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Blasphemous Creation - "Shadows Of Evil" (Demo)

Blasphemous Creation - "Shadows Of Evil" Demo cover image

"Shadows Of Evil" track listing:

1. Disciples of the Underworld
2. Beyond the Grave
3. They Come at Night
4. Shadows of Evil

Reviewed by on April 25, 2008

"'Shadows of Evil' is honestly disappointing after the 'Black Winter' demo."

Blasphemous Creation was formed in Reno, Nevada in 2006 and has since released three demos, the first two being “Rest In Pieces” and “Black Winter.” “Shadows Of Evil” is the shortest and most recent creation, continuing the group’s attempt to merge speed, black and thrash metal into a sound which can best be described as a fast-paced aimlessness.

Touting themselves as styled off of early German thrashers, Blasphemous Creation has little of that punk-derived sound in their latest release, apart from their tendency to shout their song-title lyrics at you, similar to Kreator and Sodom. Isaac Wilson’s raspy vocals are suggestive of Jon Nödtveidt’s typical work with Dissection, and at times evoke a Kreator-sound with a black metal injection.

"Shadows of Evil" is honestly disappointing after the “Black Winter” demo. The song “Black Winter” put forth a much darker and sinister sound of snarling guitars and blast beats, which complemented the vocals quite well. The musicianship of Blasphemous Creation is a great deal more solid here, and a definite stab in the direction of blackened thrash. “Lake of Fire” has a great, frenetic pace, and “Ripped in Half” offers some easy rocking-out. With some work, they likely would have excelled in this style, yet it appears they have left off work here to instead produce speed metal with inlaid black metal vocals.

When listening to “Shadows Of Evil,” the end product strikes a dissonant chord with the listener: it is just all over the place. The riffs from song to song are noticeably similar and there’s a certain simplicity to them that leaves the metal lover longing for more complex arrangements. “Disciples of the Underworld” is a great example of a song that leaves the listener feeling irritated; the chorus just happens, with lots of shrieking, and it falls flat on its face.

By the end of the demo, the music continues to fail at producing a compelling sound and the lyrics are predictable. The horror / evil / zombie theme, while cool, is a bit of a “been-done” topic in metal. Children of Bodom is a much more highly recommended act for those that want to hear songs about murder and the like.

It seems like they’re working quite hard, yet all of that energy is dissipating without being focused behind a theme. Wilson has a nice black metal voice and it’s not being channeled well, here, in this hurried jumble of sound, and while the singing can be solid and while the speed metal is pretty good, for whatever reason the two just don’t seem to mesh well together.

Highs: Good production value, intriguing vocals, a good listen for fans of energy-charged speed metal

Lows: A regression away from previous development, experimental yet purposeless music

Bottom line: A decent attempt, backed by good production value, yet all that comes out of 'Shadows Of Evil' is unmemorable, nonspecific metal.

Rated 2.5 out of 5 skulls
2.5 out of 5 skulls

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