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"Unhappy Endings" (Book)

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Reviewed by on July 27, 2011

"Drenched with wit and pushed boundaries, you may feel violated after reading 'Unhappy Endings.' Of course, after reading the story titled 'Seduced,' we learn being violated is not always a bad thing."

“Unhappy Endings” is the latest collection of tales from author and lead signer, Jizzy Pearl.

Jizzy Pearl tells the fictional short stories of life in the rock and roll arena in a way only a man who lives it can. And Pearl has done that for a third time with his digital book release titled “Unhappy Endings,” now available for the Kindle. Offering sex, drugs and rock and roll – the oft traveled rock front man gets right to the point in print with no fluff. Performing as the front man of hard rocking acts that have included L.A. Guns and Adler’s Appetite; Jizzy brings the backstage shenanigans from his pen to the paper.

Some of the highlights include “Pills For All Ills,” a talk show where the host has a pill for whatever ails you, “The Platinum Club,” a story of aging rock and roll groupies, and “Caligula, Fran and Ollie” brings anal sex to the forefront. If I had to pick one story as a litmus test of whether the reader will enjoy these stories I would start here. Should you pass the test then move on to “The Prettiest Girl in the World,” a short detailing a young girl who throws kittens out windows and tortures baby birds by holding a knife to their throats.

Hidden within these stories is the novella “Unhappy Endings,” a tale of four boys growing up as many suburban boys do: smoking pot, listening to music, hating school. Fast forward a few years and three of the boys have grown up and have “adult” lives. The other, well, he feels like he was left by his friends, attempts to reconnect, and turns this story of innocence into a full verse of horror. This story alone is worth the download. The book ends with a somewhat autobiographical dialogue and a few rant pieces, but it doesn’t really matter because by that point if you are still reading as I was you are hooked.

Drenched with wit and pushed boundaries, you may feel violated after reading “Unhappy Endings.” Of course after reading the story titled “Seduced,” we learn being violated is not always a bad thing.

Highs: Humor and "first hand" knowledge injected into the shorts.

Lows: Even fans of Bukowski and Burroughs may cringe or blush at the dark detail laced within Pearl’s fiction.

Bottom line: A great collection for fans of Transgressive fiction and well written haunting shorts.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 skulls
4.5 out of 5 skulls

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