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The Revival - "Exhibition of Thoughts" (Demo)

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"Exhibition of Thoughts" track listing:

1. Standing in the Fields (4:38)
2. Exhibition of Thoughts (3:17)
3. The Fading Sun (2:32)
4. All Dead (5:14)

Reviewed by on July 19, 2010

"...The Revival definitely makes some interesting music if one can look past the poor production. "

The Revival, who has since changed their name to Exhibition of Thoughts, is a band that plays a brand of metal pretty typical on the Finnish side of things. Very melodic, this EP is pretty standard to the melodic death metal genre. What sets the band apart is that they keep the music mostly progressive throughout. With a bit of an Opeth-inspired feel mixed with a bit of Pink Floyd-esque atmosphere, this band has proven that they can span genres and stay coherent.

While some of the rhythm work devolves into extended chugging, the guitar work on this album is mostly well-done. The leads mix together and flow into each other well and have a “classic Finland melo-death” feel to them. The best part is some of the acoustic work they incorporate. The short end of it is that The Revival manages to incorporate some interesting cross-genre elements, while staying firmly rooted in the melodic death metal sector the entire time.

I would have loved to hear even more from the progressive side of things, but, being a demo, I can excuse that. “The Fading Sun” is one of the stronger songs on this demo. It’s an instrumental track and really complements the other tracks well. I was surprised to see that the band managed to fit an instrumental track on such a short recording, yet keep the entire album coherent. The title track starts out doom-y and erupts into a good fast-paced thrasher.

The biggest problem with this recording lies in the production quality. The vocals are somewhat low in the mix, robbing them of power, while the drums are nearly inaudible in places. While they could have incorporated a lot more power into this demo, I will say that The Revival definitely makes some interesting music if one can look past the poor production. Though they changed their name, this band is definitely one to look out for.

Highs: Well-done melodic death metal with some genre-spanning elements.

Lows: Very poor production quality.

Bottom line: While rather rough production-wise, this demo showcases some potential.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 skulls
3.5 out of 5 skulls

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