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"Wadge/Soil of Ignorance Split" (CD/EP)

Soil of Ignorance - "Wadge/Soil of Ignorance Split" CD/EP cover image

"Wadge/Soil of Ignorance Split" track listing:

Soil of Ignorance:
1. Asleep at the Wheel of Progress
2. Over Controlled
3. Dead Mantale
4. Devas Taste
5. Combustion
6. What You See Is...

7. Maim to Please
8. Sir Gimply Biscuits of Gibletshire III
9. Topsy's Curse

Reviewed by on November 9, 2011

"...they do the angry punks on grindcore serum routine exceedingly well, following the formula to a T. Sometimes, we don’t want surprises. We just need a familiar vessel for the hate."

Canadian grinders Soil of Ignorance and Wadge combine to spark the grind equivalent of a one-hitter in this lo-fi, power violence infused split release. Unrelentingly old school in their approach, both bands seem like the type that would say things were better back in ’89. And who could argue with them? The music is a snapshot of an angrier time made for a time when we don’t even know where to direct our anger anymore. Spastic, hopeless, devastating grind is the end result.

The Soil of Ignorance side is compressed to a mere four and a half minutes of material, a throwback to old school back and forth, roiling grind and power violence in the vein of Coke Bust and Man is the Bastard. Opener “Asleep at the Wheel of Progress” stops, starts, blasts, and bludgeons its way through with gravely growls and death metal roars for vocals. There’s some elongated sludge passages (or is that just feedback?) leading into “Over controlled,” along with hardcore punk elements to be found as well, such as the d-beat massacre that is “Dead Mantale.” All in all, it’s bleak, it’s pissed, it’s grindcore.

Wadge’s side features three tracks, the first of which, “Maim to Please,” is a thrash take on grind, less muddled in its production than the Soil of Ignorance offerings, with more clarity on the drums. It’s old school as well, with the “Give us a riff and a blast and we’ll knock it out for two minutes of blood, sweat, and fear,” kind of attitude, with some sardonic humor to boot. “Topsy’s Curse” is a mix of distorted blast, layered vocals, and ask and answer lyrical formulae. Wadge ends with the verbosely titled “Sir Gimply Biscuits of Gibletshire III,” with a movie sample intro about English food, followed by aggressive, straight from the throat vocal barks, machine gun blast drumming, and the usual tricks of the grind trade.

Neither Soil of Ignorance nor Wadge shows us anything new on this split. However, they do the angry punks on grindcore serum routine exceedingly well, following the formula to a T. Sometimes, we don’t want surprises. We just need a familiar vessel for the hate.

Highs: As far as power violence goes, these two bands have it down.

Lows: The production is a bit spotty, but such is the way of D.I.Y. or die. Get over it.

Bottom line: In the end, what we’re left with is by no means essential. But if your grind collection has a crucial ten-minute gap, you could do worse than plugging it with this.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 skulls
3.5 out of 5 skulls

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