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Virgin Steele Gives New Studio Update

Virgin Steele's David DeFeis has sent over another exclusive studio update from the recording sessions for the band's new album, "The Black Light Bacchanalia."

I am about a day or two away from completing all the keyboard tracks, and we are also deep into recording the guitars and vocals. Edward as usual is playing 6 string guitars, and Josh is handling the 7 string guitars. We completed all the guitars on Necropolis (He Answers Them With Death), one or two evenings ago, and now we are completing TO CROWN THEM WITH HALOS. This is a mammoth track...clocking in at around 11 minutes. It is unlike anything we have ever released. The entire album is taking on an Epic quality, and is highly aggressive, but even when aggressive, it is still highly musical. There is great beauty combined with the heaviness...If you hear the keyboard parts by themselves, you might think that this is a film score, but combined with the drums and guitars and all the rest, it becomes something entirely different. I personally am getting more & more excited and into the album every Day & Night. Those journalists who have heard a few bits & pieces are all responding quite favorably. I believe that it will be a very important album for us...

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Voodoo Terror Tribe Posts Song For Free Download

Alternative metal band Voodoo Terror Tribe is premiering a new song, “Wake of the White Devil,” online exclusively on Metalunderground.com. You can stream it below or download it here.

Download “Wake of the White Devil” as an MP3
(right click and "Save Target As")

“Wake of the White Devil” is off of the band's latest full-length album, “Symptoms of Sin,” which was released this summer and produced by Billy Graziadei (Biohazard/Suicide City). The band comments on the song:

“A three-way analogy between western culture as it is viewed in the middle east, the idea of what George Bush might have been thinking in 2003, and the extraordinary enjoyment of addiction to crystal meth. 75% of the world talks shit about the USA, but they do so while wearing American clothes, watching American TV shows (idol), etc. etc.... We're all Evil. We're all fucked up, we're all addicted, everyone fuck off, do a line and get on with your lives...”

The full tracklisting for “Symptoms of Sin” is as follows:

1. The Victim
2. Light Divided
3. You’re my Punishment
4. Never Died Before
5. Wake of the White Devil
6. Looking for Serenity
7. Deleted Scenese
8. World of Lies (Live)
9. Wake of the White Devil (Radio Edit)
+ The Victim (Official Video)

Catch the band live on the following dates:

8/25 - New York, NY @ Pyramid Club
8/27 - Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz

Here's a live video of the band performing "Looking For Serenity" (live in New Jersey):

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Virgin Steele Working On New Album, Gives Update

New York metal veterans Virgin Steele are working on a new album and frontman David Defeis has given Metalunderground.com an exclusive first studio update and revealed the tracklisting of the new album, "The Black Light Bacchanalia." Defeis updates us:

It will be quite a long album...close to 80 minutes...The album (to be really brief), concerns the reversal of all things...Once conquered by invading cultures, older Pagan deities become the demons…of the new religion. The Black Light Bacchanalia is a reversal of the sacred sexual customs, and the final desecration of the "Goddess Principle", switching from matrilineal descent to patrilineal descent, with the rise of the idea of the Mountain-Fire God...., ultimately leading to organized religion completely overthrowing the ancient Pagan way of life, and ushering in the "dark ages"...The album also deals with ancient fears such as the fear of the sun not rising...Lyrically it is a kind of continuation of the story I told on the last album...Musically it is quite something else...

The album will be issued in a normal CD format, plus a limited edition version with bonus tracks, and also a vinyl version. We will most likely have 3 different, yet related covers for the various versions.

At the moment we have just completed all the drums and bass. Most of the keyboards have also been completed, and we are in the process of finalizing the guitar & vocal tracks. Mixing will commence once the guitars & vocals are complete.

Hail & Cheers, to you All, and thanks for listening....

The tracklisting for "The Black Light Bacchanalia" has also been revealed as follows:

By The Hammer of Zeus (And The Wrecking Ball Of Thor)
Pagan Heart
The Bread of Wickedness
In A Dream Of Fire
The Orpheus Taboo
Necropolis (He Answers Them With Death)
To Crown Them With Halos Parts 1 & 2
The Torture's Of The Damned
The Black Light Bacchanalia (The Age That Is To Come)
Eternal Regret

Virgin Steele's new worldwide deal with SPV/Steamhammer includes the reissue of the band's entire back catalogue - from "Noble Savage" onward. The back catalog will be made available throughout 2011, with faithfully restored covers and booklets, bonus tracks and liner notes.

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Dax Riggs Premieres "Say Goodnight To The World"

Former Acid Bath vocalist Dax Riggs (also Agents of Oblivion, Deadboy and the Elephant Men) is premiering the title track off of his second solo album, "Say Goodnight To The World," exclusively on Metalunderground.com. "Say Goodnight To The World" will be released August 3rd on Fat Possum Records and is currently available for pre-order on the label's website. You can stream or download the title track below.

Download an MP3 of "Say Goodnight To The World" here (right-click and "Save Target As")

The tracklisting for "Say Goodnight To The World" is as follows:

1. Say Goodnight to the World
2. I Hear Satan
3. You Were Born to Be My Gallows
4. Gravedirt on My Blue Suede Shoes
5. Like Moonlight
6. No One Will Be a Stranger
7. Heartbreak Hotel
8. Sleeping With the Witch
9. Let Me Be Your Cigarette
10. See You All in Hell or New Orleans

Metalunderground.com recently caught up with Dax for an interview, where he discussed his new album, what he believes his sound is exactly, and the BP Oil Spill Disaster that has affected his hometown.

Dax Riggs is currently touring the U.S. in support of "Say Goodnight To The World."

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Conspires To... Premieres New Song Online

U.K. heavy metal duo Conspires To... has premiered their latest song, "Falling Down," exclusively on Metalunderground.com. The song is available for streaming or as a free MP3 download below.

The band is comprised of vocalist Wayne Stokes and Lee Macey, who plays all instruments on the album.

Download "Falling Down" here.

Multi-instrumentalist Lee Macey comments on the song: "For Falling Down we slowed things down a bit and added an industrial vibe, all leading to a heavier overall sound, yet still retaining some of the atmospherics of the other material. The track is about all about the fragility of the mind. How once you have been knocked back and have seemingly recovered, it can only takes something small and insignificant to lead to you falling down again."

You can check out some more Conspires To... music on their MySpace page, including the recently revealed track "Allegiance."

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Mastic Scum Premieres New Music Video Online

Austrian death metal band MASTIC SCUM has finished the work on their new music video for "Construcdead" for which Metalunderground.com is hosting the exclusive premiere. You can watch the video below.

The video was filmed in Innsbruck (Austria) and was produced and directed by Sulinor. "Construcdead" comes from Mastic Scum's new album, "Dust," which was released in November 2009.

UPDATE: We've embedded the YouTube video now that it is publicly available.

Mastic Scum was recently nominated for the "Austrian Music Award 2010" in the "Hard & Heavy" category, along with Belphegor, Days of Loss and Boon & Kontrust. You can vote for your favorite band once per week through August 31st. The "Amadeus Awards" will take place in Vienna on 16th of September.

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Aeon Premieres New Video For "Forgiveness Denied"

Metalunderground.com brings you the exclusive premiere of technical death metal band AEON's new music video for the song "Forgiveness Denied." The song is off the band’s new release, "Path of Fire" (reviewed here), that just dropped in the states on May 25. The music was directed, filmed and edited by Standard Film Team Umeå HB and was shot in April in two different locations; band scenes being filmed in Östersund, Sweden and the storyline in Umeå, Sweden.

Guitarist Daniel Dlimi comments on the theme of the song and video: "There have been a lot of scandals revealed lately, regarding priests (especially catholic ones) who have been abusing children sexually. In my world, there is nothing more innocent than a child, and the ones who abuse a child sexually will never be forgiven. In my opinion, they deserve to die a horrible, painful death. We want to dedicate this song/video to them, the filthy fucking priests who have laid a hand on a child sexually; we hate you, and want you dead."

(Updated to YouTube stream to save bandwidth now that it's publicly available)

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At The Soundawn Reveals Tour Video

Italian post-rock/progressive metal band At The Soundawn has launched a tour video montage, to give fans a behind the scenes look at their first European tour in support of their second studio album, "Shifting" (reviewed here), for which Metalunderground.com has the exclusive premiere through the weekend. The video captures highlights from the band’s recent romp through Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany, and is set to At The Soundawn’s single, “Mudra: In Acceptance and Regret,” taken from their April 2010 Lifeforce Records release.

At The Soundawn guitarist Andrea Violante comments: "All right, guys. Here we are. You thought that touring was stressing, sweating, smelling each other stinks, (that leads towards to) fart competitions and running out of money... well, you were right! This is all it's all about. We were stressed out, we were sweating, we were stinking but I was winning the fart competitions (not true - Luca won it)... and obviously we ran out of money in like two days! So if you think that this is not enough…that you want more meat, more blood, more passion, well maybe. . .it's helicopter time!!!"

The track “Mudra: In Acceptance and Regret” can be streamed on the band’s official MySpace page, while a live video of At The Soundawn performing the song “Black Waves” can be seen here.

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Judas Priest Live Tracks Coming To Rock Band

Metalunderground.com has received exclusive information that Harmonix and MTV Games will be announcing new downloadable content (DLC) from Judas Priest's "British Steel" live album. "British Steel" was originally released in April 1980 and was the band’s first platinum Top 40 album in the United States and their first Top 10 studio album in the United Kingdom. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the album, "British Steel" is being re-released as well as coming to Rock Band with nine live tracks of songs off the classic album. The new Judas Priest songs will be available next week in the Rock Band Music Store of downloadable content for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Wii™.

The DLC release will coincide with the reissues of the album on May 11. Here's the tracklisting:

Breaking the Law (Live) *
Rapid Fire (Live) *
Metal Gods (Live)
Grinder (Live) *
United (Live) *
Living After Midnight (Live)
You Don’t Have to Be Old to Be Wise (Live)
The Rage (Live) *
Steeler (Live) *

(All tracks are original master recordings)
(These tracks will be available in Europe on PlayStation 3 May 12)

These tracks will be available for purchase as “British Steel 30th Anniversary,” as well as individual tracks on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 system, and as individual tracks only on Wii. Tracks marked with “*” are also available for download in the family-friendly LEGO® Rock Band Music Store.

Prices are as follows:
$1.99 USD, £.99 UK, €1.49 EU (160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) per track
$14.99, £7.49 UK, €10.99 EU (1200 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) for “British Steel 30th Anniversary”
$2.00 USD (200 Wii Points™) per track

Columbia/Legacy's re-release of "British Steel" will come in two configuations. There will be a British Steel 30th Anniversary Standard Edition available, as well as a British Steel 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition box set, available only through www.judaspriest.com. The standard edition features a CD of the original nine-song album, plus 2 bonus tracks, as well as a DVD featuring a “Making of British Steel" interview, as well as full concert footage of the 16-song set from the 2009 British Steel tour, filmed live at the Seminole Hard Rock Arena, Hollywood, Florida. The deluxe edition features all this, plus a CD of the live recording from the Seminole Hard Rock Arena concert.

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Stream Severed's Entire New Album

New York metal band Severed is streaming their entire new, self-titled album exclusively through Metal Underground.com from now until the release party show on May 9th. Listen to the album below.

Update: The full album stream has now expired.

The album features guest appearances from Jorge of Merauder on "Comprehension" and Ray from Full Blown Chaos on "Chosen ground." More...

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Stone Sour Posts New Studio Update Video

Stone Sour is recording their follow-up to 2006's "Come What(ever) May" with producer Nick Raskulinecz at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, and we've obtained an exclusive premiere of their latest studio clip. In this clip, drummer Roy Mayorga talks about Blackbird Studios and lays down some beats. Check it out first right here:

In case you missed the last Stone Sour update, you can check it out here.

The new album is due out Summer 2010.

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Sneak Peek of Rammstein's "Ich Tu Dir Weh" Video

Metalunderground.com has obtained an exclusive sneak peek video clip of Rammstein's upcoming music video for "Ich Tu Dir Weh," off the band's latest album, "Liebe Ist Für Alle Dam," which was released on October 16th through Universal Records. Check out the sneak peek clip below.

The full music video for "Ich Tu Dir Weh" is expected to premiere next week.

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The Binary Code Premieres New Song, "The Story"

THE BINARY CODE is preparing to release their debut full-length album, "Suspension of Disbelief," this month and has given Metalunderground.com an exclusive preview of "The Story." "The Story" is the seventh track off of the new album and can be heard below.

The digital-only release of "Suspension of Disbelief" will be available December 15, 2009 from Metalsucks.net. Preorders are being taken now at this location. The album will cost only $5.00, or $15.00 with one of four different t-shirt designs (Shipping is free within the U.S.)

The complete tracklisting for "Suspension of Disbelief" is as follows:

1. Suspension of Disbelief (Part I & II)
2. Mechanical Seas
3. Ghost Planet
4. Void
5. the Story
6. Human Condition
7. Awaiting Necropolis
8. Void II

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Katatonia Answers Fan Questions

Katatonia has sent in a new video where they respond to fan questions before they played the final date on their UK tour at The Robert Peel in Kingston. You can check it out below.

"Night is the New Day" is Katatonia’s eighth studio album. The new record hit US stores on November 10th via Peaceville Records, and debuted at #35 on the Billboard Indie Chart, doubling the first week sales of their highly acclaimed 2006 release "The Great Cold Distance." You can < a href="http://www.metalunderground.com/reviews/details.cfm?releaseid=2454">check out our review of "Night isthe New Day" here.

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Unearth Posts New "The March" DVD Clip Online

Metalunderground.com has obtained an exclusive premiere of a new sneak-peak video clip off Unearth's upcoming new deluxe version of "The March," which is due out on November 10th, 2009. The album will come with a bonus DVD featuring a tour documentary entitled, "The Three Day March," with footage shot by acclaimed director, Doug Spangenberg (Lamb Of God, Every Time I Die, Job For A Cowboy), during Unearth’s recent tour of the northeastern US. The DVD will also feature footage from inside the studio during the band’s recording sessions for "The March" as well as party footage from the band’s recent tour with Testament entitled "Gig Life." In addition to the candid behind the scenes footage, live footage of four songs will be included from the Wacken Festival 2008. Rounding out the DVD are the three music videos shot for "The March" - "My Will Be Done," and the soon to be released videos for "Grave Of Opportunity" and "Crow Killer."

You can preorder the deluxe version of "The March" here for only $11.99 + s/h.

Unearth will be touring nonstop up to the holidays. Here are the latest Unearth tour dates: More...

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Slayer Posts "Psychopathy Red" Explanation Video

Metalunderground.com has obtained the exclusive premiere of Slayer's explanation video for the nineth song off their upcoming album, "World Painted Blood." The song, "Psychopathy Red," was the first song Slayer previewed off the new album and was released on limited edition vinyl. The song is about the Russian serial killer who "specialized in kids." Check out the entire explanation in the video below.

"World Painted Blood" will be released on Tuesday, November 3rd in North America and Monday, November 2nd to the rest of the world.

The "World Painted Blood" track listing is as follows:

1. World Painted Blood
2. Unit 731
3. Snuff
4. Beauty Through Order
5. Hate Worldwide
6. Public Display Of Dismemberment
7. Human Strain
8. Americon
9. Psychopathy Red
10. Playing With Dolls
11. Not Of This God

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Metalunderground.com Premieres New Gwynbleidd Song

Metalunderground.com is proud to offer an exclusive premiere of Brooklyn, New York death/black/folk/doom metal band GWYNBLEIDD's new song, entitled "Thawing Innocence." The song comes from Gwynbleidd's upcoming new album "Nostalgia," which is due out on October 27 via BlackCurrant Music. Check the song out right here:

Founded and based in New York City, Gwynbleidd is a band whose four members all hail originally from Poland. It is this experience -- leaving one’s homeland and relocating halfway across the world -- that served as the original inspiration for Nostalgia. Gwynbleidd guitarist/vocalist Maciej Kupiszewski explains:

“The concept for the album started with the theme of nostalgia -- memories of childhood and places left behind, influenced mainly by the fact that the members of the band all moved from Poland to the States in their early teens. Although the band is based in Brooklyn, New York, in the heart of the biggest city in the US, the music conveys a yearning toward primeval and pristine wilderness landscapes. We took this theme of nostalgia and developed a whole story around it -- a paradoxical tale of yearning, deceit, and treason.”

Gwynbleidd will be touring throughout 2010. In the past two years, the band has played across the US and Canada with the likes of Novembers Doom, Turisas, Kalmah, Bal-Sagoth, and Slough Feg, including slots on festivals such as Chicago Powerfest, Heathen Crusade, and the travelling Pagan Fest. Gwynbleidd has also performed with the Ballet Deviare dance company (which counts Opeth, My Dying Bride, and Arsis amongst its other musical collaborators.)

The tracklisting for Gwynbleidd's "Nostalgia" is as follows:

1. Nostalgia
2. Egress
3. New Setting
4. Stormcalling
5. Adrift
6. Thawing Innocence
7. Stare Into The Sun
8. Canvas For Departure

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Metalunderground.com Premieres New Behemoth Clip

Metal Underground.com has obtained an exclusive premiere of a short video clip from the bonus DVD from the digipack edition of Behemoth's upcoming new album, “Evangelion.”

“Evangelion” will be released in North America as a digi-pak containing the record as well as a bonus DVD that follows Behemoth throughout the recording process. The footage was shot while the band forged “Evangelion” between January and May of 2009. You can view a sneak preview of this footage below.

Evangelion was recorded in the band's hometown at Radio Gdansk studio with longtime sound engineer Malta, the Wieslawscy Brothers, and Daniel Bergstrand (drum engineering) in the producers' chairs. Evangelion was mixed in Miloco Studios by Colin Richardson (Machine Head, Slipknot, Carcass, Napalm Death) and will be unleashed in the US on August 11th via Metal Blade Records and in Europe on August 9th via Nuclear blast.

Behemoth is currently on tour with the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, featuring Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, All That Remains, God Forbid, Cannibal Corpse, Job For A Cowboy, The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel. The remaining tour dates are as follows: More...

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