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Morgoth - "Ungod" (CD)

Morgoth - "Ungod" CD cover image

"Ungod" track listing:

1. House of Blood
2. Voice of Slumber
3. Snakestate
4. Black Enemy
5. Descent into Hell
6. Ungod
7. Nemesis
8. God Is Evil
9. Traitor
10. Prison in Flesh
11. The Dark Sleep

Reviewed by on March 3, 2015

"Musically, fans of Morgoth’s first two albums need not fret over the band making another 'Feel Sorry For the Fanatic' industrial album. 'Ungod' truly bridges the gap between 'Cursed' and 'Odium.'"

“Ungod” is the first album by German death metal group Morgoth in 19 years. The band released the two-song single “God is Evil” last year, which gave us a good idea about the coming sound on “Ungod,” although with a different singer. That sound is a return to churning death metal that comprised first two albums “Cursed” and “Odium.”

“Ungod” is a riff factory, and many of the riffs created by Harald Busse and Sebastian Swart are of the early Death, mid-paced churning variety. Others are of a slower, more doom-y tempo. Much of these riffs are pieced together through guitar harmonies. “Voice of Slumber” consists of rolling rhythms with guitar harmonies placed above the music as this track moves with a smooth ebb and flow. “Snakestate” is another track mired in harmony - a dark, haunting harmony during the chorus... “Black Enemy” and “Nemesis” feature catchy guitar grooves. The former contains chord progressions like the "Odium" song "Resistance." There is also a heavy breakdown during “God is Evil.”

Speaking of evil, many of the rhythms heard on the album are definetely of the evil sort. “House of Blood,” the album opener has a particularly diabolic, palm muted riff. “Snakestate” features a low-end churning rhythm that could cause roses to turn and wilt. According to the band, the title track is about “God drowning in the void, killing its own creation and becoming the 'Ungod'- The dawn of the Antichrist." You just know malevolent sounds will come from this track. This instrumental opens to the sounds of wind sweeping through and then a doomy riff. Instrumental number two, “The Dark Sleep,” begins with thunderstorm ambience and bell chiming, which really sets a dark tone.

Musically, fans of Morgoth’s first two albums need not fret over the band making another “Feel Sorry For the Fanatic” industrial album. “Ungod” truly bridges the gap between “Cursed” and “Odium.” However, the band is missing vocalist Marc Grewe. While Karsten Jäger of Disbelief has the right tones, he doesn’t showcase his screams in the same way. Sure there are parts like the opening of “House of Blood” and “Black Enemy” where he pushes his voice, but his screams aren’t as long or drawn out as Grewe. Just listen to tracks such as “Resistance” or “Isolated” to hear Grewe belt out wicked screams. This lack of screams is the only negative point to the album, though, otherwise “Ungod” is precisely what fans of the first two albums expect.

Highs: One catchy riff after another.

Lows: Marc Grewe doesn't appear on the album.

Bottom line: One of the top death metal offerings of the year.

Rated 4 out of 5 skulls
4 out of 5 skulls

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