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"Nothing Passes" (CD)

Braveyoung - "Nothing Passes" CD cover image

"Nothing Passes" track listing:

1. Song One (3:21)
2. Song 2 (15:11)
3. Nothing Passes (8:51)
4. The Vision (8:11)

Reviewed by on October 26, 2011

"Other than 'The Vision' and a few moments spread out over the remaining three songs, 'Nothing Passes' is only a small hint of what could have been from The Body and Braveyoung working together."

“Nothing Passes” is a collaboration between the Rhode Island doom duo The Body and the atmospheric rock outfit Braveyoung. The bands have different techniques and styles, though there is a common thread between both of them: tension-filled drone. This record uses that thread to knit and weave four suffocating cuts that have everything from drone to experimental noise to acoustic strumming. Great on their own, Braveyoung and The Body don’t quite succinct to expectation on “Nothing Passes.”

The first half of the album drags on its heels, most prominently on the 15-minute “Song 2.” This song is definitely in The Body’s comfort level, thought the use of The Assembly Of Light Choir lends a soulful mood to the static uneasiness. Vocals are minimal, and when they turn up, it’s incomprehensible screams from The Body guitarist Chip King. “Song 2” is more of an ambient vibe that was seen on The Body’s “All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood,” but unless one enjoys a good dose of drone, many will find this tune to be lacking in cohesion and timeliness.

The title track compacts “Song 2” into half the length, and works more in Braveyoung’s orchestral mindset. A well-placed xylophone follows a ruckus of guitars that gets a walloping from two drum kits pounding similar beats. The entire eight minutes is just one epic build-up that doesn’t hit its peak until near the end, with a static assault giving way to the surprising cover of Exuma’s “The Vision.” Female vocals take over, acoustic guitars drive the main melody, and the bands get good value out of the choir. It’s the best display of the efficient songwriting that could have come out of these two bands.

This pairing does have decent chemistry together and this record will be slopped up by fans of either band, though more so The Body than Braveyoung. Other than “The Vision” and a few moments spread out over the remaining three songs, “Nothing Passes” is only a small hint of what could have been from The Body and Braveyoung working together. Braveyoung is known for their brooding atmospheric touches and mournful ambience, and a lot of that is lost with The Body’s sinister noise taking over. “Nothing Passes” is effective, but lacking in the dynamics each band works over in their respective projects.

Highs: Fantastic rendition of Exuma's "The Vision" that tops the original, the title track best balances the two different styles The Body and Braveyoung play

Lows: First half of the record drags, especially with "Song 2"

Bottom line: A collaboration between The Body and Braveyoung that is fascinating at times, but tends to have a place in the more auspicious elements of drone.

Rated 3 out of 5 skulls
3 out of 5 skulls

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