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Archspire Share ‘Craziest Death Metal Clip Ever’

Earlier this year, Canadian technical death metal outfit Archspire crowdfunded over $81,000 USD to produce ‘the craziest death metal music video ever’. Archspire announced to work with various special effects teams and emergent technology for that new music video, with a full script having been penned.

You can watch the brand new music video, which made use of those funds [or not] streaming via YouTube below:

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Dirk Verbeuren To Perform With Metallica In Europe

In an email sent out to members of the press, Californian thrash metal icons Metallica has announced that drummer and founding member Lars Ulrich will be unable to join them on the upcoming European Tour. No further information was revealed, but the band asked for the press and fans to respect the drummer's privacy.

Taking his place behind the drum kit will be former Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren, now of Megadeth, Bent Sea, Tronos, Brave The Cold and Kill Division. While no quote was given, Verbeuren was said to be very excited about the opportunity to perform with "America's number one thrash band" and claimed it had been a while since he was "part of a show people still wanted to see."

The musician, who has also filled in for Testament, Devin Townsend, At The Gates and Satyricon and is known for his many collaborations, is expected to also be ready to fill in for Pantera should they need him and is excited about the off days in the tour schedule, as it will give him the opportunity to form another five or six bands.

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New Netflix Series About Return Of Satanic Metal

Netflix is releasing a new heavy metal based mini-series this summer, “Satanic Panic, The New Generation.” Satanism in heavy metal and "satanic panic" was all the rage in the late 80’s with bands such as Iron Maiden, Motley Crue and Judas Priest being prime targets for religious groups and the P.M.R.C.

The upcoming Netflix series will feature the new wave of satanic metal bands to include, Behemoth, Abbath, Heilung, and Gutalax. The series contains interviews with organizations (Westboro Baptist Church, AARP, LeBron James among others) fighting the spread of satanic influence in heavy metal and all music in general.

The series release date will be revealed soon.

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Hear: AI Presidents Make Metallica Album Tier List

The long-awaited part two of the Metallica tier list has arrived on YouTube. Obama, Trump and Biden are at it again, this time with some unexpected guests...

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Hear: “Livin’ On A Prayer” As A Slayer Track

YouTuber Moonic Productions shares his version of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer”, if it was written by Slayer. And it sounds like a hidden or lost bonus track of the thrash metal icon's 1986 classic album "Reign In Blood". Check it out for yourself below:

Comments Moonic Productions: More...

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Sleigher Premiere New Single “South Of Lapland”

Sleigher return with their latest Slayer-themed Christmas offering, putting a new spin on the title track to Slayer‘s 1988’s classic “South Of Heaven“. The end result is “South Of Lapland“, which you can watch below.

If you missed it last year: Sleigher previously took on Slayer's “Seasons In The Abyss” for their debut in 2021. Check it out streaming via Spotify for you below.

Comment the outfit:

“It’s Sleigher the sequel! Members of Haken, Dream Theater, Protest the Hero, Inhuman Condition have once again ventured South of Lapland. Joining the expedition are Becky from Fury (and recently of Mercyful Fate live!) and the mysterious Delta Empire on drums. This time… it’s Judgment Sleigh!”

Led by guitarist Charlie Griffith (Haken) the collective finds the below artists returning: More...

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Listen: To New Metallica Mashup "Hit The Lux"

Metallica's latest single "Lux Æterna" was compared a lot to the band's early years' stuff, especially the debut album "Kill 'Em All". YouTuber johnp82 develop those ideas further by speeding up the new track and combining it with the vocals from "Hit The Lights".

Check out the final result "Hit The Lux" streaming via YouTube for you below.

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Bananaslama Premiere New Animated Video

Richmond, Virginia-based self-proclaimed inventors of ape-grind Bananaslama premiere a new animated video for “Foggy Jungle Breakdown”, taken from their latest album "Jagged Little Peel", out in stores now via Grundle Flea Records.

Check out now "Foggy Jungle Breakdown" streaming via YouTube and Spotify for you below.

Line-up: More...

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You Gonna Love "Homer Smashed Face"

YouTuber Lars von Retriever shares his AI-generated Homer Simpsons inspired video version of Cannibal Corpse's classic "Hammer Smashed Face". The result is a clip titled "Homer Smashed Face" streaming via YouTube for you now below.

Comments Lars von Retriever: More...

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Google Immortalizes Mike Howe's Middle Finger

Emissary vocalist Jym Harris noticed that Google Street View still has images of Mike Howe giving them the one-fingered salute in front of his home.

Mike Howe replaced David Wayne as the lead singer in Metal Church in 1988. When Metal Church broke up in 1996, Howe left the music world and worked as a carpenter while raising his family. Later, Metal Church reformed, and Howe joined them in 2015. He recorded two more albums with the band before his death in 2021.

mike howe metal church brutal assault-clear

Mike Howe of Metal Church @ 2019 Brutal Assault Festival

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Macabre’s “Hitchhiker” Rockets Up The Charts

Legendary grindcore/death metal band Macabre are enjoying a healthy chart resurgence for their classic track "Hitchhiker", taken from their 2000 concept album, “Dahmer“. That meteoric rise for the 22-year-old track was triggered by its appearance in the recently debuted episode 3, "Doin' A Dahmer", of Netflix hit crime drama series ‘Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story‘.

Its inclusion served as a introduction to a whole new audience, propelling it to the top of the iTunes rock chart and also as of press time, #14 on the Spotify global top 50 most streamed tracks.

The version of the track featured within the series showcases some additional guitar tracking done by American actor Evan Peters, who portrays Jeffrey Dahmer in the miniseries. Peters is probably best known for his multiple roles on the FX anthology series American Horror Story.

Macabre themselves commented on their inclusion in the series on social media yesterday, October 04th, offering: More...

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See: Metallica Paying Tribute To Eddie Munson

Metallica are paying tribute to “Master Of Puppets” being featured in the recently premiered season finale of Netflix‘s series ‘Stranger Things‘ season four. All four members of the thrash metal band appear in the below streaming video wearing the ‘Hellfire Club’ - Eddie Munson‘s fictional Dungeons & Dragons club - shirts, playing along to the crucial scene featuring their track in the season finale.


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See: Mustaine Lash Out At Judas Priest Crew

Megadeth's mainman Dave Mustaine flipped out at a roadie on the stage next to them during the band's show at the ‘Barcelona Rock Fest‘. That incident took place after during the band’s performance at Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Spain, this past Saturday, July 02nd.

Allegedly a Judas Priest roadie began soundchecking on a separate stage while Megadeth‘s set was underway, when Mustaine was flipping the guy the bird and saying the following: More...

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Couple Engage In Oral Sex During Autopsy’s Show

With this year's edition of the annual ‘Maryland Deathfest‘ festival in Baltimore, MD potentially being its last incarnation, a couple seems to have been checking things off their bucket list there. Just watch the below NSFW footage which was filmed during Californian death metal veterans Autopsy‘s show at the Edison Lot, and you'll understand...

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DEVO Recording A Heavy Metal Album

After creating nine albums of quirky 80’s rock music, the very eclectic Akron, Ohio based band is currently recording a heavy metal album. The album is expected to be released late summer on Season of Mystify Records. The album will have new synth-metal material along with some metalized versions of their most popular hits to include “Whip It,” “Mongoloid” and “Jocko Homo.”

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Mark Mothersbaugh, had this to say about the change of genre experimentation: “In our heyday, we had our own little niche for sure but we were always in awe of bands like Motorhead, AC/DC and Ted Nugent. Mostly because all the girls liked them, not so much for the music they created.”

DEVO is expected to go on a short tour run with Baby Metal during the fall and are rumored to be added to the Hellfest and Wacken line-ups this summer.

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Alestorm Tour Bus Boarded!

Scottish pirate metal icons Alestorm has revealed that they were left in a state of disarray while on tour in Florida, after their tour bus was raided by rival buccaneers from the Tampa area. The band claims that while travelling down I-275, they were surprised by a loud thud on the side of their tour bus. Rushing to the windows expecting to see that they had struck something, they were instead met with the sight of a long blank of wood sticking into the baggage space of their coach, as well as a quote, "fucking massive pirate ship shaped van."

Rushing to defend themselves, the band looked in the back of the bus, assured that it had been fitted with a Cutlass, only to find a DVD of the Dakota Fanning movie of the same name. After narrowly missing their unwanted guests when throwing the disc starboard and failing to negotiate peace when instead of asking the boarders terms, their parrot, Craiglang would only squawk, "I pumped yer maw," the quintet were soon forced to hand over their booty... And their treasure, including all instruments, money and merchandise, save for copies of Alestorm's secret sea shanty single, asking, "Hasn't that fad died yet?"

The band are now safely at home in Scotland and are still expected to release their new album, "Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum" this June, as well as to embark on their tour of Europe, where nothing bad ever happens.

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Dave Mustaine Lands Role In Netflix Documentary

Megadeth vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine has landed a key role in the new Netflix documentary, “Putin - Killing Is My Business“. That series will premiere on May 20th, 2022 with Mustaine appearing as Vladimir Putin in five episodes. The documentary shows Putin's rise to power, growing up in the USSR and how a KGB colonel became one of the world's most powerful leaders. You can watch a trailer for it now below:

Comments Mustaine: More...

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David Lee Roth Predicted His Retirement 30 Yrs Ago

David Lee Roth announced his pending retirement over the weekend, telling the Las Vegas Review-Journal that his upcoming five-show residency at House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay will be his very last as a musician in the public eye.

Now - as every die-hard Van Halen/David Lee Roth knows - a segment of the music video for “A Lil’ Ain’t Enough,” predicts this very moment. In one scene towards the end of the music video, Diamond Dave visits a fortuneteller and flashes into the future where a marquee at Anaheim Stadium reads “Diamond Dave, THE ABSOLUTE FINAL TOUR: SOLD OUT”, as a bloated, old Dave exits a hover car. The date displayed on the bottom of the screen showing: October 10, 2021 (Dave’s birthday)....

See for yourself below:

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Hear: Metallica As Reimagined By King Diamond

In case you ever wondered, how Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" would sound like, if written by King Diamond/Mercyful Fate: Denis Pauna has the answer for you in the below music video and cover version "What if King Diamond wrote Master Of Puppets".

Comments Pauna: More...

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Babybeard Premiere New Single

Japanese cross-dressing pro wrestling metal musician, Ladybeard (ex-Ladybaby) has returned with his new band Babybeard. Backed by Nakayama Suzu and Hinata Kotomi he premieres his new single "Nippon Kara Konnichiwa (ニッポンからコンニチハ; Hello From Japan)" streaming via YouTube for you below.

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