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Pivotal Rage Discusses The Future Of Nothingface :

Pivotal Rage: So how was it getting out there and playing as NOTHINGFACE again in front of all your fans?

Maxwell: The tour was kickass and it felt amazing to get back up in front of the fans again. I wish we could have stayed out longer but we didn't want to bite off more than we could chew. Trust me, there will be plenty more tours down the road.

Did the crowd seem to react the same to your newer tracks, "Let It Burn" and "Walking On Bodies", as they did to NOTHINGFACE's older favorites?

For the most part the new songs went over well, but they're new. So the response wasn't going to be as massive as the older songs in the set. It's only when the fans have the songs embedded in their minds and hearts that they truly react without thinking about it. It's going to be great to see how the fans react when the new record comes out and they've lived with it for a while before seeing us live.

What made you guys decide to get back together?

The love and craving that we share for the music is what brought us back. I formed Nothingface over 10 years ago with original drummer Chris Houck. It's my baby, it's my passion, my heart and my pain all at once. Who was I kidding when I thought I could move onto something else after we went into hiatus back in late 2003. As much as something can sometimes break you in half and trample your emotions in a dozen different ways, it's who I am and what we are. And I fucking love it!! And besides, there has to be balance. The good/bad, black/white, love/hate. It's all a part of the chaos and makeup of life.

Are there any fears that whatever differences caused the band to break up in the first place might resurface again?

You can't live your life in fear of anything. Life happens. People are just as weak as they are strong and the music business as well as ones personal life can railroad you in an instant. Just stay focused and be willing to go to war with whatever is in front of you. Fuckin' bring it!

When Nothingface broke up, did you know, or did you even think there would be a chance of a reunion?

Not at first. We were so dysfunctional and unfocused that being in the same room with each other was a painful and bitter thought. Almost two years went by before myself and Matt even had a phone conversation. But time does heal and we have the scars to prove it.

Are you guys presently on the hunt for a new label, is TVT a possibility again?

Not yet. I know a lot of bands would be on the hunt right out of the gate but we want to insure an amazing record. Take our time and be able to deliver greatness. Work with TVT again? Not only no, but fuck no!

What were you all up to on your downtime?

Sickles and Me live in Maryland so we would hang out get tattooed and write riffs. Jerry was playing with Danzig and flying out to Maryland every 6-8 weeks to write and record demos with us. Matt went out to L.A and worked briefly with Bill's new thing. We did the BIB project with Billy Keeton, an amazing singer I might add, but ultimately it wasn't in our hearts. I think for all of us the time away was a period of rediscovering who we were and who we weren't.

During the breakup, the heavy music world was rocked by a ton of different styles, and crossover genres. What are your feelings on the heavy music scene as of late?

Well, I don't really care that much. From what I do hear from time to time I'm not overly impressed with. A lot of retro metal Johnny come lately and a lot of haircut bands that all sound the same. Very stagnate if you ask me. But that's the way things go in this business. The modern sound comes in waves and everyone bites off of the same apple. But every once in awhile a band breaks thru and kicks so much ass that all the rest look and seem very uncool. I can feel it about to happen again very soon. Or at least I hope.

So many things have happened since the last time Nothingface wrote together in the studio. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being top tits) How intense will this album be in overall comparison to the last? How has it gone so far?

It's going to be a fuckin' monster. After writing close to 40 songs so far. We've narrowed it down to 9- 10 amazing songs. I was listening to the demos with a friend just yesterday and he said the songs sound like the next evolution of what would have came after our "Audio Guide" record, but fresh. "Violence" and "Skeletons" were killer records but their identities became scattered at times. The next record is going to flow and seduce the listener. I give the intensity level a 10!

Nothingface has been known to book a mean touring schedule while not in the studio. Will we see the same amount of action on the road in 2006-2007 as years before?

Absolutely! When it's time for us to hit the road we're hitting it hard and for as long as we can. We hate being off the road. There's nothing that can fill the void when we're not onstage or in our bus traveling around the world doing what we do. We've always been road dogs and probably always will be.

What bands do you guys want/plan on touring with in the near future?

It would be great to go out with our great friends in Mudvayne. I would love touring with Ministry again. Al is the coolest guy ever! The combination of NF and Ministry has always made an intense show. I would love to tour with Tool. That too would be a great mixture of sound and vibe. It's hard to say actually. Tours always happen on their own. It's just a matter of timing and availability.

Does the band have any serious interest in recording & releasing a live concert film or album in the near future? If a Dvd was released, does the band feel it should focus solely on the current Nothingface, (live concert only) or sustain a retrospective theme spanning the band's whole career, including archive/history plus a current live show from the band?

I think a DVD is mandatory. Eventually it will happen and live content will be included. We've always talked about it but never fully pursued results. A live record would be cool. It would be awesome to incorporate some kind of story along with it. The way Zeppelin did with "The Song Remains The Same". Just not with wizards and dragons…..lol. Maybe an animation.

After Nothingface split, it was said that Matt was no longer going to do music. Was there a paricular reason for this? What do you think inspired him to come back?

I don't think Matt ever directly said that. He may have but it all goes back to when we went into hiatus. The feelings were so negative and bitter that I don't believe any of us wanted to be in the same room with each other. So it's possible that we all may have said something like that at one point. I think re-establishing our friendship is what made matt and myself decide to do this. Sickles and Jerry weren't easily sold on the idea at first but they too realized that we are whom we are and there's no reason to deny it. A lot of trust and commitment to each other was essential. And besides, we have that chemistry that is so far and few between. The music we make just doesn't happen with anyone. It takes a special magic to make it happen the way we do and it doesn't happen that often.

Matt has developed himself quite a voice. Has there ever been a serious concern he may loose or damage his voice with his intense "foot pedal" style of clean/bold vocals during many songs?

There's always concern with Matt's voice. He's notorious for blowing his voice out. He sings at such extremes that I'm surprised he hasn't blown it out completely years ago. But lately he has been singing more than ever. Which I think shows maturity in his style. He's been screaming and howling at the moon for years and he wants to expand his voice and do different things. Everything is evolving with this band musically and vocally.

We all got to hear Jerry do backup live during the Violence tour, but, will we now also get to hear him singing backup on the studio tracks alongside Matt?

For sure. Matt writes his harmonies with Jerry's vocal range in mind. It's possible that Jerry will cut his harmonies in the studio so it will transcend live perfectly. Jerry's also a great crowd control guy. He'll get on the mic and fire up the crowd like no other. "Let me see your fuckin hands in the air you fuckin fucks!!!" Lol…dude cracks me up.

Besides "Let It Burn" and "Walking On Bodies", have you guys started on any other new material yet?

You already know the answer to that question. YES! Close to 40 songs written and a few more to go. It'll all be worth the wait I can assure.

With this new album, will you continue in the same musical direction as Skeletons, or will you go back to the more agressive sound of the Violence album?

I don't think "Skeletons" has a musical direction. I've said it before but it sounds to me like a band imploding and losing focus. The next record will redeem the sound I believe was lost during the Violence/Skeletons cycle. Too many cooks in the kitchen can sometimes create a mediocre meal. Especially when the cooks come from different schools. It's going to be dark/heavy/passionate/desperate/seductive/hateful/hopeful/mean/raunchy/dirty/blissful and violent. But more than anything else it will be purely Nothingface.

Does it look like the new album is going to be as politicily charged as your previous album, Skeletons?

Skeletons wasn't politically charged. A couple songs have reference to politics but in no way are we a "political" band. I was very surprised when we got thrown into that bullshit circle. We all have our own views on politics but in no way have we as a band ever been a part of that scene. Boring subjects. We're a band that talks about our own demons. May it be sex, violence, addiction, relationships and metaphors for things too close to put out there for all to see. All I can say is that it will be honest and more importantly, honest.

Any acoustic tracks in progress?

We've got a few acoustic songs. Whether any make it on the next record remains to be seen. We want to do an acoustic record eventually. It would be cool to do an acoustic album with strings and other musicians brought into the mix. Something different other than your ordinary acoustic record. It would be cool to hear Matt sing with a female singer. A song where they both rip at each other with vicious intent and total hatred but sounding beautiful and perfect at the same time. Just an idea…who knows?

What else can you tell us about the upcoming new album this early in the recording process?

All I can say is that you will fucking love it! It will be worth the long wait and I know it will be a soundtrack to many people's lives. I know it is for me.

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1. inhatredofme writes:

damn i can't wait for the new cd and to see these guys on tour.

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Anonymous Reader
2. J.Ellis writes:

Just wanted to give a million thanks to Nothingface for getting back together, and I think a Machine Head/Nothingface tour would do all of us some good in the future

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Anonymous Reader
3. ZYKLON MAN writes:

Nothingface sucks balls. Machine Head has one good album.

VIOLENCE>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;machine head

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4. ghost writes:

f***ing bout time!!!!

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