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Wilt - "Wilt" (CD/EP)

Wilt - "Wilt" CD/EP cover image

"Wilt" track listing:

1. Autumn Veil (6:18)
2. Cold Misfortune (6:52)
3. Empyrean (11:10)
4. Pale Consternation (5:27)

Reviewed by on December 21, 2012

"Atmospheric and all-consuming, this self-titled EP from Wilt rolls out from the speakers like a fog of smothering black metal that is unrelentingly bleak."

A collaboration of two members of Manitoba’s extreme metal scene, the Canadian duo of Wilt offers Brett Goodchild (formerly of Agassiz and Hoarfrost) and Jordan Dorge (Laika) is a very different outlet from their previous bands. Atmospheric and all-consuming, this self-titled EP from Wilt rolls out from the speakers like a fog of smothering black metal that is unrelentingly bleak.

While only four tracks long, the release still nears in on a solid half-hour of mid-paced black metal, with an 11-minute track surrounded by five and six minute cuts. Most of “Wilt” maintains that same speed and overall direction, so the sorrowful atmosphere never lets up. The music has an open-ended and sort of vast feel to it, surrounding a listener in its cold embrace rather than striking with quick blasts of more focused metal. The vocal delivery is a bit different than expected, going deeper and dragging the enunciation out longer, instead of furious bursts of rasping shrieks.

That constant atmosphere does have a drawback, as the tracks end up being repetitive to the point of interchangeability, with the EP frequently sounding like one single track. While it’s great for an introspective trek on a dark night, not much of the release is attention grabbing or memorable enough to stick around in the light of day afterwards. A few changes in sound do pop up here and there, however, like a slight pulse of faster pacing on “Pale Consternation” or some melodic backing guitars on “Empyrean.”

Wilt has been compared to Xasthur quite a bit, and the general direction is definitely similar, although these tracks are generally less abrasive. Fans of that style of black metal will be right at home here, and if you like your metal atmospheric, depressing, and a bit on the lo-fi side, this release is one to check out.

Highs: Atmospheric and bleak black metal that draws in the audience well.

Lows: The tracks are quite repetitive and there's not much distinguishing one segment from another.

Bottom line: A half-hour of atmospheric black metal that never lets up with the bleak and smothering mood.

Rated 3 out of 5 skulls
3 out of 5 skulls

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