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Bolzer - "Lese Majesty" (CD/EP)

Bolzer - "Lese Majesty" CD/EP cover image

"Lese Majesty" track listing:

1. A Shepherd in Wolven Skin
2. Æstivation
3. Into the Temple of Spears
4. Ave Fluvius! Danu Be Praised

Reviewed by on November 24, 2019

"“Lese Majesty” is simply a jackhammer with tonality…nothing more, nothing less."

Bölzer is one of the most enigmatic heavy bands in recent memory. Nothing about this band is normal if we’re referring to baselines in extreme music. For starters, they’re a two-piece band and there aren’t many of those floating around within the genre. Secondly, they have released more EPs (four) than LPs (only one) in their eleven-year existence. And lastly, there’s plenty of controversy surrounding this band. Most of it is contrived and clickbait material about the tattoos belonging to guitarist/vocalist, Okoi Therry Jones. For the purpose of this review and for the benefit of those that are genuinely curious about Bölzer, I’m only focused on their fourth and most dynamic release to date, “Lese Majesty.”

“Lese Majesty” is simply a jackhammer with tonality…nothing more, nothing less. Like previous Bölzer releases, there aren’t many tracks, but it really doesn’t matter because none of them are filler tracks. If you’ve been paying attention to Bölzer since their existence, the four tracks on “Lese Majesty” are as good, if not better, than any other release to date. If you’re just now listening to Bölzer for the first time, you’re in for a treat.

Most bands in general usually arrange an album’s track listing with what they feel is their strongest track either up front or as a finale. I definitely feel that the song, “A Shepherd in Wolven Skin,” is the masterpiece on “Lese Majesty.” This track is chock full of raw emotion and is unforgettable. It has a carnal feel and the track is jump started by the cannon punch kick drum, courtesy of drummer Fabian Wyrsch.

Just like the majority of Bölzer’s vocal phrasings, Okoi’s signature howls are ever-present and are just as haunting on this track as their previous recordings. My favorite part of this track is when there’s a breakdown at the 4:40 mark and Okoi whistles the harmony. This comes off as brilliant and brave at the same time and is one of the most unique transitional parts I’ve ever heard from a band this crushing.

After waiting for new material for more or less five years, “Lese Majesty” will most definitely leave current Bölzer fans more than satisfied. This album also demonstrates that Bölzer are resilient in regards to weathering controversy and this album is just business as usual for the Swiss duo. For those that are checking out Bölzer for the first time, well, they’re in for a treat and I would recommend for them to check out Bölzer’s back catalog as well

Highs: Bölzer’s fifth effort contains all the signatures that make this one of the diamonds within the rough of extreme metal genre.

Lows: As with most of Bölzer’s releases being just EPs, there aren’t enough tracks to really satisfy. Waiting years for the next Bölzer release always sucks.

Bottom line: “Lese Majesty” is a majestic offering amongst their modest discography and it also showcases how they have perfected their craft during their relatively brief existence.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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