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Banner Woes

Well, I think the top banners are working out fine and no more popups are appearing. But now I've had to remove the Link Exchange banners from the bottom of the page template because Link Exchange appears to have been down for over a week and their banners were not loading, causing the page to take longer to finish loading.

If anyone knows of a really good metal/music banner exchange, drop me a line with a link to more information about it!

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Yesterday I put up some new advertising, and shortly afterward I got some reports of pop-up ads. There should NOT be any pop-ups, pop-unders or any annoying crap like that. If you are still getting pop-ups or just find a particular ad annoying, let us know. A couple annoying, stupid ads are certainly not worth losing readers over! I'll do my best to keep the annoying ones off of this site (ads, not readers ;-).

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Lots of Links and IE5.0 Bug

Just a quick site update: The links section is nearing completion and we're adding more links every day. You can look forward to more filtering and sorting options as well as a means to submit links for approval in the links database.

I've also tracked down and killed a nasty CSS bug that was making the page look like utter crap in Internet Explorer 5.0 for the PC. I am ashamed that anyone ever saw it in that state! If you ever find bugs, feel free to report them!

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An End to the Lack of Updates

On a personal note, I'd like to say that moving sucks! Moving and work have taken up all my time and I just haven't had time to update the news or work on Metalunderground.com for the past week. To top it off, the mail-reader I wrote stopped working due to a server issue, making it even more of a hassle to get the news.

But enough excuses! By next week I should be back with fairly regular updates and with help! Shawn, webmaster of Pantera Land, has volunteered to help out on Metalunderground.com. I'll have him give a quick introduction shortly...

Well to start things off, like Doug said, I have been the webmaster of PanteraLand for four years. I am currently shutting down the site. After four years I realized there is only so much I can do with one band. Therefore here I am! Let's make this the Ultimate Metal Community. See ya around the site. Oh ya, if you have any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions send your E-Mail to NightStalker@panteraland.com

Shawn (NightStalker)

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News, News, News

The news is rolling in faster than my pre-moving schedule can accomodate, but it's all going up even if it's a day or two late. That's still better than a lot of other sites where I see week or two old news posted! I'll be back on track shortly.

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Moving and Updates

I'm moving (not the site), so updates will be a little more intermittent for a couple of weeks, as much of my time is taken up with packing, and general moving stuff (cancelling utilities and opening new accounts, etc.) in addition to the usualy amount of work and real life biz. Moving sucks, but it'll be nice to have a place of my own to call home finally.

After I'm all settled in, I'll get the reviews section up and running and start accepting submissions (full CDs, demos, etc) for review. And get this stupid "beta" label on the site removed...

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Site Status

News has been slowing down a bit lately. With the upcoming death of Listbot as a free service (bought by Mico$oft, what'd you expect?), I imagine it will get even more scarce since many mailing lists are run off of that service. Now more than ever, feel free to directly email metal news and site updates to news@metalunderground.com

Other free alternatives to Listbot worth checking out are: Yahoo

On the site front, things are moving along. I'm still fixing some bugs that are showing up in certain releases of browsers (like IE5.0).

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Site Status

Storms kept me from posting the remainder of the news I had last night, repeatedly cycling my cable modem with short power outages. As a general update on the site progress, I've killed most bugs and moved forward on several small pieces of functionality, such as database-driven site quotes (at the top of the page), advertising placement, and the pic of the week functionality. I've also laid the groundwork to move ahead with message posting in the forums.

If you have any comments on how to make this site better or more useful, feel free to email me!

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"Slow Sunday"

Even being subscribed to over 80 newsletters (and rising!), I barely ever get any news on weekends. But it gives me a chance to catch up on the news sites I didn't get to visit on a daily basis during the week and continue adding links to the links section, which is NOW ONLINE. Free-for-all links functionality will appear sometime in the future.

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Counting Down To Launch...

I'm slowly wrapping up the outstanding graphics issues here at metalunderground.com. I've decided to just tidy things up so there are no glaring errors for the time being. I am already a little disappointed with my limited design abilities, so I'm going to give it some time and take a look at the site in a couple of months to decide how much I want to revamp.

On the functionality side, I've added the links section and plan to implement free-for-all links functionality upon official launch. I'm very anxious to get the band and review sections online too, but there's a lot of work to be done before then. Stay tuned and spread the word about metalunderground.com!

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Lack of Update & Bug!

Well, I fully intended to update news while visiting my parents in West Virginia this Memorial Day weekend, but it seems my login script had a bug that prevented me from logging in and making the update! Next time I will know to warn when I've gone away in case things go awry.

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Daily Reviews

Taratean Desire has a bunch of new reviews posted this week:

  • Coven XIII - Live cd (gothic rock, 2000)
  • Hades - DamNation (thrash metal, 2001)
  • Night In Gales - Necrodynamic (death/thrash metal, 2001)
  • Disbelief - Worst Enemy (death metal, 2001)
  • Lilitu - The Earth Gods (gothic/doom metal, 2000)
  • Coven XIII - Book Of Shadows (gothic/medieval love ballads, 1998)
  • Flotsam And Jetsam - My God (thrash metal, 2001)
  • Stratovarius - Intermission (power/heavy metal, 2001)
  • The Haunted - The Haunted (thrash/death metal, 1998)
  • Anphisbenah - Initiates The Horrendous (death metal, 1999)
  • Narcotic Creed - Twicet Of Fate (thrash metal, 2001)

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Lots of News - Coming Soon

I've got a ton of news in my mailbox, but no time to post right now... I'll make sure it gets posted later today though!

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The Little Things

Well, we had a slow weekend news-wise. During that time, I compiled a list of little fixes to make, including these annoying missing graphics! It's quite a long list, but I will be banging them out before moving on to the bigger functionality.

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Metal Underground Radio Via Launch.com

Metal Underground has set up a streaming radio station via Launch.com's cool technology. You can listen to this station by clicking on the link on the left under the navigation links (and go through a short setup process the first time).

I stumbled upon Launch.com some time ago and thought it was an MP3.com wannabe. Not the case... In fact, Launch.com lets you listen to customized online stations and even set up your own. Music is served up randomly (due to the Digial Millenium Act) but you have the ability to pick the genres you want to hear, and the rate each individual artist, album, and song to play more frequently or never again.

The one caveat is that the technology is not all that stable in my experience. I have trouble listening at work behind a firewall, and the program takes up a good bit of my CPU usage on my weaker Pentium II-300 at home.

If you're feeling adventurous, give it a shot. I can't guarantee it'll work for everyone at this point, but if it does work, it's well worth it! I hope at least a few people enjoy this new feature.

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Site Progress Update

MetalUnderground.com is a little late in launching from my projections. However, I've just completed some major behind-the-scenes database rearranging and things should go smoothly from here.

I have a links index I'm working on populating from my own list before I open it up to become a free-for-all metal links database. That should be a really useful tool to the metal community as well as for helping MetalUnderground.com post news and manage reliable news sources.

Next up... Membership and Forums. And finishing the goddamn design and those missing graphics! Spread the word about metalunderground.com, and come back often - new is updated daily!

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Interviews @ Digital Metal

The following Interviews are also up at Digital Metal:

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Progress - News is working

Progress continues on metalunderground.com. The bugs are getting ironed out of the news posting system as I'm getting back in the loop for news and posting more regularly. More...

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I'm Baaack!

I've returned from my vacation and marriage overseas. Site development will resume on the 16th and news posting will start on that day as well.

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I'll Be Back...

Tomorrow I leave for a two and a half week vacation to Slovakia, where I am also getting married in my future wife's home town.

Site development will resume and news posting will start on or around April 15. News posting will probably take a while to pick up to full speed while I resubscribe to all of the heavy metal mailing lists I used to receive. The back-end is functional and I intend to weed out any bugs before an official launch on May 1.

Until then, I also plan to get the member system up and running as well as the discussion forums. The admin back-end is starting to look and work really well, so that I can manage all of this site stuff easily and from anywhere.

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