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Real Name Dustin B.

Location North Lauder-die!, FL, United States


I like metal, and I'm an asshole. Let's get that out the way right now.

Metal is the last stronghold of musical ingenuity in my opinion. It pushes boundaries, and melds with countless other musical forms in order to reinvent sound as we know it. I respect a few other genres of music, but none so much as metal.

I love anything in the genre that you can call truly extreme. This includes grindcore(good grindcore mind you), tech-death, math metal or mathcore, jazz-death metal, and a few other random things that end up getting too confusing to write the name of and expect people to believe you (jazz-thrash?)

I also strangely like a lot of doom metal, on the other end of the spectrum.

If I havent bored your anus out with my droning on yet;

Favorite bands:
Pig Destroyer
Strapping Young Lad/Devin Townsend
Led Zeppelin

Favorite Albums:
Slaughter of the Soul- At the Gates
Ashes of the Wake- Lamb of God
Grand Feast for Vultures- Blood Tsunami
Symbolic- Death
Ride The Lightning- Metallica
Those whom the Gods Detest-Nile
Crack the Skye- Mastodon
Straight outta Compton- NWA
Fragments of Form and Function -Allegaeon
Deflorate -Black Dahlia Murder

I'm currently listening to alot of:

Noctem- Oblivion and Divinity both albums are awesome
The Ocean- Precambrian
Nylithia- Infector EP
Machine Head- Unto the Locust
Warbringer- Worlds torn Asunder
Fleshgod Apocalypse- Agony
Animals as Leaders- Selftitled
Black Dahlia Murder- Ritual
Toxic Holocaust- Conjure and command

Now that you skipped my list of shit you dont care about,
also know that I'm both a bass player and a vocalist, and I can operate a guitar, if not exactly play it proficiently. I dont play the drums, but I do like to beat on things and pretend I do. Keyboards can suck a dick though.
Oh, and for anyone who gives a fuck, my myspace is www.myspace.com/fatblackkiddustin

oh, and seeing how myspace is now a fat overused whore that noone uses anymore, I also have a facebook. :P
Just look for Dustin Beaudrey and if that person looks like an asshole, then it's probably me.

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