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Destroy The Runner - "I, Lucifer" (CD)

Destroy The Runner - "I, Lucifer" CD cover image

"I, Lucifer" track listing:

1. Mono: Crumbs for the Murder (3:32)
2. Di: Isabella’s (3:44)
3. Tri: Mr. and Mrs. Cuckoldom (3:52)
4. Tetra: A Bag of Marbles (3:00)
5. Penta: I, Lucifer (3:42)
6. Hexa: It’s Always Colder in Paris (2:36)
7. Hepta: A Pathetic Psalm (3:59)
8. Octa: Luxuria (3:20)
9. Ennea: On Falling Leaf (3:45)
10. Deca: A Novel of War (2:48)
11. Hendeca: A Mountain So Big, A Question So Small (4:32)

Reviewed by on June 11, 2008

"Many of the songs sound plain and over-used; songs that you have heard throughout mainstream rock and hardcore."

"I, Lucifer" marks the sophomore release of Destroy the Runner and yet a debut of their new sound. To the original fans of Destroy The Runner, the ones that appreciated their debut metalcore sound in "Saints," I grieve with you as I, too, must accept what has inevitably happened. Although "Saints," was nowhere near a masterpiece, potential for a band managed by Tim Lambesis (Vocalist for As I Lay Dying) was expected. The band’s original vocalist left to mother an existing metalcore outfit, "Adelleda." With him goes the potential for a better metalcore sound. Destroy The Runner's new vocalist, Chad Ackerman, fits the bands new persona of post-hardcore and Christian alternative sound.

Trying to steer away from the "As I Lay Dying clone band" label being put to them by several critics, the band also went to producer Brian McTernan for help differentiate themselves. The result combines progressive guitarwork pulled back and clean and melodic vocals pushed forward. Many of the songs sound plain and over-used; songs that you have heard throughout mainstream rock and hardcore. The only songs that have beaten this aura and emerge as something fresh are their single, "Mr. and Mrs. Cuckoldom," and the previous track entitled, "Isabella's." The creativity is involved in this album only with the lyrics and album cover art.

Because of this drastic change in sound and genre, Destroy The Runner has incorporated new fans, while their existing fanbase, including me, are left with disappointment. If post-hardcore is your thing, then by all means, this album has been presented for you. But for many, leaving the genre of metal can only be labelled as disappointment.

Highs: Radio-friendly

Lows: Loss of metalcore sound, lack of creativity, and barely-there guitarwork

Bottom line: A step up for post-hardcore and alternative fans; A step down for metalheads.

Rated 1 out of 5 skulls
1 out of 5 skulls

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