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SuperCharger - "Handgrenade Blues" (CD)

SuperCharger - "Handgrenade Blues" CD cover image

"Handgrenade Blues" track listing:

1. Handgrenade Blues
2. Gotta Get It
3. If You Wanna Rock
4. Let's Roll
5. Borderline
6. Join In And Loose It
7. By Gold
8. Shame Baby
9. Hell Motel
10. Dog Town
11. Scorched

Reviewed by on August 30, 2010

"'Handgrenade Blues' is 11 tracks of pedal-to-the-metal metal made to be played at full blast with the windows rolled down."

With their debut album, SuperCharger has proven to be one of the most perfectly named bands around. "Handgrenade Blues" is 11 tracks of pedal-to-the-metal metal made to be played at full blast with the windows rolled down.

This Copenhagen-based band's style is a high-octane blend of Aerosmith and Motorhead, with piano a la Jerry Lee Lewis on the first couple tracks, and bluesy, Mick-Jagger-style harmonica on a few others. Thomas Pedersen and Thomas Buchwald's guitars have a nice 'n greasy southern-fried style to them, while Mikkel Neperus' vocals have just the right amount of growl.

Things get off to a superb start with the title track featuring a wailing siren, pumping piano and a wah-wah-laced solo, all before the vocals even come in. The chorus is a little reminiscent of "Ballroom Blitz," but it works quite well. The second track, "Gotta Get It" is quite similar, in an "all AC/DC songs sound the same, but still kick ass" kind of way.

Harmonicas liven up "Let's Roll" and "If You Wanna Rock," though the chorus on "Rock" is a little weak. Things take a turn toward the Tom Petty side on "Borderline," complete with a few "woo-hoos," but it works pretty well, as do the next several tracks.

Really, there's only one slightly weaker track on the disc, and, unfortunately, it closes out the album. "Scorched" has a Motorhead vibe, which is a good thing, but there's something a little off during the verses, which makes it hard for the listener to get a bead on the beat — and when you've boogied your ass off for the rest of the album, that's a vital thing. Then again, the band does manage to fix the problem about halfway through ...

If you're looking for some revved up rock 'n roll, SuperCharger's "Handgrenade Blues" is just the thing. Roll the windows down, crank it up and piss off prudes everywhere.

Highs: Plenty of big, greasy rock riffs, bad attitude and fun.

Lows: The band just barely misses the mark on "Scorched."

Bottom line: An excellent metal record made for cranking up your car stereo.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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