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Canopy - "Will and Perception" (CD)

Canopy - "Will and Perception" CD cover image

"Will and Perception" track listing:

1. Decipher (5:18)
2. Perception (2:20)
3. For the Sickened Voice to Hear (3:40)
4. Counsels and Maxims (2:44)
5. Common Walls (3:58)
6. Riddance (4:37)
7. Void (5:58)
8. Will (10:44)

Reviewed by on July 23, 2010

"While this album may not strike anyone as the most original or ground-breaking piece of work out there, it definitely is a solid and exceedingly enjoyable work that I would recommend highly."

I dig melodic death metal. A lot. But what I dig even more are metal bands that can take a foundation such as melo-death and build on it. Canopy manages to do that on “Will and Perception.” While this album may not strike anyone as the most original or ground-breaking piece of work out there, it definitely is a solid and exceedingly enjoyable work that I would recommend highly. Canopy manages to pull together a melodic death metal sound that doesn’t blend in with the hordes of bands swarming the metal scene these days, Swedish or otherwise.

Canopy is a band that is bound to be heavily compared to bands similar to Insomnium, and while the sound is heavily alike in places, I don’t think it’s entirely fair to call them very much akin to one another. Where Insomnium sticks heavily to the straight melodic and emotional sound, Canopy throws in a lot of other influences as well. Much more progressive in sound, “Will and Perception” manages to pave its own path, though I will say that Canopy could have done a bit more with unique guitar work. My favorite element is that the band manages to keep it heavy without sacrificing a bit of melody.

“For The Sickened Voice to Hear” provides a great example of the variety present on “Will and Perception.” While melodic, a whole section of this song is devoted to a very old-school Swedish death metal sound. It provides just enough to cement Canopy in the Swedish sound, yet any more would have really detracted from the melodic element. “Perception” features some great leads, while “Riddance” has a great long instrumental section that breaks into some of the most emotional guitar work on the album. “Counsels and Maxims” is an acoustic instrumental track that functions as a break in the aggression, and while the odd Fruity Loops claps in the middle are something that I’ve never heard in metal before, it certainly isn’t unbearable.

I really enjoy what Canopy is doing here. They’ve managed to take a pretty standard genre and make it their own after a fashion. The production quality is great and all of the musicians are solid players. I loved the hint of Swedish death metal they threw in. I would have loved to see a bit more originality, but the lack of it doesn’t drag this release down too much. Canopy have proven themselves as solid contenders within the melodic death metal genre with “Will and Perception” and will hopefully only go up from here.

Highs: High quality melodic death metal that isn't afraid to include other genres.

Lows: Guitar work isn't particularly original.

Bottom line: A solid melodic death metal album that doesn't break any new ground, but is thoroughly enjoyable.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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