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Sixty 8 - "Before The Fall" (CD)

Sixty 8 - "Before The Fall" CD cover image

"Before The Fall" track listing:

1. Blood Red Sky (4:15)
2. Interactive (5:23)
3. Any Race of Man (3:59)
4. Over (3:24)
5. Better Days (3:54)
6. The Race Goes On (5:06)
7. I Won't Play (4:19)
8. All She's Ever Known (4:40)
9. Alone (4:04)
10. Confessions (6:03)
11. Killing Time (5:47)
12. Shadow (5:13)

Reviewed by on July 17, 2009

"Sixty 8 has come up with a buffet of choices for music lovers, and everything on it is tasty."

Many times debut releases are a mixed bag. Bands are trying to feel their way through the muddy waters of what works for them, and what will get them sales, and this is definitely true of Sixty 8’s first full-length album "Before The Fall." While it may sound strange that a band’s music ranges from sounding like early Megadeth, to Puddle of Mudd to Guns n Roses, this is very true when it comes to Sixty 8.

Fans of early thrash will love the opening track, "Blood Red Sky," for its chuggy intro and pummeling guitars. A few fierce death growls rival any other death metal band out there, while lead vocalist Trig Bundguurd’s melodic screaming vocals sound more like Sammy Hagar. The only downside is that Sixty 8 plods through five more tracks before you hear a similar tune in "The Race Goes On." The tempo moves from persistent thrash to grunge, while screeching vocals keep everything meshing along.

The band claims a sound similar to Dokken, but personally I found the lighter tracks to vary anywhere from Guns n Roses to Bon Jovi. "Any Race of Man" and "Over" both have the virtually ballad sound that Bon Jovi is known for, and the latter even has that vague western sound similar to "Dead or Alive."

But Bundguurd proves that his chops are some of the most versatile in the industry by actually passing for an Axl double on "Better Days," a nice bluesy, southern rock tune that grows into a true rock anthem.

The grungier sound comes out in "Alone," which sounds like something Puddle of Mudd wishes they had written, and in the final track, "Shadow." This last song is the only one to also show off a hint of the galloping drumbeat and spiraling guitars of mid-range power metal, but Sixty 8 manages to pull it off fairly well.

As for which track is the best, it’s probably a matter of taste. Sleaze and glam rock fans would probably go for the nearly over the top "I Won’t Play," while those with more intense palates would probably opt for "Blood Red Sky." Either way, Sixty 8 has come up with a buffet of choices for music lovers, and everything on it is tasty.

Highs: Bundguurd’s vocals are extremely versatile, and are the glue that holds together this eclectic mix.

Lows: The layout of the tracks could have been better, so that all the lighter songs aren’t lumped together.

Bottom line: This debut is a mixed bag, but just about everything inside is a goodie.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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