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Win Lamb of God or Threat Signal's Latest CDs

Metalunderground.com is giving away three copies of both Lamb of God's "Sacrament" and Threat Signal's newly released "Under Reprisal" - one of each for three weeks with the first prizes to be awarded on Sunday, August 27, 2006. The deadline for entering is therefore September 10, although you have a greater chance of winning if you enter before the first drawing on August 27th, as your entry will remain active for the subsequent drawings.

To enter to win, all you have to do is send an email to logtscontest@metalunderground.com with your name, email address and mailing address. You do not have to be a site member to enter this giveaway. You are restricted to one entry per person, however. Multiple entries will disqualify you from winning any prizes.

After all winners have been chosen and confirmed, the mailbox containing all of the entries will be deleted, so rest assured that we will never spam you or share your information.

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Vayne Theories Makes 1,000th Post

As of this post, I have posted 1000 news stories to Metalunderground.com. Formerly known as Negatyve One on here, I've been a site member for nearly three years and a contributor for just over a year. In that time I've learned alot about the metal scene myself, and hopefully have helped passer-bys and regular readers to keep up on their favorite bands' news and expand their metal interests.

In my time working on Metalunderground.com, I've strived to get news straight from the sources and break big news stories. I've recently resumed writing the weekly column "This Week In Metal," which helps readers find out which bands are doing well in the scene. A column that comes straight from the sources of metal, hopefully it will allow the readers to learn what bands are breaking the scene and how well their favorite bands are doing.

I hope to continue bringing metal news to the masses. There is alot of work behind the scenes of the site that alot of people don't understand, but it is a job that I take very seriously. I hope to see TWIM continue to grow, finally break the scene and do my own interviews, including a plan I have to video record them and get them posted here on metalunderground.com where the readers will be able to see me sitting with the bands and hopefully learn alot more about the people behind the music this way. Also I've been working on ideas with good friend and site owner Deathbringer to make the site more user friendly, adding alot of personal features for the readers to increase the enjoyment and experience here at the site. Here is a link to my very first post, and with 1,000 down now hopefully there is many more to come.

stay metal - Mark ' Vayne Theories ' Vanisko

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Metalunderground.com Downtime

Apologies for the downtime we've experienced lately. Due to the ongoing rain/flooding/storms on the East coast, we've experienced extended down time twice in the past couple of weeks. Rest assured that we have not gone anywhere. In fact, I am planning to move the site to a new host by month's end, which should solve these issues (as that host has redundant internet connections and power generators) as well as improve the site's overall loading speed. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

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Font Size and Site Design Tweaks

Due to reader feedback, the default font size on metalunderground.com has been slightly increased and is now closer to the original font size prior to the redesign that rolled out earlier this month. I've since discovered that Mac users viewing the site in Safari have a smaller default font than other browsers, so the small type was especially hard to read for them. In the case that text (or specific parts of the site such as the new releases, which is very small text) is not legible, some customization features have been added, which you can currently access in the footer of the page (they need a more prominent placement eventually). There, you can change the font size by clicking on the "small," "medium," "large," and "XL" links and your preference will be saved to a cookie on your computer.

In general, there are still some minor tweaks being made to the entire site, and each section is being addressed one at a time in order to uncover any problems and polish them up. If you have and serious problems with a part of the site aside from some text looking weird, please let us know. Thanks for your feedback and your patience.

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Metalunderground.com: Rebooted

Today we've launched our new design in participation with the semi-annual CSS Reboot. As previously mentioned, the new design is not so different looking from the old one. It is more of a behind-the-scenes update, which will make life easier for building additional sections as well as allowing for multiple themes on metalunderground.com.

Time limitations resulted in not getting all the bells and whistles implemented, but now that I'm knee deep in the code I can continue to polish the site and implement these changes over the coming weeks. The largest visual change was to drop the redundant left side navigation and merge that space into a larger sidebar on the right. While that sidebar contains mostly ads on some pages, more relevant information will be placed there in the coming weeks as well. Other visual changes made include a revamped (touched up) logo, tabbed site navigation, a persistent search in the secondary navigation area (top right), greater line spacing for ease of reading, and removal of the "scribble" font. (A "classic" theme will return at a later date with the scribble font added back to the site for those who liked that look).

With these changes comes the possibility that the site may not function properly in a given browser (especially old ones), so please report any bugs to me via the contact form.

Look for some more visual enhancements and sidebar info throughout the week. Thanks for your patience and for reading my technical ramblings!

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Testing New Layout On Reviews Pages

The new design template has been uploaded to the reviews pages. Please check them out and report any bugs to me via the contact form or comment here. Don't forget to include your operating system (Windows 2000, XP, Mac OS X, etc.) and web browser (Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Safari, etc.) and version number.

If you like the site just how it is, then you should be happy that the overall look and feel has not changed much. The changes being made are largely behind the scenes with a little cleaner presentation, but I want to make sure they do not negatively impact our visitors/readers/fans in any way.

I appreciate all of the feedback we received when it was requested recently, and I hope you will all be happy with the new design when it is complete. As I mentioned previously, we are shooting for a May 1 launch of the new design across the entire site, which coincides with CSS Reboot.

Thanks for bearing with us in times of change and helping the changes go smoothly. Things should only be getting better around here!

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Wanted: Site Design Feedback

Since I'm planning to redesign metalunderground.com (for May 1 CSS Reboot), I wanted to get our readers' opinions on some things that have been commented on in the past. Primarily, I'd like to know:

  • Do you like the overall site layout?

  • Do you start on the home page or the news page?

  • Do you find the text difficult to read because it's too dark or too small?

  • Do you read metalunderground.com on a mobile/small screen device, and if so what is your experience like?

  • Do you experience any web browser-related problems. If so, what web browser are you using?

The plan with the redesign is to keep the current design mostly the same, but change what goes on behind the scenes so that multiple site themes or designs can be made, which our readers can choose. However, I am open to improving the current design as the "default" option.

Please hold off on suggestions for new site features, as that is beyond the scope of this discussion. Thanks in advance for your input and for visiting.

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Gotcha, April Fools!

We hope you enjoyed our April Fools gags yesterday, as we devoted the entire day to them. We sure did. They weren't as many as last year's, but we managed to get some good ones out nonetheless. If you happened to fall for any of them, then we apologize. If you weren't tricked, then hopefully you were still entertained. If you missed the stories, you can still read them all here. (Note the date on each story, however, to determine which ones are April Fools stories.)

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming of Real MetalTM news. Thanks for reading.

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A Note On Advertising

I want to briefly address the advertising on this site. As you may have guessed, this site is supported by advertising - that's what covers the cost of running the site (our time is still "donated," however). However, it has never been my desire to run annoying or intrusive ads. Lately some ads for "smileys" have been showing that play sounds when your mouse passes over them. I make a conscious effort to "opt out" of such annoying ads and am in the process of tracking this one down and removing it from metalunderground.com. I apologize for the annoyance factor and hope that you'll please bear with us.

I want to assure you all that I'm taking steps to improve the overall relevance of the ads by offering some direct advertising and using less intrusive formats as well. Furthermore, in the near future I plan to eliminate all intrusive ads to members who are logged in. Our dedicated readers and members should not have to put up with popups, interstitials (between-page), audio or layered ads and I plan to make this so. Many of the changes coming up in 2006 will be member-centric actually, as you all - as well as all the great metal bands - are what make this site worth running (despite some of the flaming comments at times).

Finally, if you are a metal label, band, promotion company, etc. interested in advertising on metalunderground.com, please contact me here. Thanks for supporting metalunderground.com! \m/

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Metalunderground.com Upgrades Coming Soon

Metalunderground.com's readership has been growing at a decent rate and we're outgrowing our current set up. I've noticed the responsiveness of the site to be less than ideal a few times lately and want you to know that I am in the process of researching and evaluating various options for the site in the near future. Please bear with us in the meantime if the site seems a little slow now and then. (It's certainly not a problem all the time - just at peak usage times).

I'd be glad to hear your feedback on the matter as well, so feel free to leave a comment and let me know how the site speed is for you or if you've noticed any slow downs. \m/

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Introducing Two New Columns

If you haven't noticed, we've introduced two new features here at metalunderground.com, which are being pilotted to become weekly columns. First, we introduced "This Week In Metal," a roundup of what's happening on the metal charts in album sales (based on CMJ's top 10) and singles' radio play (based on MuchMusic's satellite radio airplay chart) brought to you with commentary by Negatyve_One. Next, I introduced "Now Playing," a weekly column that will written by a different staff member every week to highlight what they're listening to and what they like. Both are intended as conversation pieces and a means to introduce our readers to a number of metal bands that are either doing well or recommended by us.

These columns will be listed on the news page as well as featured on the home page just under the main headlines to the right.

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Introducing Deafening

Hey guys,

I finally got round to introducing myself, my name's Sean , I'm 21 and I am a university student based in Johannseburg , South Africa. After listening to metal for many years I am glad to actually be part of a team that brings the news to all the fans out there. Being based in Africa I know exactly how hard it can be to get decent metal news , so it will be my job to not only shed some light on international news but that of the developing South African metal scene as well.

My metal taste is pretty broad and includes such bands as Black Sabbath , Judas Priest , Megadeth , Sepultura , Soulfly , Fear Factory , Arch Enemy , Dark Tranquility and yes In Flames to name but a few. That's the short list , after all this is only an introduction.

With the formalities now out the way I hope to get stuck into some writing, enjoy your stay here at metalunderground.com .

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Introducing Cinadus

Hi, my name's Rich and I'm a 19 year-old Englishman. My permanent home has been in Belgium for the last 8 years, but I'm about to start my second year of a Computer Science degree at university in the UK. My time spent between the two countries has proven to be very useful for catching many great concerts and festivals. I listen to a wide variety of metal and have always been a big fan of the whole Bay Area thrash scene. Some of my favourite bands include Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, Kreator, Exodus and so on.

My main aim here is to give more direct coverage of the metal world in Europe and to hopefully make people more aware of some of the great bands and festivals we have to offer. I'm also very interested in finding and hearing new bands - I know there are many out there that don't get half the recognition they deserve and I think this site would be a great place to help some of those groups be heard.

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Introducing Negatyve_One, Now Vayne Theories

\m/ I am Negatyve One. (As per the Mudvayne Song) My name is Mark and I'm 21 years old from the middle of the United States. I'm a long-time visitor of this site (formerly Devildrivor) and I share a love for metal music. My favorite bands include classic Alice In Chains, Nothingface, Pantera, as well as alot of the new scene, Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, Dry Kill Logic, Bloodsimple, Devildriver, and of course Mudvayne to name a few. I also get into the bigger picture of metal scenes with bands like Heaven Shall Burn, Opeth, Dimension Zero, Meshuggah, and the likes.

Outside of metal, I work on a government contract at the local army base (Fort Sill) and I play poker semi-professionally. I've been married for nearly 2 years now and I have a little boy of 15 months named Zane.

My goals here being on the team now are to help others know more about the bands, and help people find new music that fits into what they like. Lets face it, there aren't a lot of metal sources out right now, sometimes a band's only way to your cd case is by word of mouth. Spreading the metal is what will keep it alive. \m/

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Help Wanted

Metalunderground.com is once again looking to add a few volunteers to help with news and other content (band bios, interviews, reviews). We are also looking to expand our international coverage and appeal, so anyone outside the United States – especially from the UK, Europe and Australia – is especially welcome. If you’re into any of the non-mainstream metal genres, the Swedish Metal scene, Hardcore, or Industrial, we’re especially interested. Local underground scenes and European festival-goers are a big plus!

Applicants must be 18 or older. A good grasp of the English language and basic computer literacy is required. You must be passionate about metal and/or related subgenres and have a few hours a week (preferably a little time 3-5 days a week) to dedicate to the site. And finally, you must have or sign up for an instant message account (Yahoo, ICQ, AIM are all fine).

There is no pay, but potentially a few perks/freebies once in a while.

If this sounds interesting and you would like to become part of a rapidly growing metal site and community, drop me an email at help_us@metalunderground.com or instant message me (AIM dgibson666, ICQ 354916).

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Two New Giveaways!

Metalunderground.com has teamed up with Total Assault (sponsors of Sounds of the Underground Tour) to do a pair of giveaways. Read on for more information:

Static-X return on June 14th with Start A War, which reunites the band with their original guitar player Koichi Fukuda, and is by Wayne Static's own admission their attempt to recreate the magic that was felt on their fan favorite debut album, Wisconsin Death Trip. Joining them on the road will be 10 Years, out of Knoxville, TN, who will release their Republic/Universal debut, The Autumn Effect, this August.

To celebrate this tour, enter to win one of forty (40) signed Static-X lithograph and a 10 Years shirt. 10 Years will be joining Static-X on the road starting June 21st in Salt Lake City, with the tour winding on until August.

This giveaway ends July 7th, so enter now.

The second giveaway is from A Static Lullaby. A Static Lullaby recently released their sophomore effort, Faso Latido, and wrapped up a run on the Taste Of Chaos tour with The Used and My Chemical Romance. To celebrate the band’s release, you can enter to win a Sony Network Walkman Digital Music Player along with copies of the new album Faso Latido.

One (1) Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

A Sony Network Walkman™ Digital Music Player
A copy of the new A Static Lullaby album Faso Latido

Ten (10) Runner-Ups Will Receive:
A copy of the new A Static Lullaby album Faso Latido

This giveaway is exclusive to Metalunderground.com (whereas the Static-X / 10 Years is open to other sites' registrants as well), so your chances of winning are very good!

This giveaway ends July 12th, so enter now.

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Still Experiencing Technical Difficulties

While the site should not be offline for any period of time, It seems we are still having some intermitent issues that may affect the site speed and download times of pages intermittently. The temporary fix that was made apparently is not 100%, and it may be a few days before our new hardware comes in to completely solve the issue, which amounts to a loose connection.

So please bear with us if you notice any performance issues and if you get a "page not found" error, please try reloading the page. Sometimes a page request will timeout and sometimes it will come through really fast.

Thanks for your patience and for visiting.


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We're baaaack

We had some technical difficulties today that put us offline from around 2pm until 9pm. We should be back up and running now, although we'll need to replace some hardware somewhere down the line. Thanks for your patience in this matter. Now, back to our regularly scheduled metal news programming.

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Gotcha, April Fools!

We hope you enjoyed our April Fools gags yesterday, as we devoted the entire day to them. We sure did. They weren't as extreme as last year's stories, but we think we tricked some people just the same! If you happened to fall for any of them, then we apologize. If you weren't tricked, then hopefully you were still entertained. If you missed the stories, you can still read them all here. (Note the date on each story, however, to determine which ones are April Fools stories.)

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming of Real MetalTM news. Thanks for reading.

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Metal Underground.com Celebrates Four Years

It's been four years since Metal Underground.com went live and began delivering heavy metal news to anyone who stumbled across the site (click here for the very first posts). Developed in the final days of my single life, I launched the site in test mode before departing for my wedding - perhaps as a way to commit myself to moving forward with the site upon my return; I don't remember because married years seem twice as long as single years ;-).

Building a site and community is quite an effort - from actual coding and database design to search engine placement to getting your URL out there and links back to the site, and finally getting readers to come back often by keeping the content up to date. While delivering non-stop metal news the entire time, I've been slowly but steadily making improvements to the metalunderground.com.

Metal Underground.com would not be where it is today without its dedicated staff of contributors. I've seen staff members come and go, but in the past year or so, we've really had a stable core of dedicated contributors serving up loads of good metal news, interviews and show reports on a daily basis. In that time, due to the diligence of these people, Metal Underground.com's audience and sense of community has grown tremendously. I want to publicly thank all of those contributors (past and present) and all of the metalunderground.com readers out there who have made this a fun and worthwhile "hobby" for all of us who enjoy working on it and reading it.

As the metal scene regains its strength in the passing of nu-metal, we're even more enthusiastic about bringing metal news and reports in the years to come. Keep visiting for your daily does of metal news and stay tuned for some more new features that are on the way.


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