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Mortal Sin - "Psychology Of Death" (CD)

Mortal Sin - "Psychology Of Death" CD cover image

"Psychology Of Death" track listing:

1. Psychology Of Death
2. Blood Of My Enemies
3. Paralysed
4. Burned Into Your Soul
5. Deny
6. Doomed To Annihilation
7. Kingdom Of Pain
8. Down In The Pit
9. Hatred

Reviewed by on October 13, 2011

"Modern thrash bands should take heed and learn this lesson from seasoned veterans: Don't forget where you came from!"

"This time around we said we wanted to go back to our roots, we we’re going to write an album like Mayhemic Destruction, simple old school thrash! This is by far our fastest and heaviest album to date. We really wanted to grab people by the balls with this one!” This was the quote from Mortal Sin prior to the release of "Psychology Of Death." So many times bands say these words and never back them up, however, this is precisely what Mortal Sin has done. This album backs up the words representing the biggest kick in the ass to the thrash scene in a very long time. This is the thrash a lot of old-time fans grew up on, infused with as much youthful vigor as back in the mid-'80's.

From second one of the opening title track, the album is a blistering reminder as to how good this Aussie quintet was and still is. It hearkens back not only to past Mortal Sin releases, but if your author didn't know any better, it sounds like an ode to Exodus' "Bonded By Blood." Vocalist Mat Maurer sounds Baloff-esque, adding the auditory knife to the skull just ahead of the machine gun fire of the band's offensive attack lambastes the rest of your body. Drummer Luke Cook is an absolute beast on this release with his blinding double bass.

The larrup continues with "Blood of My Enemies," which doubles the acceleration sounding nothing like the famous Manowar namesake, and "Paralyzed By Fear," which has one of the best mid-sections filled with rapid time changes, solos, brutality and speed. Think you’re done? Think again. "Burned Into Your Soul," "Deny," "Doomed To Annihilation," and "Down In The Pit" continue the ferocious attack. These songs match up so well with Mortal Sin classics "Lebanon," "Blood, Death, Hatred," "The Infantry Corps" and "I Am Immortal" that hearing them live will surely bring "good friendly violent fun."

Mortal Sin has refreshed the love of old school thrash sound with no frills, unadulterated speed just the way it should be. There is no waiting, from start to finish you are pummeled for 42 minutes. Modern thrash bands should take heed and learn this lesson from seasoned veterans: Don't forget where you came from!

Highs: Blistering speed and fantastic old school thrash.

Lows: None of note.

Bottom line: Mortal Sin does exactly what it said....take old school thrash and kick your teeth in!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 skulls
4.5 out of 5 skulls

Rating Description
Rated 5 out of 5 skulls Perfection. (No discernable flaws; one of the reviewer's all-time favorites)
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