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Buried Inside - "Spoils of Failure" (CD)

Buried Inside - "Spoils of Failure" CD cover image

"Spoils of Failure" track listing:

1. I (6:54)
2. II (3:55)
3. III (11:23)
4. IV (6:07)
5. V (6:10)
6. VI (6:21)
7. VII (6:28)
8. VIII (6:37)

Reviewed by on September 17, 2009

"Buried Inside has poured the entirety of their music-making abilities into eight epic tracks to create a post-core album that is far from forgettable."

After a four years hiatus, Buried Inside has released their latest album, “Spoils of Failure,” a passionate, power packed recording that does not fail to impress. With thick, doom-y sections and riffs bursting with emotion, this latest release literally has powerful music “buried inside.”

All joking aside, the music on this album is nearly impeccable. The album features very simple song titles (they are all Roman numerals), but this album is far from simplistic. Buried Inside has poured the entirety of their music-making abilities into eight epic tracks to create a post-core album that is far from forgettable.

The guitar work on this album is extremely raw and emotional. Combining this with the cathartic, heart-felt drumming, this album creates a vibrant sonic atmosphere that fits perfectly into the genre; in several aspects, rising above and defying it. Everything about this album is thick, dense, and oppressive, utilizing sludgy, down-tuned sections to keep it heavy.

The band changes up the mix throughout the album. For example, “II” consists mostly of fast-paced drumming with thick, crusty riffs, while “IV” uses distinct guitar picking and moody bass work in the background. Most of the songs are tied together by synth work that adds the perfect touch of extra emotion, taking an already poignant album above and beyond expectations.

The main factor keeping this album from being a mess of chugging sludge is how the band adds variety into the mix to bring out the guitarists abilities. The riffs don’t ever get lost in the mix, from tremolo picking to long, drawn out melodies to even the occasional bluesy riffs.

“III” is definitely the album’s stand-out piece. This eleven and a half minute epic starts out with a brooding, somber intro, breaking into slow, heavy guitar work similar in some respects to Ahab. The song is laden with wailing vocals mixed with lower, angry yells later on in the piece. The entire song builds up to exciting drum rolls in the end, ending in a powerful climax.

Approaching the end of the album, “VII” is another stand-out track. The song features an almost tribal drum build-up at the beginning, followed by a down-tuned kick in the face intro. What follows is an overwhelming cacophony of emotional outpouring that can only be described as breath-taking.

As far as I’m concerned, this song would be a satisfying end to the album, but there is still one track left. “VIII,” the last song, is another emotional charged song that, after a long, exhaustive album, draws out to be another six minute long track, yet ends very suddenly and abruptly.

Buried Inside have obviously pulled out all of the stops for this album. Deviating greatly from the norm of most sludgy, post-metal bands out there, they have decided on this album to defy expectations. Every instrument complements the others perfectly. The riffs are extremely well executed.

I can’t imagine how the band could top this album without sounding trite. “Spoils of Failure” is an exhausting blockbuster of an album. The band is obviously in it to make excellent, passionate music that they love. It’s a record that has to be taken in all at once to fully appreciate all the nuances and aspects of it. I would highly recommend this album to anyone interested in the genre and anyone who loves their music drawn out, ambitious, and utterly unforgettable.

Highs: Beautiful, moving music that combines a sludgy, dense atmosphere with warm melodic riffs to create unforgettable music.

Lows: Might be a little long for some people.

Bottom line: A breath-taking, rich album that stands out heads above other post-metal bands.

Rated 5 out of 5 skulls
5 out of 5 skulls

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