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The Casualties - "Resistance" (CD)

The Casualties - "Resistance" CD cover image

"Resistance" track listing:

1. My Blood. My Life. Always Forward
2. Behind Barbed Wire
3. Resistance
4. Modern Day Slaves
5. Warriors On the Road
6. South East Asian Rebels
7. Morality Police
8. Brick Wall Justice
9. Always Walk Alone
10. Constant Struggle
11. It's Coming Down On You
12. Life on the Line
13. No Hope
14. Corazones Intoxicados
15. Soul of Fire (Bonus Track)
16. Voice of the Outcast

Reviewed by on September 20, 2012

"The fifteen tracks (plus one bonus song on the deluxe edition) that comprise 'Resistance' reveal plenty of hair-whipping metal riffs mingling with spike-haired bobbing punk moments."

If The Casualties’ latest release “Resistance” were a comic book, it would contain a special foil cover. The NYC group enveloped its hardcore style in a thick coating of metal for their debut on Season of Mist—a metal label.

The fifteen tracks (plus one bonus song on the deluxe edition) that comprise “Resistance” reveal plenty of hair-whipping metal riffs mingling with spike-haired bobbing punk moments. “Modern Day Slaves” hinges on flurries of speedy, down-picked guitar notes and quick-handed drum beats. “Always Walk Alone” opens with the type of hard, galloping riffs that speak to metal fans. If these two tracks didn’t place some sort of metal casting in your eye, then the NWOBHM, high-end guitar harmonies on “Morality Police” will surely change your mind.

Sure there are plenty of fist-banging, heavy metal moments on “Resistance,” but it’s still a hardcore punk album by one of today’s biggest hardcore punk bands. The album title alone should denote their punk-ness. Each track is a middle finger in the face of the man. The energy released on each track, especially the mantras yelled by multiple members during chorus lines, is undeniable. One can only imagine how crazy their shows will get when this material debuts. Due to the average song clocking in at two minutes and change, “Resistance” is your typical, short hardcore punk album.

Politics don’t usually provide subjects for song lyrics in the metal world, which is not the case in punk. These topics, in part, explain punk and metal’s division. However, The Casualties don’t subscribe to a certain political belief system other than freedom. By factoring in the fact that punks and metal heads want the freedom to be their selves, then metal heads should be able to identify with the lyrics on “Resistance.” If that isn’t enough for head bangers, then look to tracks such as “Morality Police” and “Always Walk Alone” to satisfy the gnawing need for circle pits. Municipal Waste fans take notice!

Highs: The empowering chorus lines and punk-metal crossover parts.

Lows: "Resistance" suffers the treble-heavy production of most punk bands.

Bottom line: A strong, modern crossover album for fans that like to mix it up.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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