' is not your average speed/thrash metal tune. The song is also pretty progressive at times with a lot of stopping and starting going into the bridge and they are all at different times, so we really had to memorize the count. I was really impressed with the way Chris wanted to write a little bit out of the box, shall we say.

"Chris also wrote all of the lyrics for the song, which were also impressive to me. They are certainly dark in the subject matter, as they should be to fit the aggressiveness of the song. Quite a nice fit if you ask me." More...

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