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'Hypnotic Dirge Records' is a record label based in Swift Current, SK, Canada ran by Skog (Ancient Tundra) which specializes in releasing Depressive Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Funeral Doom, Neo-classical Music, and Experimental music. Our official opening day was October 20th, 2008.

It is important to note that this label is a serious entity and will not be ran as an amateur my-space based "black-metal label". (hense the reason for an official site) A lot of these labels are constantly releasing shitty uninspired music and producing bad-quality CDr's simply for the sake of making "collectables" and over-saturating the underground market. At Hypnotic Dirge Records, we will also be releasing some CD-r 's from time to time, but they will not be DIY - hand-made CD-r's and will instead be professionally-manafactured and guaranteed to be of excellent printing and playing quality and the music to be strong, inspired and expressive. We will also be releasing Pro-CD's, Digipacks, and merchandise items such as shirts, hoodies, etc. as well as posters, flyers and various other things whenever possible. However, It all comes down to funding unfortunately, and our artistic visions can sometimes not be brought to realization due to the costs from the manafacturers. However HDR is here for the long run and will carry on releasing quality albums by quality bands and projects.

Perhaps the most important distinction separating this lable from the majority of Black Metal themed record lables is that we will not be involved in releasing political or religious-themed albums(this applies to any sort of religion whether it be Pro-religion or Anti-religion), and no religious or politically themed bands or projects will be a part of this lable's roster.
The subject matter of the projects on Hypnotic Dirge Records varies from project to project but mostly things are on a more personal, or philosophical level as opposed to preaching a certain viewpoint about the world.
This however does not apply to the albums which we sell through our distribution in which we offer a wide variety of different sub-genres of Black Metal, Ambient, Funeral Doom, Folk, Classical , Heavy Metal, and Experimental Music

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