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Helmskey - "Black Disharmonium" (CD/EP)

Helmskey - "Black Disharmonium" CD/EP cover image

"Black Disharmonium" track listing:

1. Black Disharmonium (4:38)
2. Perspicacious (5:14)
3. Blade Ov Treachery (5:01)
4. To Rise And Fall Again (4:07)
5. Journey Ov No Return (5:19)

Reviewed by on December 30, 2009

"...a short but tightly composed piece of work...this music is entertaining, as well as intense and focused."

Hailing from Singapore, Helmskey is, in relation to amount of releases, a relatively new blackened death metal band. Don’t let that fool you though: the members of this band are all very talented and seasoned musicians. Playing a blackened, yet melodic and thrashy form of death metal, their third EP, “Black Disharmonium,” is a short but tightly composed piece of work. Despite some minor flaws, this music is entertaining, as well as intense and focused.

Not wanting to be followers, Helmskey has filled this release with melodic and hard hitting riffage that doesn’t come across as filler in the least bit. In sections where other bands could have put some soulless chugging, this band aptly demonstrates their musical writing abilities. I love that the band can write riffs that are thrashy yet incredibly melodic at the same time. There is also some obvious Asian influence that only helps the music.

The album’s first and titular track is a well composed and blistering track that takes the aforementioned elements and combines them flawlessly, alongside some acoustic work and a blazing solo. From there on, the music follows the same formula. At least every song has a solo and riffs that stand out. “Blade Ov Treachery” starts out with a rousing drum solo and leads into the catchiest song on the album.

One thing I did notice that could be improved upon was the tempo of the music in some parts, particularly on “Blade Ov Treachery.” The pace of the music seemed a little awkward and too slow at parts, but this doesn’t affect the album overall.

Helmskey has proven that they are adept musicians. This album is a tightly composed demonstration of their abilities and is, as a work of art, well put together. I can’t wait to see where this band goes and I look forward to hearing future recordings.

Highs: Tightly produced, focused music.

Lows: Some minor tempo issues.

Bottom line: A promising EP that hopefully foreshadows a great future for the band.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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