"some music was meant to stay underground..."

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Real Name Stuart S.

Location Metalville, United Kingdom


Loved Metal (pretty much any kind aside from the "fake" kind), Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Hardcore Punk, Blues, Old Timey, Classical... All my life.

Anything old, weird and different. Synth shit may be pushing it.

Although I give pretty much every band a chance, there are some I just have to call shit. And there are some I just have to call awesome.

Offended by what I write? I don't give a fuck, it's the net, dipshit.

And so what if people say shit? If music touches you deep down, so deep and fundamental that it means everything to you, then why bother what anybody else thinks? Sure, I may call a load of bands shit, that's because I'm opinionated, but whenever someone badmouths one of my favourite bands I'm usually never bothered as much because music means so much more to me than someone's dumb opinion.

And who cares if few people listen to the music you like, or your favourite band never makes the charts? Who gives a fuck? That should never matter. Ultimately, other's opinions or sales figures should never determine if a band or musician is good or not, it is all down to you to decide what's cool and what's crap.

I for one hate rap, pop, rave, emo and all that bullshit. I enjoy REAL music, especially hard rock and metal... REAL metal. (Ok I can tolerate some of the amatuer stuff, too)

Stay Metal.

... Also big car fanatic. Preferably Muscle/Hot Rod/Classic/V8's.

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