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Pyrithion - "The Burden of Sorrow" (CD/EP)

Pyrithion - "The Burden of Sorrow" CD/EP cover image

"The Burden of Sorrow" track listing:

1. The Invention Of Hatred (4:09)
2. Bleed Out (2:49)
3. Rest In The Arms Of Paralyzed Beast (5:00)

Reviewed by on May 29, 2013

"Some EPs feel like a random mix of songs slopped together, but the way the track listing is on 'The Burden of Sorrow' makes it feel like a complete body of work."

Pyrithion is another side-project from vocalist Tim Lambesis. Lambesis was already splitting his time between As I Lay Dying (as of this writing) and the Arnold Schwarzenegger-themed Austrian Death Machine before starting Pyrithion. The band prominently features Allegaeon guitarist Ryan Glisan and ex-The Famine guitarist Andy Godwin, and has a much more biting tone than what fans of Lambesis may expect. Their debut EP, “The Burden of Sorrow,” is a brief summation of the brutalized stance on metal that Lambesis takes.

This band allows Lambesis to explore darker subject matters, though he isn’t lamenting about the Devil or worshiping at a lyrical altar of sacrifice. His aim is more philosophical, debating about the evils within mankind and the atrocities done to each other. It’s a different side to Lambesis, away from the personal feelings of As I Lay Dying and the Schwarzenegger worship that bogs down Austrian Death Machine.

The inclusion of Glisan and Godwin probably helped to usher in an intense vibe to the three songs. There are no clean vocals, tuneful choruses, or inspirational uplifting. This is pure death metal, given a modern tweaking. This material was done within a weekend, though the short time doesn’t mean that this stuff sounds like it was rushed out. There’s an edge to this music, as Lambesis seems to go deeper with his growls to make these songs stand out from everything else he’s done.

Each track has its own distinct energy to it. “Bleed Out” is the hard-driving tune, not concerned with any melodic stances. “The Invention of Hatred” is a strong selection that is the best indication of what Pyrithion’s approach is, with multiple guitar solos and punishing rhythm. “Rest in the Arms of Paralyzed Beast” is the dynamic cut, taking its five minutes to explore more mournful avenues with its stripped-down guitar sections and smoldering pace. Some EPs feel like a random mix of songs slopped together, but the way the track listing is on “The Burden of Sorrow” makes it feel like a complete body of work.

Right now, the band’s future is uncertain, with the personal problems Lambesis is going through. Whether he is sentenced to jail time or not (or if the other members decide to continue without Lambesis) may determine the future of Pyrithion. If “The Burden of Sorrow” EP proves to be the band's only release, it will be left as one of untapped potential. Lambesis digs into the ruthless part of his creative mind, and the songwriting is reflective of that. He has never performed material quite as vicious, so those who don’t like the goofiness of Austrian Death Machine or the metalcore direction of As I Lay Dying may find value in “The Burden of Sorrow.”

Highs: Intense music from As I Lay Dying/Austrian Death Machine frontman, EP feels like a complete work instead of random songs put together, each song delivers something unique

Lows: Sound could use a little more grime and dirt and less of a glossy sheen

Bottom line: A promising EP that shows Tim Lambesis heading in a death metal-influenced direction.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 skulls
3.5 out of 5 skulls

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