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EyeHateGod - "EyeHateGod" (CD)

EyeHateGod - "EyeHateGod" CD cover image

"EyeHateGod" track listing:

1. Agitation! Propaganda!
2. Trying to Crack the Hard Dollar
3. Parish Motel Sickness
4. Quitter's Offensive
5. Nobody Told Me
6. Worthless Rescue
7. Framed to the Wall
8. Robitussin and Rejection
9. Flags and Cities Bound
10. Medicine Noose
11. The Age of Bootcamp

Reviewed by on May 23, 2014

"While the grind-n-groove format is still in place, the production on this recording highlights every instrument, resulting in a clearer, fuller sound than previously heard."

Sludge pioneers Eyehategod return with their first full-length recording in 14 years. The group really could not have chosen a more appropriate title, a self-title, because this recording is of such importance. First of all, the band has overcome adversity. In 2011, guitarist Jimmy Bower told me in an interview for MU that most of the writing was finished and ready for release in early '12. That didn't happen. Also, last year the group had to overcome the tragic death of drummer Joey LaCaze. LaCaze's drum tracks made it to the final master recordings, though. Additionally, this recording is arguably the band's best. I think so and the band thinks so, but bands always say their latest is their best, however, the album speaks for itself.

Early EHG albums such as "Take As Needed For Pain" and "Dopestick" served as blueprints for the oncoming wave of sludge bands. While the grind-n-groove format is still in place, the production on this recording highlights every instrument, resulting in a clearer, fuller sound than previously heard. Mike Williams still hurls barbed screams, but listeners will need no lyric sheet. Considering the length of time took to create this album, the group had plenty of time to refine its every aspect. They also had time to gather harrowing stories from their lives. Song titles such as "Framed To The Wall," "Parish Motel Sickness," "Robitussin And Rejection" and "Medicine Noose" are classic EHG tales of intoxicants, shady characters, and memorable nights.

Musically, as stated above, the band stuck to its style of crunchy, Sabbath-coated rhythms with grinding speed. "Agitation! Propaganda!" delivers a small dose of feedback before introducing guitars wrapped in distortion. This track has an upbeat, hardcore feel highlighted by LaCaze's Blitzkrieg of drum rolls. "Framed To the Wall" is another speedy number with some really heavy stop-and-start rhythms. The group transitions to a bluesy, stoner rock segment in the middle of the track. "Worthless Rescue" is another stoney number more in line with Clutch than Black Sabbath or early Trouble. The track even includes a smattering of southern rock. Listeners looking for a darker passages need not fret and should check out the wicked, crawling riffs of "Robitussin And Rejection" and the dragging chords and face-clawing feedback of "Flags And Cities Bound."

14 years is a long time to wait for an album and I'm sure the legions of fans the band produced in that time, as well as early supporters, are counting the days until the album is released. The wait was worth it, as the band had plenty of time to create a masterpiece. From the song writing to the vocals and the production, "Eyehategod" is exactly that, a masterpiece, and receives a perfect 5/5 from this reviewer!

Highs: The band's ability to transition styles such as southern rock, doom, stoner and grind.

Lows: Finding a low for a 5/5 review is difficult, but the amount of time between releases is the album's lowest point.

Bottom line: The ultimate EHG album!

Rated 5 out of 5 skulls
5 out of 5 skulls

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