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Onslaught - "Live Polish Assault 2007" (DVD)

Onslaught - "Live Polish Assault 2007" DVD cover image

"Live Polish Assault 2007" track listing:

1. Intro
2. Let There Be Death
3. Angels Of Death
4. Thermonuclear Devastation
5. Killing Peace
6. Fight With The Beast
7. Metal Forces
8. Twisted Jesus
9. Intro
10. Flame Of The Antichrist
11. Shellshock
12. Demoniac
13. Burn
14. Power From Hell

Special Features:

* Photo Gallery
* Biography
* Discography
* Weblinks
* Desktop Images
* Interview with guitarist Nige Rockett and vocalist Sy Keeler

Reviewed by on October 15, 2007

"Thrash to the death!"

Question: How does a band follow up releasing an album which some may regard as their best yet, especially considering it was their first in eighteen years?

Answer: With a high quality DVD that compliments the band even further!

British thrash metal legends Onslaught have released their very first DVD, and it immediately ranks with recent instant classic thrash metal DVDs such as Slayer's "War At The Warfield" or Sepultura's "Live In Sao Paulo." The DVD boasts as its main content an incredibly tight live performance from the band, filmed at The Stodola Club in Warsaw, Poland at a show where the band were special guest to national death metal heroes Vader. The set includes tracks from all four Onslaught albums including the recent “Killing Peace” (which was not yet released at the time of filming) and includes a few surprises and old favourites such as “Thermonuclear Devastation” and “Shellshock.” Whilst NOTHING can compare to actually witnessing an Onslaught show first hand, the DVD does them justice and then some! They are in top form from the very start as they rip into opener, "Let There Be Death," with animal like ferocity and total precision. Evidently, age hasn't slowed them down one bit as vocalist Sy Keeler proves his voice can still reach places others can only dream of. Both old and new songs have the crowd in the palm of their hand as huge pits erupt amongst the headbanging Poles at The Stodola Club. Sy Keeler's constant use of the word "fuck" show that they're a band who haven't lost touch of who they are, where they came from, or the fact that their fans aren't scared of hearing naughty words! One of the best live recordings I've witnessed captured onto DVD.

The special features are also a great reason to buy the DVD. A humourous and insightful interview with guitarist Nige Rockett and vocalist Sy Keeler provide light on the nasty circumstances which led to the band’s demise in the early 90s, as well as how the band was formed (which includes the memorable part where Nige refers to the forming of the band being a "funny story" after he had a car crash, broke his leg, and found out at work that drummer Steve Grice had replaced him!). It is a very interesting interview with no needless attacks or snide remarks about any other band or individuals unlike some other band interviews available on DVD. Worth watching for the interview alone. The biography section not only includes a band biography but one for each member of the band (presumably including what their favourite drink is so you know what to buy them at the bar after one of their gigs!), which is a good little twist. The addition of desktop backgrounds are a cool idea, as well. The photo gallery contains some really cool pics, some of which have not yet been released.

Overall the DVD is hugely impressive, not just for a band’s first DVD but for a metal DVD in general! Thrash to the death!

Highs: Both the live show and the interview could sell the DVD on their own

Lows: The background music whilst choosing you option can get annoying at times but easily muted!

Bottom line: A fine DVD for an even finer band!

Rated 5 out of 5 skulls
5 out of 5 skulls

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 skulls Near Perfection. (An instant classic with some minor imperfections)
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