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Mantar - "Pain Is Forever And This Is The End" (CD)

Mantar - "Pain Is Forever And This Is The End" CD cover image

"Pain Is Forever And This Is The End" track listing:

1. Egoisto
2. Hang 'em Low (So The Rats Can Get 'em)
3. Grim Reaping
4. Orbital Pus
5. Piss Ritual
6. Of Frost And Decay
7. Walking Corpse
8. New Age Pagan
9. Horder
10. Odysseus

Reviewed by on September 6, 2022

"They've not only challenged themselves to be better than ever, they've succeeded."

In recent years, duos have become a more common sight in metal and rock music. Be it Alcest from France, Bala from Spain, or the Japanese doom witch two piece BlackLab, it's no longer a rare thing or novelty. One duo from Bremen, Germany can lay a good claim to being the most intense duo in heavy music today. They go by the name of Mantar, and since the release of their debut album, "Death By Burning" in 2014, they've grabbed the metal world by the balls and glared into its eyes as they squeezed to the point of bursting. Following a mini covers album in 2020, Erinç Sakarya and guitarist Hanno Klänhard are about to take on the world again with their fourth album of original material, "Pain Is Forever And This Is The End."

Much is being said about the direction of this album, how it's a more accessible affair than their previous works, which is true. This is nothing for longtime fans to be concerned about, as opening track "Egoisto" demonstrates. This first number has all the hallmarks of everything that's made Mantar so beloved, from powerful riffs to punk-infused carnage, to Klänhard's vicious, almost deranged vocals. This continues on to the album's first single, "Hang 'em Low (So The Rats Can Get 'em,)," which is one of several tracks to boast an extraordinarily catchy chorus, while also containing the frantic rate that the band are known for.

As always, Mantar has plenty of surprises, bonuses and leftfield elements which keep the album fresh throughout, including a perfectly placed sample of the wonderful Carey Burtt short film, "Mind Control Made Easy" on "Orbital Pus," the appropriately epic voyage of final song, "Odysseus" and the AC/DC like intro riff of "Grim Reaping." Add to that "Piss Ritual," which is the kind of ferocious punk that Discharge would be proud of, and the anthem for working life that is "Walking Corpse" to name only a couple of songs that compliment these tracks and what you have is an album which could just as easily be the soundtrack to a mental breakdown.

It's been ten years since Mantar formed and "Pain Is Forever And This Is The End" is the perfect way to celebrate a decade of destruction. There are no weak songs on the record and one will find it extremely difficult to just listen to one song, as the whole thing just flows so well. Mantar went through Hell to complete this record, but from a listener's point of view, it was worth it. They've not only challenged themselves to be better than ever, they've succeeded. "Pain Is Forever And This Is The End" is that rare work which will enthrall newcomers as much as it will delight old fans and offer something which even their detractors can't help but love. Welcome back lads!

Highs: Variety in heaviness, plenty of surprises, very catchy but just as grizzly.

Lows: The only "low" to be found on this album is in the title of the second track.

Bottom line: For a band which has always delivered, Mantar may well have surprised themselves with just how good this album is.

Rated 5 out of 5 skulls
5 out of 5 skulls

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