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Mekanism - "Cicatrized" (CD/EP)

Mekanism - "Cicatrized" CD/EP cover image

"Cicatrized" track listing:

1. Cursed To Avenge
2. Death Is The Bottom Line
3. Cicatrized

Reviewed by on June 24, 2011

"Mekanism definitely is working on all cylinders on 'Cicatrized,' an EP that blends savagery, solos and slick pop moments well."

Full of thick riffs, dynamic drumming and expert solos, Mekanism's "Cicatrized" goes straight for the jugular from the moment you press play. These furious Finns aren't taking prisoners, and use the 13 minutes of their promo EP to expert effect.

The opening track, "Cursed To Avenge," alone has the band performing an expert high-wire act, balancing between melodic rock sounds and harsher metal, complete with growling vocals. Criss Valley's melodic vocals are good, though slightly buried in the mix sometimes. Guitarist Calu's backing growls and screams mesh perfectly with Valley's vocals, creating a vibe that's very much early Shadows Fall.

Lead guitarist J-V's solos are masterful, with a slower section of "Cicatrized" particularly standing out. "Cicatrized" also shows the band's ability to carry off quieter material, with an opening that's every bit as beautiful as the screaming at the end is savage.

The band's secret weapon is definitely the drummer, Ace, who grounds all of the time and style shifts with an excellent sense of rhythm. Sure, he's often blazing along at warp speed, but, other than a quick moment here and there in "Death Is The Bottom Line," the songs never feel like they're going off the rails.

Mekanism definitely is working on all cylinders on "Cicatrized," an EP that blends savagery, solos and slick pop moments well.

Highs: Excellent guitar work throughout, with "Cicatrized" standing out.

Lows: Vocals sometimes buried a little low in the mix.

Bottom line: An excellent EP that adds a pop sheen to more extreme metal sounds.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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