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Real Name David G.

Location Plainview, NY, United States


This Conception is a five-piece band incorporating both the styles of distinguished metalcore and modernized post-hardcore. Inspired by technical acts, the quintet strives to catch the listener off guard with tempo changes and sudden-but-smooth transitions, further sealed by a diversity ranging from emotional melodies to merciless breakdowns.

Dismissing the route of immediately playing shows unprepared, the five musicians instead worked vigorously over an entire year in their drummer's basement, putting in consistent hard work and great effort towards both their songs and performance. They strive for improvement on top of improvement, a mentality sets This Conception apart from many newcomers.

The band is finally ready to release their finished material, leaving behind them many musical struggles, incomplete songs, and trashed ideas. The five musicians will try to place their work on a pedestal for the world to appreciate in some way. With the message of rejecting unfavorable societal norms, and holding steady to an ongoing progression, This Conception seeks not only to enrich our ears, but to enrich our minds.

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