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Furze - "Psych Minus Space Control" (CD)

Furze - "Psych Minus Space Control" CD cover image

"Psych Minus Space Control" track listing:

1. Occult Soul, With Mind
2. Psych Mooz Space Control
3. Reaper Subconscious Guide
4. Triad of Lucifer
5. When Always Ready

Reviewed by on July 17, 2012

"'Psych Minus Space Control' shows the band continue with the psychedelic, down-throttle pace explored on their previous recording, 'Reaper Subconscious Guide.'"

Woe J. Reaper is one of Norway’s most imaginative and creative artists. Besides being the sole architect of a slew of long and short play recordings that date back to 1998, he has managed to break through the invisible line drawn around the hell bound style that defines Norwegian black metal. The latest Furze offering, “Psych Minus Space Control,” shows the band continue with the psychedelic, down-throttle pace explored on their previous recording, “Reaper Subconscious Guide.”

Diabolic, chopping guitar chords initiate the album on “Occult Soul, With Mind.” As if each chord were being sucked into a black hole, Reaper bends and stretches his strings to provide a transition into the next movement. Clanging bass and big, hollowed drum beats accompany each warped shift. Reaper composes each song quite well, which is probably due to having complete artistic control over each song. He doesn’t just construct/deconstruct the instrumentation of each song; often, he modifies the original sounds to create atmosphere and bring a different perspective to each sound.

The reverb echoing clean guitar tones of “Psych Mooz Space Control” exemplifies Reaper’s ability to modify sounds to change the direction of the album. Of course, a 14-minute song requires a certain amount of change to keep the ho-hums at bay. Around the five-minute mark, the song picks up pace and heft. Riffs are still fairly minimalist, but much louder and harsher, while the drums push the action. Squealing noises add an odd dimension to song that suggests eerie space encounters. Ghostly chimes enhance the groove of “Reaper Subconscious Guide,” while choir keys add an angelic quality to “Triad of Lucifer.”

“Psych Minus Space Control” contains an ambiance that black metal fans should find appealing, while most of the guitar play should find favor with doom metal fanatics, especially fans of long-winded doom albums. Its five tracks weigh in at over 43 minutes, which may prove difficult for those with short attention spans. The lack of vocals throughout the album results in more of the mind-lacking space control. “Psych Minus Space Control” delivers exactly as the title suggests. It’s definitely an album requiring a certain mood, which might be tested best on mind-altering substances.

Highs: Reaper takes his listener through numerous soundscapes.

Lows: The long length of each song and lack of vocals proves hard to maintain focus throughout the album.

Bottom line: A blackened piece of doom stuck somewhere between dimensions in the Stargate.

Rated 3 out of 5 skulls
3 out of 5 skulls

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