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Kozeljnik - "Deeper the Fall" (CD)

Kozeljnik - "Deeper the Fall" CD cover image

"Deeper the Fall" track listing:

1. thetruthisDeath
2. The All-Consuming
3. Void to Final Consumption
4. Deeper the Fall
5. Breeding the Apocalypse
6. A.o.t.U

Reviewed by on July 12, 2010

"None of it is particularly ground-breaking, but 'Deeper The Fall' is an impressive second release that black metal fans should consider checking out."

Though Kozeljnik is a fairly new band, they formed in 2006. Their first full-length album, "Sigil Rust," was only made in 2008, but the black metal band has already received lots of positive feedback from the underground metal scene. They were also picked up by Paragon Records in 2009 and now have their latest release "Deeper the Fall." I have to say that even though I'm not too familiar with them, I am thoroughly impressed. I also had to look up the meaning of the name; turns out Kozeljnik was an ancient wizard among the Slavic Serbs. He did rituals in sacrificing animals and could also see the future for people by looking through the rotten entrails of deadly goats. If I wasn’t impressed before, I certainly am now.

Kozeljnik consists of two members: Kozeljnik on vocals and strings and L.G on drums. It's very familiar black metal, with Marduk and Darkthrone influence. Kozeljnik’s vocals are very powerful and fit with the style of black metal perfectly.

The album opens with "thetruthisDeath" with a very Slayer-esque guitar riff before Kozeljnik comes in with his brutal vocals and L.G's blast beats. "The All Consuming" combines black metal vocals and dark melodic melody, which gives it a nice atmosphere and keeps the listener interested. Again, when I hear the riffs here, it reminds me of old Slayer. You can tell they were also one of their influences."Void to Final Consumption" slows down to a nice chugging rhythm and breaks up the monotony a little bit.

"Breeding the Apocalypse" is very old-school and reminds me of early Dark Funeral. “A.o.t.U” comes in fast with a nice rhythm, but my only complaint is that Kozeljnik’s vocal style gets a little repetitive after awhile. He has some great force behind his vocals, but I’d like to hear more of the dark melody he showed us before. It's very well recorded and produced and keeps the raw energy that I think Kozeljnik was trying to give here.

None of it is particularly ground-breaking, but "Deeper The Fall" is an impressive second release that black metal fans should consider checking out.

Highs: Authentic black metal that reminds you of Marduk or Darkthrone.

Lows: Vocals get a little repetitive.

Bottom line: Impressive release from a newly-formed black metal duo.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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