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Minushuman - "Bloodthrone" (CD)

Minushuman - "Bloodthrone" CD cover image

"Bloodthrone" track listing:

1. The Architect (5:06)
2. The Size Of An Ocean (4:28)
3. Evolve (3:35)
4. The Day We Died (4:30)
5. Forgotten Fields (7:02)
6. Three Mile Island (4:24)
7. Godspeed (4:46)
8. Another All (4:17)
9. Bloodthrone (5:09)
10. Kill Me (5:52)

Reviewed by on August 24, 2011

"It’s always uplifting to hear a metal band try to put a spin on a modern sound, and Minushuman does a stand-up job on 'Bloodthrone.'"

It’s one thing to tuck a bit of groove into thrash metal, but it’s a whole different playing field to make it atmospheric and deep. When all three come together, it’s a sweet sonic treat. Minushuman knows this to be the case with their second album, “Bloodthrone.” This is a bouncy style of thrash, more attuned to moderate speeds and melodic waves. The band aims beyond simple modern metal, though it seems like the band isn’t always eager to jump in with both feet.

Minushuman is focused on jazzing up the thrash/groove sound. “The Size Of An Ocean” has soaring clean vocals from Cédric Moïse to go along with his hoarse screams. “Kill Me” is a solid closing instrumental with a clear progression from a distant, melodic start to a brutal finish. “Forgotten Fields” is the big epic, its seven minutes devoted to a bountiful quest of elegance and pitch-perfect musicianship. A grand build-up and subtle moody touches make “Forgotten Fields” a stand-out tune.

If the rest of the songs were geared in this fashion, “Bloodthrone” could have been mentioned in higher regards. Instead, most of the middle portion of the album is just above the average line. “Evolve” and “The Architect” reside in a mid-tempo stricken with the groove virus. “Another All” is the fastest song from the band, and one that kicks the album into motion heading to a noteworthy conclusion. The band could have done the album a great service with at least one more song as quick-moving as “Another All.”

The title track is a late bloomer fitted with unassuming keyboards and a passionate vocal job by Moïse. It’s a part of the three-peat the band starts with that makes up the last third of “Bloodthrone.” If one wanted to get an accurate representation of Minushuman, “Another All,” the title track, and “Kill Me” would be the place to look. Each song has a different outlook, yet keeps an equal importance on the thrash, groove, and atmospheric pieces.

It’s always uplifting to hear a metal band try to put a spin on a modern sound, and Minushuman does a stand-up job on “Bloodthrone.” The band knows that just being a thrash band alone won’t do them many favors, so having these extra elements proves to be the tipping point. It’s only when things get routine, like on “Evolve,” that the album hits a dead end, but that doesn’t occur enough to send lasting warning signs. “Bloodthrone” has the edge when it comes to the mundanity of much of current metal.

Highs: Combining thrash, groove, and atmospheric passages works for the band, a series of great tracks near the end, change of pace from the usual modern metal

Lows: A few songs don't take advantage of the thrash/groove/atmosphere combination, "Kill Me" goes on for a little too long

Bottom line: Minushuman takes thrash metal and mixes in groove and atmospheric touches that results in a worthwhile twist on contemporary metal.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 skulls
3.5 out of 5 skulls

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