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Gomorrahizer - "Pseudo God Induced Cephalgia" (CD)

Gomorrahizer - "Pseudo God Induced Cephalgia" CD cover image

"Pseudo God Induced Cephalgia" track listing:

1. Hammer Smashed Glasses (1:37)
2. Spit Cup (1:53)
3. Molly Ringwald's Crotch Double (2:07)
4. Cough, Hack, Choke, Wheeze (2:06)
5. Don West! (:16)
6. Teams (Live in Tijuana) (1:57)
7. Clean Pitch Pro (2:49)
8. We Gotta Find A Way For This To Fit Into The Hole For This Using Nothing But That (2:39)
9. The Gatorade That Killed Marty Benson (1:52)
10. Suicidal Counter Attack (1:35)
11. Hey Peabodies, Change Your Mop Water! (1:27)
12. Slashed From Groin To Sternum (2:10)
13. The Money Drove Us Insane (2:34)

Reviewed by on October 27, 2010

"'Pseudo God Induced Cephalgia' is a forgettable start to Gomorrahizer’s budding career, though it’s not without its charms."

Offensive and tasteless grindcore is what Gomorrahizer does best on their debut album “Pseudo God Induced Cephalgia.” Self-produced by the band, there is none of the sheen and polish of a professional recording. This is demo quality we’re talking about here, though each instrument is clear and audible. It’s up to the music itself to win over a prudish music market. The trio has only been together for about a year, and the album reflects this brief alignment with songs that range from incomplete to gleaming with potential. It’s apparent with the lyrics and song titles that the band doesn’t take themselves too seriously and that plays a hand in keeping the album from derailing into a train wreck.

This is fast, chaotic music with no lulling moments. Nothing technical or progressive here; just tracks of buzzing guitar, thumping bass and loose drumming to hold things together. No doubt inspired by Anal Cunt and other shock-grind bands, Gomorrahizer is all about taking a dump on pop culture and mocking the social norms. The album isn’t a laugh-riot from start to finish, though a few chuckles may be uttered by all the misspellings in the booklet that comes with the album. The songs aren’t as crude or jaw-dropping as some of the stuff that has come out of Seth Putnam’s mouth, but gasps may come out from “Molly Ringwald's Crotch Double” and “Slashed From Groin To Sternum.”

Most will have a hard time understanding the lyrics anyway, due to the dual vocal approach from drummer Ammo and bassist Zilla. Both of them share vocal duties, and while Zilla’s growls are vicious, Ammo is a mixed bag. He does everything from pig grunts to goofy high squeals, and while his performance is very energetic, the constantly changing vocal style becomes a distraction to the rest of the music. Sticking to one or two styles would work best for Ammo in the future.

With lengths hovering around the one-to-two minute mark, this is an album that flies ahead without considering a breather. The album gets better as it goes on, once the ears get used to the horrid production and a few longer tracks slow down the pace enough to detect some semblance of structure. “Hey Peabodies, Change Your Mop Water!” is a head-banger through and through, while “The Money Drove Us Insane” takes the band in a more sludgy direction to end things on a solid note. There is notable filler, like the pointless “Don West” and the drawn-out “Clean Pitch Pro,” though the album moves so quickly that the next song is usually not far away.

Only a minuscule portion of the population will want to check out “Pseudo God Induced Cephalgia,” and those people will be interested in what Gomorrahizer has to say with their first album. This is definitely the kind of grind that even avid fans of the genre will be hesitant about. Underneath all the production flaws and sloppy songwriting, there are noteworthy ideas worth exploring if another album is made. “Pseudo God Induced Cephalgia” is a forgettable start to Gomorrahizer’s budding career, though it’s not without its charms.

Highs: A few hilarious song titles and lyrics, second half is surprisingly catchy

Lows: Terrible production, songwriting duds all around, Ammo's vocals are wildly inconsistent

Bottom line: Gomorrahizer's brand of shock grindcore will appeal to fans of bands like Anal Cunt, but not many others.

Rated 2 out of 5 skulls
2 out of 5 skulls

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