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In Vain - "In Death We Trust" (CD)

In Vain - "In Death We Trust" CD cover image

"In Death We Trust" track listing:

1. The Skies Are Burning
2. War Machine
3. Sons Of Truth
4. In Death We Trust
5. Into The Abyss
6. Ghost Galley (Pirate Bonus)
7. Into The Abyss II
8. Sun Hunters
9. Through Hell To Paradise
10. Far From Home

Reviewed by on September 4, 2012

"In Vain's 'In Death We Trust' is a shredding, thrashing work of angry art that transcends genres."

Blending aggressive thrash riffing with power metal keyboards and virtuosity, In Vain has created a superb fusion of the genres on "In Death We Trust." Fans of both styles are going to find plenty to love here.

Guitarists Daniel Cordon (who also sings quite capably) and Daniel B. Martin are most definitely the stars here. The air-raid siren of "The Skies Are Burning" is likely there to warn you about the massive riff bomb the two are about to drop on you in "War Machine," which shows off the band's self-avowed Megadeth influence. The little fills and solos that wind through the speedy main riff are absolutely fantastic. The title track, "In Death We Trust" also has a thrash feel, with a breakdown that evokes Slayer in some ways, while keyboardist Pablo Fernandez works some splendid background magic.

Fernandez gradually becomes more important to the proceedings, with the two "Into The Abyss" versions — especially the first one — showing how surprisingly well keyboards can fit into a thrash framework. Especially impressive is the way he interacts with Cordon and Martin on "Ghost Galley (Pirate Bonus). As you might expect, his presence is most felt in the more traditionally power metal tracks like "Through Hell To Paradise" and the speedy "Sons Of Truth."

There's not a lot to complain about here, save that the album does end on its most lightweight track, "Far From Home," which, admittedly does feature a gorgeous piano part by Fernandez. Also, the bluesy opening of "Sun Hunters" feels a little out of place, but that soon passes.

In Vain's "In Death We Trust" is a shredding, thrashing work of angry art that transcends genres. Thrash and power metal fans will delight in this one.

Highs: "War Machine," "In Death We Trust" and "Into The Abyss."

Lows: The lightweight closer, "Far From Home."

Bottom line: An excellent album blending thrash anger with power metal keyboards and virtuosity.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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