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Death Angel - "The Evil Divide" (CD)

Death Angel - "The Evil Divide" CD cover image

"The Evil Divide" track listing:

1. The Moth
2. Cause For Alarm
3. Lost
4. Father Of Lies
5. Hell To Pay
6. It Can't Be This
7. Hatred United / United Hate
8. Breakaway
9. The Electric Cell
10. Let the Pieces Fall

Reviewed by on September 26, 2016

"Fans will be happy to hear that Death Angel have stayed true to themselves..."

Death Angel are truly legends in their own field, being one of the most respected names in thrash and early pioneers of the genre. They forged a sound of their own: Simultaneously melodic and intricate while also being frantic and furious. After splitting up following a horrific bus crash in 1991, they reconvened for the Thrash Of The Titans benefit show like many other thrash veterans ten years later. Though originally intended to be a few shows, they've since released five studio albums, two more than in their original run, including this latest effort, "The Evil Divide."

Fans will be happy to hear that Death Angel have stayed true to themselves on this new album, displaying their trademark brand of melodic thrash from the very opening of "Moth," which begins with a sinister but crushing intro before exploding into a jagged sounding thrasher with suitably high levels of aggression to be heard. This continues on to the next song, "Cause For Alarm," which has a wasp like guitar intro with great leads throughout.

Some songs on "The Evil Divide" are great for their exploration into different territories, such as "Lost" which features some of the best vocal work from Mark Osegueda on the album and takes a break from the quick carnage for a more epic feel. Other songs such as "Father Of Lies" and "Hatred United/ United Hate" both match the modern style they've incorporated while sounding respectfully retro.

The musicianship on the album is top notch, with some of the best guitar work I've heard on any album released this year and some phenomenal bass playing from Damien Sisson, who particularly shines on "Hell To Pay," "It Can't Be This" and the aforementioned, "Hatred United/ United Hate." Towards the end of the album, every song is nothing short of vintage thrash, bringing the old school sound to the new generation of headbangers as well as the old guard, which sums up "The Evil Divide" as a whole really. It's contemporary yet old school; metal to the core but innovative, which is what Death Angel have always been good at.

Highs: "Father of Lies," "Hatred United/ United Hate" and "Hell To Pay"

Lows: The full on thrash of the final few songs can become a little weary.

Bottom line: Death Angel continue to show the world why they're one of the most respected thrash metal veterans with another great addition to their catalogue.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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