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Skinless Make Replacements

Death metallers SKINLESS have named George Torres (MORTICIAN, DEHUMANIZED) as their new drummer. Bob Beaulac has parted with SKINLESS on the best of terms. Bob informed the band that he was getting married and ready to settle down six months ago. He said he would fulfill all obligations of the band until a replacement was found.

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The Forsaken Part With Bassist

Swedish death metal act The Forsaken have parted ways with bassist Michael Hakansson and are currently looking for a suitable replacement.

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RIAA Strikes Internet Licensing Deal

It's being talked about like it's a big step, but it hardly seems like much of a concession for the companies that deal with online music much less for the consumer.

The RIAA announced a preliminary deal with music publishers Tuesday, paving the way for major labels to launch Pressplay and MusicNet — services that will essentially rent music to fans on the Web.

Though a final royalty structure hasn't been worked out, the Recording Industry Association of America will pay the Harry Fox Agency an advance of $1 million against future royalties, according to a statement issued by the RIAA. The Harry Fox Agency is the copyright licensing arm of the National Music Publishers' Association and represents 27,000 music publishers, who in turn represent more than 160,000 songwriters, the statement said.

Read the full article at SonicNet.

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GodHead Lose Drummer

Washington band God Head have parted with drummer James O'Conner and are now auditioning potential replacements. If all goes as planned they will start an American tour with Pigface in November.

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MP3.com Reduces Artist Royalties

Vivendi-acquired MP3.com announced that it is going to lower the rates paid to its artists. While participating to MP3.com's "Payback for playback" scheme continues to cost $20 a month, the rates the company pays to artists will be reduced to half a cent ($0.005) for each downloaded song. Artists do not get paid for streaming audio - only downloads. So if you want to participate, you better get that 4,000 downloads a month or you will lose money.

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James Murphy Diagnosed w/ Brain Tumor

According to Blabbermouth.net, former Testament/Death/Obituary guitarist James Murphy has reportedly been diagnosed with an undisclosed type of brain tumor and is at home in Florida recovering from a recent emergency operation that is believed to have successfully prevented the disease from progressing to a more advanced stage. At the time of Murphy’s diagnosis, he was said to be working on the material for a long-awaited sophomore offering from his death metal project Disincarnate for a 2002 release through Nuclear Blast Records. It is unclear what impact this latest development will have on the guitarist’s future recording plans.

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Vader Loses Bass

Polish death metal gods Vader are confirming that bassist Shambo is no longer a part of the band and that the band's management is currently auditioning musicians to fill the spot.

Vader said the new bass player will be expected to perform on the band's next studio album and on the upcoming Thrash 'Em All festival tour in November with Behemoth, Krisiun, Hate, Lux Occulta and more.

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Bestofmetal.net Closing

Due to lawsuit threats from the music industry, http://www.bestofmetal.net, will be shutting down in a few days. If you want to download any of the hundreds of songs found there, you will need to act quickly.

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Grave Regroups

Sweden's Grave have regrouped with a new line-up after an extended haitus following the band's 1996 full-length, Hating Life. Grave's as-yet-untitled album will be the first with the Torndal on guitars and new bassist Fredrik Isaksson (ex-Therion).

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Newsted and Snake Officially in Voivod

Blabbermouth.net has confirmed the previous reports and rumors of the return of original vocalist Snake (aka Denis Belanger) and addition of former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted to the Voivod's current recording line-up, which is completed by drummer Away (aka Michel Langevin) and guitarist Piggy (aka Denis D’Amour). In the following official statement posted on the group’s web site at www.voivod.com, Away outlines the band’s upcoming recording and touring plans:

"Early this year, VOIVOD split up. After a few months on hiatus, Denis D'Amour and Michel Langevin decided to reunite with original singer Denis Belanger, aka Snake, after a 7-year absence. VOIVOD is aiming to have a new record out in 2002 and will definitely make the summer festivals for 2002. Jason Newsted will play bass and co-produce the new studio album. A live bass player is yet to be announced. Michel Langevin and Denis D'Amour are sad to see [former bassist/vocalist] Eric [Forrest] go and treasure the music they made together but look forward to the future. They are also excited to have Jason's involvement as he has been a long time supporter and friend. There have been many obstacles, as in all careers, but the future certainly looks good for VOIVOD."

VOIVOD’s upcoming studio album will be co-produced by Brian Dobbs (i.e. Manmadegod, Echobrain), and it will likely surface in mid-2002, at the earliest.

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System of a Down Show Sparks Riot

A planned free show in Los Angeles on Monday September 3 by System of a Down turned into a mini-riot after police pulled the plug on the gig.

Read the full article at CDNow AllStar News.

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Glassjaw in Dispute w/ Roadrunner

New York-based emo-core act GLASSJAW are reportedly refusing to enter the studio to record a new album for Roadrunner Records pending the resolution of an ongoing dispute between Roadrunner and producer Ross Robinson over the rights to the group’s future recorded output. According to unconfirmed reports, Robinson is pushing to work out an arrangement with Roadrunner for GLASSJAW to become part of his I Am/Virgin Records roster and is unwilling to man the knobs during the recording of the forthcoming CD unless such an arrangement is made. GLASSJAW, for their part, are not interested in entering the studio unless Robinson is helming the project, thereby creating a career stalemate that is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. As a result of this development, GLASSJAW frontman Daryl Palumbo’s planned guest appearance on SKINLAB’s forthcoming tHEreVOLTINGROOM>>dISTURBING tHE aRT oF eXPRESSION<< CD (where he was scheduled to appear on the track “One Of Us”) has been scrapped (for legal reasons).

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Downer, signed with RoadRunner Records, has decided to call it quits and apparently things could have gone a lot better. For quotes like "Roadrunner is a bunch of cocksuckers" and "don't even let them wipe your ass, they'll fuck that up to," read an interview with frontman John here.

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Malmsteen Assembles 100% New Band

Yngwie Malmsteen has assembled a 100% new band, which will first be heard on the upcoming South American Tour (Sept 12 - 30, 2001). If the chemisty of this team gels, this line-up may appear on the next studio album. The new line-up and their credits are as follows:

Doogie White (Rainbow) - Vocals
Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Kiss, Alice Cooper) - Keyboards
Mick Cervino (Blackmore' s Night) - Bass
Patrik Johansson (Stormwind) - Drums

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10K Hits!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has come to visit metalunderground.com, as we've surpassed the 10,000 hit mark on the main [news] page. It's taken a few months to reach this point, but I've hardly promoted the site yet! I also wanted to thank NightStalker for coming on board and helping with the news posting and motivating me to get the cool new features in development up and running despite my busy schedule.

Spread the word about metalunderground.com and keep metal alive and strong!

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Hatebreed Leaves Victory Records

Hatebreed have left Victory Records, and will release their new album 'Perseverance' on their own Stillborn label in December. However, the band hope that the album will be distributed by a major company.

It is rumored that the album will feature guest appearances from members of Slayer, Slipknot, Sepultura and Neurosis. Also, watch out for a Hatebreed DVD in the near future.

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Megadeth Banned

Popular thrash/rock outfit Megadeth have recently been banned from performing in Southeast Asian country Malaysia for 'unsuitable imagery' related to their 'Vic Rattlehead' mascot, according to a recent press release.

Read the full article at Digital Metal.

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Former Ratt Fights AIDS

One time Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby is hospitalised with AIDS. And as he continues fighting the terminal illness, fans have been sending him messages of support by e-mail. If you want to add your name to the list, then you may
contact him at: cdecoy@aol.com

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Lieberman Rant

SonicNet has an article titled "Lieberman 'Marketing Accountability' Bill Picks Up Steam," which discusses the legislation as it applies to the recording industry.

Having been in the computer games biz a couple years ago, I was already sick of Lieberman's talk of legislation that borders on censorship. Now with how it has been horribly applied ot the recording industry simply makes me want to puke! More...

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Why Jason Left Metallica

Encyclopedia Metallica posted a summary of Jason's interview with KNACK FM yesterday where he talked a lot about Metallica, his past and present. If you're wondering [like me] what exactly what all of this talk of "the toll it took on me" as a reason for leaving is, here's your answer:

He has severe cervical spine damage from the headbanging and the heavy basses. No surgery yet, just Accupuncture and Phys Therapy.

I didn't find anything else very shocking, but it's a good read if you're a Metallica fan.

Read the full article at Encyclopedia Metallica.

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