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Jagermeister Music Tour Stops In Ft Wayne, IN

Bloodsimple took the stage with a fairly descent crowd. The boys came out with a furry of hard hitting drums by Chris Hamilton. Leading the pack on Bass is Kyle Sanders. Kyle was GREAT to photograph, with long ass dreads flying all over the place. Especially being left handed (Like myself), he was impressive to watch. Mike Kennedy and Nick Rowe supplied the Drop “D” guitar riffs and licks, followed by Tim Williams on vocals. This band had the crowd in a frenzy. The Mosh Pit was pretty impressive for a smaller venue (Pieres). I read some previous review on the fact that Tim’s voice has been alittle haggard. I can assure you, He was at full tilt. Very impressive. Although, the band didn’t come out and meet the crowd (At least to my knowledge), they definitely did one hell of a job. Entertaining to watch and sound good as hell. More...

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Mudvayne Rock the Big Day Out in Perth, Australia

Now in it's 14th year, the Big Day Out is Australia's largest one-day music festival, travelling to five major cities in Australia as well as Auckland, New Zealand. While previous years have seen big-name metal acts included in the lineup such as Slipknot, Metallica, Hatebreed, and Soulfly, the 2006 bill was a little lighter in tone with Iggy and the Stooges, The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand and Kings of Leon topping the list of 30-odd bands. More...

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Winter Fresh SnoCore Tour In Ft Wayne, IN

Feb 17th, 2006 – Ft Wayne, IN – Pieres Nightclub

Well the night didn’t start out good. Besides being late and missing Halestorm and some asshole bumping into me and knocking my camera to the ground and breaking it (The reason why I didn’t photograph Seether), the night wasn’t that bad considering all I endured.

So I did miss Halestorm, although I did have the pleasure of seeing/photographing them in Detroit on Dec 17th, 2005 in Detroit. Great band with lots of potential. Look for them in your Neighborhood. More...

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Sevendust Play w/ Nonpoint and Wicked Wisdom

February 02, 2006 – Ft. Wayne, IN
Piere’s Nightclub

I started this evening with mixed emotions about the first group Wicked Wisdom, which Jada Pinkett Smith is the singer. Could actress/model actually produce worthwhile metal? The answer to that question is YES! Jada hit the stage with a fury that I did not think was possible from this pint-sized rocker. This band has seemed to have a hard time being accepted in the metal community but I highly disagree, I think they kicked ass! I really think it's great to see Jada following her dreams and producing the music that's near and dear to her heart. Despite all the negative feedback from the Metal World. More...

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Industrial In L.A.: Krell Haunts The Scene

I dropped in on Krell performing at The Joint in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 4th with some high expectations. I have been listening to this band's music on MySpace now for several weeks prior to doing this review and let me just say it was a night I won't soon forget. More...

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Anthrax Rocks Chicago's House Of Blues

What better way to spend Friday the 13th (January) than at an ANTHRAX show? With all the old 80’s bands coming back around, it gives us/you the chance to see them live if you have never seen them back in the day. Believe me these bands still know how to rock and Anthrax (currently on tour) is no exception.

First came, Manntis. The crowd was thin. With guitarist Adair (from MTV Fame – Battle for Ozzfest) Jake, Dan and Josh, they held there own. You will be seeing a lot more of theses guys. More...

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My Ruin Crushes The Whisky A Go Go

Headlining act, MY RUIN, in support of their brand new album: The Brutal Language on Rovena Recordings, made damn sure that everyone - packed tightly into Hollywood, California's famed Whisky A Go Go club last night - got an adrenalin and beer-fueled Heavy Metal show to remember.

The first band I witnessed upon arrival at around 8PM was AMERICAN AFTERMATH.

AMERICAN AFTERMATH (hear them on MySpace), is led by founding guitarist, bassist and songwriter Rich Gonzales. Rich is well known for his past work with the metal outfit DIESEL MACHINE, which also featured the likes of Pat Lachman (DAMAGEPLAN-THE MERCY CLINIC).

AA's other band members are: Chris Moore on drums, Ed Veliz on vocals, Rudy Gonzales jammin' bass.

I noticed Rich was seated the entire set... kind of had me confused -- but as I now understand his story, the cat has spent the last few years recovering from a near fatal motorcycle accident in 2002. He is now paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

I dunno... but I'd say that's about the most metal thing I've seen in some time. And he can still play the guitar, let me say that right off. He had some solid solos and beefy riff work during the roughly half hour set. AA have the Alice in Chains meets hardcore metal-thang going on.

Next up from Whittier, California was the harcdcore metal act: AL-CE-MI (hear them on MySpace).

They are Josh on Vocals-- Ned Barrett and Ray Mendez on Guitars -- Nyroh working the Bass -- Kirk Allen hitting the Drums -- Ryan Gregory Samples .

They had a bit of the OG West Coast hardcore flave ... and they seem to have a good time with it, which makes it more appealing to all.

Next on the stage was Salimus(hear them on MySpace), a death metal act from Norwalk, California. They had an obvious following in the crowd and were the first band of the night to get the pit going. It wasn't a lightweight circle jerk either... as I witnessed quite a few people getting thrown around like drunk rag dolls. Salimus had some seriously heavy-hitting songs breaking off and deep, evil lyrics that you could 'actually' understand, which I dig very much.

Pouncing thru their set with such 'full metal abandon', these young guys almost nearly ended up stealing the show from all involved.

Up next was Pat Lachman's new outfit THE MERCY CLINIC (hear them on MySpace), formed after Dimebag's onstage murder back in December/2004 (R.I.P. Dime, we all miss you still soooooo much!).

Right out the gate, I could tell Pat had shaken the cold he had when I saw TMC two weeks back at The Viper Room in Hollywood. Their set was another short one... maybe twenty-five minutes... nonetheless, they surged thru like metal champs. Even though they are more melodic metal at this early point, they can drop the hardcore 'thunder' as well... loving it!

Next up was to be DEMOLITION PIT... but for whatever reason, MY RUIN came out before them... doesn't matter - MY RUIN was the main reason I showed up in the first place.

For those of you tried and true metal heads that dont know this band, GET ON IT... Tairrie B is the female Phil Anselmo! I was extremely knocked out by her HIGH VOLTAGE vocal performance. She sounded ten times more satanic than Linda Blair during the craziest scenes in The Exorcist. Mick Murphy on lead guitar really has come into his own and had some nice 'frenetic' solo moments. The other two new players, Frenchy on drums and Chris Lisee on bass, are way solid and were playing like madmen going all-out for the metal glory!

MY RUIN (hear them on MySpace) covered a bunch of their classics... truly hardcore. The highlight came when they pulled out the new tune entitled: 'Vince Vaughan'... and such an instant classic this one is... basically taking a poke at the ridiculous image this 'partyin-hipster' movie actor has garnered as the ultimate 'lady killer'. Great song! It was nice to have some humor mixed into the volatile set.

I split after MY RUIN finished... so I owe the boys in Demolition Pit a future review.

Get out and support any one of these bands. They certainly deserve it.

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Masters of Horror Show Report, Columbus, OH

It was a cold evening in Columbus, Ohio on December 7, 2005 for a sold out Masters of Horror Tour at the Promo West/LC Pavilion. The opening act – Bobaflex (from Point Pleasant, WV) came out to warm the crowd up. The intensity of the band was stellar. By the time the band came off stage the crowd was ready to rock! More...

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MOAB Show Report From Frederick, MD

A few weeks ago on a Friday night, I had the chance to get out and check out Frederick, MD's only decent metal venue and see MOAB, who I had wanted to see in a more intimate setting since witnessing them open for Anthrax. Also playing that night were DBauchery and Admiral Browning.

First, let me touch on the local Frederick, Maryland scene. Years ago when my brother was in a band, there were several places scattered around Frederick that would host heavy metal bands. These days, the Braddock Inn seems to be the only place that has regularly hosted metal bands. They have a show just about every Friday, in fact. The inn or tavern appears to be little more than a large old house on the outside, but in the lower level, it has a bar, restaurant and pool area. The band's "stage" sits actually a little lower than the seating area and the open space directly in front of them, while the pool area is behind them and anouther couple of steps down. The place could probably hold a hundred people or so if they were packed in tight and in the pool area behind the band. View of the band from the bar is mostly obstructed by a large stone fireplace, which creates a cozy atmosphere toward the back of the large room. Overall, it's a nice place to hear new music and maybe sit down while doing it. It's not a great place to mosh though. More...

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Children Of Bodom Report From Vancouver, BC

Children of Bodom headlined a show at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, BC on November 22. I have been waiting for Children of Bodom to do a headlining tour here in North America for a long time now. I was excited for weeks after I found out they were finally headlining here. There was no way in hell I was going to miss this show, and neither were the several hundred people who packed into the oversold venue. More...

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Huntington, WV Clutch Show Report

I arrived early to the Huntington Music Hall for the Clutch show. November 10th had been an unusually warm and sunny day; I figured seeing these guys play would just finish my evening off perfectly. I was also looking forward to interviewing the band before the show, which had been hastily arranged with the tour manager the same day. I’ve been listening to this band for a long time; I grew up in Maryland, not too far from where Clutch started out. I’ve always enjoyed their music and was ready to see them play live.

While standing in line at the door, waiting to get in the club just like everyone else, rumors were flying… the band was running late and may not make it to the show on time or at all. I didn’t see them canceling a show bill with two full sets so I just ignored the small up setters. When I finally got to the ticket booth and asked the desk guys where to find the band’s tour manager for my scheduled interview, he explained they were running late and had not yet arrived. He told me to hunt down the club manager to help get things moving when they did arrive. Disappointed with the prospect of not being able to complete my interview I entered the club and ordered a gin and tonic. More...

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Xfest Report from Huntington, WV

This year’s X-fest was held at Harris Riverfront Park on Sept 17th. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon on the banks of the Ohio River. As with the year before, there were two stages, one for the headlining acts and one for the “Loud and Local” acts. This year’s big pull and headliner was Seether.

I arrived at the show late by about an hour or so, missing some of the opening acts on both stages. As with last years show I was given the run around regarding my photo-pass which should have been waiting for me at the front gate. Though this year it didn’t take an hour to figure out I was on this list, which was miss placed at the will call window and I only back tracked once. More...

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Gigantour Report from Huntington, WV

After parking at the pay lot across the street we approach the Big Sandy Super Arena located on 3rd avenue of Huntington, West Virginia. The venue is lovingly referred to as the “civic center” by the locals. On the bricked walk way in front of the doors is a van, not any van but a van fully painted in the cover art of the new Bobaflex album, Apologize for Nothing. Impressive, flashy and showboating, but impressive none the less. This is home state for the band, so why not show off a little. We snap a couple of pictures of the van and we’re off to the window to grab our tickets. I give the lady my name and who I’m on the list for, Bobaflex. She finds the envelope; she slides the package through the slot in the glass. I open the package, as promised my photo pass. Off to a good start to a good night. More...

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Anthrax Show Report From Jaxx in Springfield, VA

Thursday, October 6, I made it out to Springfield, VA to see Anthrax play at Jaxx. I’d been looking to catch them live since before they started touring with their reunited “classic” lineup including singer Joey Belladonna, but I thought the classic lineup would great to see as well. I was actually quite pleased that they had a headlining gig in my area since I’m not a big Priest fan and would rather Anthrax had a headliner’s time to play.

I’d read on the Internet that day before getting in my car for the hour and fifteen minute drive - due to traffic and rain – that the show was nearly sold out. It didn’t surprise me, as Jaxx is a pretty small club, holding maybe a few hundred people at most. What did surprise me was that Anthrax was playing there in the first place, but apparently they have some history with the club and/or owner.

I barely got there in time to make my interview with Joey (which will be online shortly). Just as I wrapped that up and made my way back into the club, the first local opener was just about set up and ready to play. More...

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Live Report from ProgPower VI

The weekend of September 16-17th was quite a memorable one for me. I traveled down to Atlanta, Georgia from my New Jersey home to attend ProgPower VI. This year’s ProgPower consisted of Angra headlining Friday night’s show along with Conception, Orphaned Land, Circus Maximus, and Manticora opening. Saturday’s line up consisted of Stratovarius headlining, along with Therion, Pink Cream 69, Symphorce, and Stride opening.

During my stay, I was able to interview Mati from Orphaned Land and met Mark Edwards from Overlorde. Both guys were exceptionally kind, down to earth, as well as excellent guitar players and should definitely be listened to when the opportunity arises. Though Overlorde did not play, Orphaned Land did and put on quite an amazing show. During their set I found out that one of the guys standing in front of me was so dedicated to the band, that he flew all the way from Israel, where Orphaned Land is from, just to see them! What makes Orphaned Land such a band to command this response from a fan is the fact that they are very energetic on stage, quality musicians, and are able to bring everyone at the concert together. To see Orphaned Land is its own experience in itself. No matter who plays with Orphaned Land, the show will be memorable! More...

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Ozzfest 2005 Comes To an End in West Palm Beach

Well it was one hell of a tour, the 10th annual Ozzfest Summer Amphitheatre Tour came to an end once again in West Palm Beach, FL and I had a chance to be there. For 6 years now I have been planning on going to Ozzfest but for some reason something has always came up and I couldn't go. Last year I had everything lined up to go, and a damn hurricane hit the place. This year I finally lucked out and went to my first Ozzfest. Let me tell you "I have waited for this for a very long time." I loaded up the Tahoe with a couple friends and my wife and we left about 2:00am Saturday morning and drove about 9 1/2 hours from Charleston to West Palm Beach, FL. That was a long drive, I probably should have gone to the one in Charlotte, NC the night before but......."The best one is the last one" that's what I have always been told. More...

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Gigantour Report From Vancouver, BC

I went to the Gigantour show at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC on September 9. Because I have been busy for the past little while, I haven’t got the chance to get this done until now. As far as I know, the Montreal date has been filmed for the upcoming Gigantour DVD to feature Dream Theater and the Vancouver show was filmed for Anthrax.

Although originally scheduled to play, the Dillinger Escape Plan had to back out due to an injury suffered by guitarist Ben Weinman, which is a bit of a downer. On the bright side, DEP will be back in Vancouver in November. More...

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Apocalyptica Show Report From Washington, DC

When I heard that Apocalyptica, a Finnish band best known for playing Metallica songs on four cellos, was finally planning a full US tour, I was hopeful that they'd come to the DC area. Their show on September 12 at the 9:30 club in Washington, DC was, in fact, the first stop on this tour – the band had actually left Finland earlier that day (their time), I discovered. That Monday happened to be the day I returned from a week of vacation, but I was determined to catch their show and finally see them live after their release of five albums and many years of never touring in the States. I would have loved to have seen them before, but if this show could be considered payback for that wait, it was well worth it. More...

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Hate Eternal Live Report

On Sunday, June 26th I attended the Hate Eternal show at BB King's in New York City. Along with Hate Eternal, openers were Jungle Rot, Into Eternity, Incantation, All Shall Perish, and Krisiun.

Jungle Rot opened and was exceptional from the first few songs I heard due to my prior engagement with Eric Rutan and the interview I had done with him. After Jungle Rot was All Shall Perish, I only knew that because I heard it from across the hall. I was in the bar wrapping up my interview. From what I heard as I walked in during their last few songs, they were pretty decent. Then, Into Eternity came on, I was expecting more from them seeing as my friend that came with me had me all hyped up about them, what I got was completely different.

Into Eternity’s set was more singing and melodic, which is ok, when you’re at a power metal show or some other type of show, not a death metal concert. Into Eternity’s musicianship was unique and they have good solos, but one starts to wonder after the first 3 songs if they can do anything else with the guitar besides the same solos. Into Eternity’s vocalist and drummer on the other hand were very good, the front man, Stu, put on an incredible falsetto, very energetic, and worked the crowd very well. Into Eternity’s drummer seemed to be the only one, along with the bassist, and Stu, holding the band together. Overall, they could have been better playing some of their harder material. Incantation was next, an exceptional death metal trio.

Incantation, at my first glance made me wonder where their fourth member was as the sound was overwhelming for just three people. Also, Incantation’s musicianship was incredible with the guitar solos and reminded me very much of Vader and Nile. Overall, I believe they were one of the best acts on the bill that night. Following Incantation was Krisiun. Having previously seen them at a local metal fest, I knew what to expect, or so I thought.

Krisiun came on and blew me away with their intense energy from start to finish. I was very much pleased, to say the least, that Krisiun improved their performance by showing 100% more energy than they had at the metal fest! When they came on, it was like the whole show had gotten an enormous wake up call and everyone jumped to life. Krisiun blew everyone away and left people begging for more! I would strongly recommend seeing them if they are in an area near you!

Last, but certainly not least, Hate Eternal came on! Having done the previous interview with Eric Rutan, I was expecting an amazing show and anxious to hear this “new sound” he had been talking about. Though, I did not get to hear it first, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least when they started with a lot of their older songs from their prior two albums. I was even more excited when they played my favorite Hate Eternal song, “King of All Kings”, but that wasn’t the highlight. In fact, the highlight didn’t come until 2-3 songs later when they started with some new songs of the new album, “I, Monarch”. Once I heard the new songs, I thought, “Wow, so THAT’S what the ranting and raving’s been about!” Hate Eternal have created what seems to be a brand new speed of metal, and new extreme in which to play metal. I do not believe ANY band could top their speed and quality! ESPECIALLY their live show, the end was my favorite because as soon as they started to play the last song, there was a MASS bum rush to the stage and everyone who wanted to, came up on stage and got to be up there with Hate Eternal for their last song! I give this band and this show a 10 for all bands being really cool, regardless of what critics might say or think and Hate Eternal for being EXTREMELY nice to their fans and yelling at guards that were taking kids off the stage!

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Obituary, Napalm Death Show Report From Virginia

On Thursday, September 1st, I drove down to Jaxx in Springfield, Virginia to see Obituary, Napalm Death, and Dead To Fall play. This is a lineup that I would not normally have gone out to see, but one of my friends is a big Dead To Fall fan and I was interested in checking all of these bands out anyway, but I might not have gone to the show without any other motivation. As it turns out, my friend never showed up or returned my calls. (Note to self: get new friends that are into metal AND reliable). Having driven almost an hour to get there and paid $25 to get in, I was going to see this show anyway. More...

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