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Real Name Matthew W.

Location Baton Rouge, LA, United States


Harvester was born in the bayous and back waters of Louisiana. Driven to make a sound that was forgotten in this new age of metal. Harvesters musical back ground is as broad as the Mississippi Delta. This 4 piece metal onslaught pays tributes to the origins of metal heavily influenced by bands like Saint Vitus, Motor Head, Iron Maiden, MegaDeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Danzig and the many other greats that made people run in fear of the terror and hatred that they brought.
Harvesters four piece ensemble is comprised of Jared Allemon, Benjamin Giaccone, Austin Wood and Matthew Wilkinson. Jared had a greatly influenced childhood that revolved around his mothers operatic vocals and his father’s collection of eight-track tapes. Originally a bassist for some local bands he branched out to playing guitar because of necessity and again for vocals. Driven to learn every song from his favorite band Metallica, he quickly developed a unique playing style since he taught himself.
Ben has had the musical itch for some years now. Him and Matthew had a previous band that where Joie was the singer and Matthew was the guitarist. After a long while of them trying individually succeed they finally came back together. Ben picked up the bass and started laying down them thick notes.
Austin is just one of those people who loved the music and was at the right place at the right time. He was a regular at one of the venues that Harvester first started playing at. Long nights he would stay after closing and learn how to play from anyone who was willing to teach him. By chance it seems he met Matthew and after a falling out with the first drummer of Harvester Austin was asked to join.
Matthew has been fascinated with music since he was a child. Never knew he could play but he knew he loved to listen to it. The shrill of an overpowered amp blasting those sweet, sweet notes. Matthew started out musically as a Pianist but quickly moved on from instrument to instrument. From piano to bass. Acoustic folk till the time he discovered metal than next it was about how much volume and how many notes could he get out his head.
Harvester is mixture of many different talents that blend and mix to create something strange but familiar. Something that crawled out the bayou.

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