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Eluveitie Endorsed By Redpipes

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Eluveitie has issued the following update about gaining an endorsement from Redpipes:

"Fortunately there are those days, where you come to realise, that there are still nice surprises in life! ;)
That’s what happened to me, after I firstly got in contact with the ‘redpipes’. Päde told me about them.

"Redpipes are ‘electronic bagpipes’, made in Germany. You must know, I usually hate electronic bagpipes, because they’re normally nothing but a bad joke. A fucking bad joke. So, when hearing about the ‘Redpipes’ my first first thought was: ‘What the hell? This definitely cannot be something useful!’ Normally bagpipes with an electronic tone generator really, really sound like crap (and they’re not even close to the sound of a real bagpipe. Not in light years!).

"But then Päde received one of those ineffable things at home and we tried it out. And hell, I was kinda blown away by this ridiculously looking, terribly red thing (I though it looked like a duck that grew up after a nuclear accident). I mean, come on, it souded fucking good! To be honest: After Päde plugged it to an amp, using some regular pre-amp (you know, with a little eq, compressor, ect.), I could barely tell the difference between the sound of this red ‘nuclear duck’ and a real scottish highland pipe! Astonishing!

"Well, but I was still not convinced. Come on, it still was a fuckin electronic thing. Can’t be it! Then he gave it to me to play it myself. And this is, when I was really blown away! What I expected was some artificial, easy-to-play, fisher-price-kiddies-keyboard-like electronic thing, that hasn’t much to do with a bagpipe in terms of playing (you must know, this is another aspect, why I basically hate electronic bagpipes: You can play them, even if you actually can’t play bagpipes... because they haven’t anything to do with bagpipes). But it was far from that! Actually there was barely any difference between playing the redpipe and playing a real bagpipe!

"The blowing bag reacted very sensitively to the pressure I put onto it. At the end I had to admit: The redpipes are like bagpipes. If you can’t play bagpipes, you can’t play the redpipes. If your bagpipe playing is unclean and moderate, you’re redpipe playing won’t be better. You do mistakes, over-blow, play squeaking (unclean) tones, ect. on a bagpipe, you will do the same on a redpipe.
To make it short: The redpipes demand the same skills and sensitivity from you than a normal bagpipe does. Because in the end it functions the same. The bag of the redpipes are filled with air when you play (you blow them up). A very sensitive sensor measures the air pressure inside the bag – and accordingly the tone gets generated (no matter if we’re talking about the drones or the chanter). I was amazed!

"But however, there still was one damn good question: WHY? Why the hell should one play with an electronic bagpipe, when there are real bagpipes? Every piper that plays life shows might know the answer: Bagpipes are extremely dainty creatures! The tone is created by the so called ‘reed’: A simple construction of two ultra-thinly cutted and abrade pieces of reed cane. So, the reed is extremely sensitive if it comes to room temperature and air humitity. Exactely the two things that heavily change at rock and metal shows!

"You can perfectly tune your bagpipe during the soundcheck and let it acclimatize itself to the room. But you can be sure: As soon as the show starts (= the normally pretty warm spot lights go on and the venue is crowded) everything is different again. Soon your bagpipe will be out of tune. It always depends on the show you’re playing. But in the ‘worst’ case (if the ceiling of the venue is low – and so the spotlights are closer and create more heat on the instrument – and as well if the room is really crowded and the crowd is getting mad... and with that also sweaty ;)) your bagpipe will be that much out of tune, that you can hardly play it anymore (and you can’t just quickly retune it, cause the reed got fucked up for a while).

"So, these are the problems bagpipe players have to face on stage. And exactely these problems are now solved by the redpipes! To me, the redpipe is the perfect live-bagpipe. In the studio I will still use my real bagpipes – just still prefere them. But on stage there’s nothing cooler than those fuckin redpipes! There can be as many moshpits, as much partying on stage and as much sweat and heat as you ever want... the redpipe is not affected by it and stays in tune. THIS FUCKIN ROCKS!

"To close: We’re really thankful for this great invention and we’re happy and proud to now be endorsed by REDPIPES (among other bands, such as the Red Hot Chilli Pipers or In Extremo)!"

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