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This Week In Metal - August 10th, 2006

Welcome to the return of This Week In Metal, a column I used to do before I was forced to take a hiatus from metalunderground.com. In this weekly column, we will update the top 10 selling albums in the metal industry (courtesy of CMJ) and the top 10 radio singles (pulled from Music Match). They use a number of sources for the list, including all satellite radio. While you may find a few bands that are too soft for the list, I assure you there will be more then enough surprises. Feel free to comment on the list and who you think is over/under-rated, what bands you expected to see and which ones you didn't. Again this column will run weekly, so be sure to check for it every Thursday in the columns area of MetalUnderground.com.

Now for the music, we will start each week with the albums. It's a good mix of what bands are bursting the underground, and some bands that have been killing for quite a while now.

1Shadows FallFallout From The War11
2SYLThe New Black 12
3All That RemainsThe Fall Of Ideas13
4DragonforceInhuman Range14
5Cattle DecapitationKarma.Bloody.Karma15
6Stone SourCome What(ever) May16
7 BTBAMThe Anatomy Of17
8CelladorEnter Deception18
9The Acacia StrainDead Walk19
10Bury Your DeadBeauty And The Breakdown110

Now for the tunes. These singles are a real who's who amongst metal right now. I find the list to be powerful and only really have one flaw. Keep in mind some songs have been out longer then others and have picked up a good fanbase on the radio, other songs have just come out and are sure to see their time at the top.

1Shadows FallWill To Rebuild11
2Stone Sour3030/15012
3Lamb of GodRedneck13
5All That RemainsThis Calling15
7Threat SignalRational Eyes17
8Celtic FrostGround.18
9Black Label SocietyConcrete Jungle19

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Now Playing: darkstar's Playlist

Well, it is finally my turn to share my playlist. I'm not really good at keeping up with the new metal and most of the stuff I listen to may have been out for years before I buy them. Anyway, here's my playlist:

“All Against All” was the first ever The Haunted song that I have ever heard and I liked it. Then I heard the furious “99” and the haunting “Abysmal” and got hooked on the band. However, it wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that I actually picked up rEVOLVEr. I don’t know why it took me so long to do so but I’m glad I eventually did. In short, it’s an amazing thrash metal album.

I picked up Dark Tranquillity’s Character when it first came out at the beginning of the year and I still enjoy popping it into my cd player. This album is definitely one of my top 5 albums of 2005. I love just about everything on the album – every song from beginning to end, the raging riffs, Mikael Stanne’s rough death metal growls, the atmospheric and melodic electronics…everything. More...

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Now Playing: deathbringer's Playlist

It's been about a month since I started the Now Playing column, and my CD changer has rotated a lot of new music in lately so I figured I'd share what I'm now playing once again.

Probably my favorite disc to spin lately is Roadrunner United's "The All Star Sessions." With 18 songs, there are lots of good ones to choose from. So many perhaps that I find myself skipping even the "ok" ones just to listen to my favorites over again. They've gone out of their way to include a song of nearly every metal style on this CD. Overall, my favorites are the ones with the best screaming vocals and combination of aggression and speed, including "The Dagger" with KSE's Howard Jones, "The Enemy" with Chimaira's Mark Hunter, "Independent" with Max Cavalera, as well as the death and black metal songs. There are many more good songs on this album as well, and the only ones I don't seem to like are the ones that sound too mainstream or clean on vocals. Watching the DVD that came with the CD was a treat as well and helped me put some faces to the songs and enjoy them even more. There is simply so much talent on this album that it's too much to remember or even recognize who is playing each song.

Children of Bodom's latest effort "Are You Dead Yet?" is also getting a good deal of play time in my car. I like their unique melodic sound and their use of keyboards is done with good effect usually and is something I don't hear often in my regular playlists. The riffing is heavy but often simplistic, however. I like the album overall, but have not decided on my favorite songs just yet, except for "In Your Face" which reminds me quite a bit of The Haunted's "Hate Song" by its main riff and tempo.

I recently picked up A Dozen Furies' "A Concept From Fire" for a cheap $10 and I'm glad I did. These guys sound like a combination of Unearth, Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall at various points throughout the album. There is a lot of good metal riffing and less metalcore sound in the music and screaming style than I expected from hearing them on Battle For Ozzfest.

Another bargain buy was Devildriver's first album, which I bought used. It's a decent album with a few good songs - some which I recognize from hearing them live - but it can't hold candle to "Fury of the Maker's Hand" and will be nice to make a Devildriver mix CD with, taking the good songs and adding them to their new album, and then shelve this one.

Orange Sky has remained in my changer as the lone accessible (and with no vulgar language) music for when my wife or son are in the car. With my listening habbits going to the more extreme end of the spectrum lately, these guys are sounding less and less metal, so I can understand where some of the comments of "such and such band is not metal" can come from. When you listen to screaming death and speed most of the time, anything with a clean vocal and slower pace can sound "not metal". (It doesn't mean that's true, but that is another topic). That's the feeling I get when I hear their accessible sound and well-sung vocals with a Caribbean accent. But these guys have some decent nu-metal riffs and 80's style solos to come across as heavy in a rock sort of way as well are certainly enjoyable to listen to.

Also still in my listening rotation is Through The Eyes of the Dead. With all the new stuff in my CD changer, these guys aren't getting quite as much play time. But when I want something really heavy, I go back to "Bloodlust." I've grown to love tracks 4 and 5, "Bringer of Truth" and "Beneath Dying Skies" respectively for their thrash influences and excellent grooves and speed.

I've been checking out this death metal band while on my computer at home - Zaburon's "Sic Bellum Incipit." They play very interesting melodic death metal with some good death metal grooves and classic metal influences as well. The album is comprised of either short songs of 3 minutes and very long songs of 7, 8 or 13 minutes and keeps my attention the way few straight-up death metal albums can.

My work playlist has remained largely the same, comprised of melodic metal which plays well at low levels (Am I Blood, Shadows Fall, Manntis, Machine Head, Demons & Wizards as well as some Devildriver, Communic). I've added Freya to the mix, who play an interesting mix of hardcore music and screaming with more rock-style guitar work.

That's all I've got to report for this week. This is one hell of a year in metal and I have trouble even finding the time to listen to everything I want to, much less everything coming out. Until next time, stay metal! \m/

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Now Playing: Cinadus' Playlist

Hi everyone, I haven't been able to post on here for a while due to moving into a new place at university which doesn't yet have the internet. I don't have time to head into town to use the net much, but there's always time to listen to music, so for the moment here's my first Now Playing column.

Like many other people it seems, the band I've been listening to the most lately is Nevermore. After buying their latest album and seeing them on their recent European tour, I've been going back and listening to a lot of their stuff and they truly are a great band. The new album, "This Godless Endeavor" is proof that this band still has a lot to offer, and the addition of Steve Smyth to their lineup was, for me, a pleasing decision. He's an excellent guitarist and from what I could gather live he really seems to have fit in well with the band. More...

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This Week In Metal: Week of October 15, 2005

Things were shaken up a bit on the metal charts this week. Let's take a look:

Top 10 Metal Albums (according to CMJ):

1. 2 3 1 4 Hypocrisy - Virus -- Last week #2 -- Weeks On Chart: 4
2. 1 1 1 7 Opeth - Ghost Reveries -- Last week #1 -- Weeks On Chart: 7
3. 3 2 2 6 Between The Buried And Me - Alaska -- Last week #3 -- Weeks On Chart: 6
4. 5 11 4 3 God Forbid - IV: Constitution Of Treason -- Last week #11 -- Weeks On Chart: 3
5. 7 30 5 3 Soulfly - The Dark Ages -- Last week #7 -- Weeks On Chart: 3
6. 4 4 4 6 Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon -- Last week #4 -- Weeks On Chart: 6
7. 6 6 6 7 Fear Factory - Transgression -- Last week #6 -- Weeks On Chart: 7
8. 26 - 8 2 Cryptopsy - Once Was Not -- Last week #26 -- Weeks On Chart: 2
9. 8 5 1 11 Arch enemy - Doomsday Machine -- Last week #8 -- Weeks On Chart: 11
10. 10 7 1 10 Chimaira - Chimaira -- Last week #10 -- Weeks On Chart: 10

Hyprocrisy has managed to oust Opeth from the number one spot this week, which is even all the more amazing given their extreme sound compared to teh rest of the chart. Cryptopsy, another extreme metal band, has also entered into the top ten at number 8. The other newcomer to the top ten is of course Soulfly, who make a huge jump to number 5. Chimaira and Arch Enemy are still barely hanging on to their positions - both had peaked at #1 and have been on the charts for 10 and 11 weeks respectively - and Fear Factory and Every Time I Die look to be sliding, so expect some new blood next week. Next week we might see Most Precious Blood break into the top ten with "Merciless" which charted strong this week and we could also see Animosity break in as well with "Empire"

Top 10 Metal Singles (according to MusicChoice):

1. God Forbid - "Chains of Humanity" -- Last week n/a -- Weeks On Chart: 1
2. Watch Them Die - "Bastard Son" -- Last week #1 -- Weeks On Chart: 2
3. Roadrunner United (Team Flynn) - "The Dagger" -- Last week n/a -- Weeks On Chart: 1
4. Between the Buried and Me - "Selkies: The Endless Obsession" -- Last week n/a -- Weeks On Chart: 1
5. Every Time I Die - "Guitarred and Feathered" -- Last week #8 -- Weeks On Chart: 4
6. As I Lay Dying - "Confined" -- Last week #9 -- Weeks On Chart: 2
7. Bullet For My Valentine - "Hand of Blood" -- Last week #6 -- Weeks On Chart: 2
8. Byzantine - "Taking up Serpents" -- Last week #10 -- Weeks On Chart: 3
9. Hypocrisy - "Scrutinized" -- Last week #2 -- Weeks On Chart: 2
10. Soulfly - "Babylon." -- Last week #4 -- Weeks On Chart: 2

God Forbid's new single, "Chains of Humanity" is going strong, skyrocketting to #1, knocking Watch Them Die's single "Bastard Son" down to #2. Roadrunner United's "The Dagger" charted strong at #3, which was a surprise to me because I though Heafy's lighter song on that album was officially their first single. But "The Dagger" is probably my favorite song off the album, so it's a well-deserved spot on the charts. Byzantine was looking like they'd drop off with "Taking up Serpents" but managed to gain new ground this week. And Every Time I Die has been hanging around for a fourth week, which is quite uncommon for a singles chart in metal from what I've seen.

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Now Playing: Deafening's Playlist

Greetings metal heads, here is my first Now Playing column. This should give an outline on what I am either praising or bitching about … More...

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This Week In Metal: October 6th, 2005

Top 10 Albums (Thanks to CMJ)

1. Opeth - Ghost Reveries --Last Week #1--Weeks On Chart 3
2. Hypocrisy - Virus--Last Week #3--Weeks On Chart 3
3. Between the Buried and Me - Alaska--Last Week #2--Weeks On Chart 3
4. Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon--Last Week #4--Weeks On Chart 3
5. God Forbid - Constitution of Reason--Last Week #11--Weeks On Chart 1
6. Fear Factory - Transgression--Last Week #6--Weeks On Chart 3
7. Soulfly - Dark Ages--Last Week n/a--Weeks On Chart 1
8. Arch Enemy - Doomsday Machine--Last Week #5--Weeks On Chart 3
9. Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma--Last Week #8--Weeks On Chart 3
10. Chimaira - Chimaira--Last Week #7--Weeks On Chart 3

Finally some new blood! God Forbid breaks the stranglehold of great albums in the top by breaking through and in the 5th spot. This is the second week God Forbids album has been out, last week they missed by 1 in 11th. For the record first week album sales never look good because of the date the albums released and the date the poll is published only allow a half week of sales. How about god-damn Opeth. Three weeks in a row they keep the #1 spot on the charts, and now a new #2 challenges their prowlous with Hypocrisy. Arch Enemy, The Black Dahlia Murder and Chimairas albums have seen better days, all of them have been out for at least 2 months and are finally seeing their skid off of the charts. Soulflys new album is on the rise and next week we MIGHT see a peek at the new A Dozen Furies album, or KMFDMs latest effort Hau Rock.

And now for the top 10 singles in metal (thanks to MusicChoice):

1. Watch Them Die - "Bastard Son"--Last Week n/a
2. Hypocrisy - "Scrutinized"--Last Week n/a
3. Cannae - "Idemnity"-- Last Week n/a
4. Soulfly - "babylon"--Last Week n/a
5. Throwdown - "We Will Rise"-- Last Week #5, Weeks On Chart 2
6. Bullet For My Valentine "Hand of Blood" -- Last Week n/a
7. Arch Enemy - "Nemesis"--Last Week n/a
8. Every Time I Die - "Guitrred and Feathered" Last Week #8, Weeks on Chart *3*
9. As I Lay Dying - "Confined" Last Week n/a
10. Byzantine - "Taking Up Serpents" Last Week 6, Weeks On Chart 2

New Releases From AILD, and Soulfly are seeing immediate attention and I expect to see them in the top next week as well. How can I not talk about Every Time I Die - the only band with a single that has been on the chart all 3 weeks I've been writing the column. Its amazing to see the success their having with the album and single. Watch Them Die's new track Bastard Son is awesome and I heavily recommend checking it out. And there again is Hypocrisy in the #2 slot this time with the single, Scrutinized. Throwdown possibly doing best next to only ETID, as their single We Will Rise stays steady at #5.

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Now Playing: Negatyve One's Playlist

Hello and welcome to my section in Now Playing. First I will clarify that I am part of what Deathbringer likes to call the NWOAM/C (New Wave of American Metal/Metalcore). So all of my stuff will be newer pure american metal.

Everybody has those staple cd's that always seem to find a way into your changer no matter what, so I will start with those.

Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake. I friggin love this cd, cover to end. Its really hard for me to find a cd that I can spin countlessly all the way through and not get tired of it but if anything has ever come close this is the cd. The countless speed and rhythm of this cd never let me down.

Devildriver - s/t or The Fury of Our Makers Hand. This group has yet to dissapoint me. In fact I couldnt imagine filling my cd tray without at least one cd by these guys. Although cover to cover they might not be as good as Lamb of God, their unique style drives me to consistantly listen to them.

Trivium - Asendancy. Ive only recently picked this cd up, and I did mostly because Pull Harder On The Strings of My Martyr is such a badass song. This band is very young and while they have a long way to go seem to have mastered so much musically, its a must own in my collection.

And now for the various cds I spin through in a week :

Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone. A Band really only known to Europe, but very quickly catching popularity here despite never touring. Every hardcore type band from the states picks these guys up for their euro stops, including currently As I Lay Dying. So if you like them, or any of the bands Ive named Id check out their site and single - The Weapon They Fear.

As I Lay Dying - Shadows Are Security. Ah yes, the hardcore (emoish if youd like to call them that) cd in my player. Always a good pick me up especially in the morning as I dont drink coffee or soda pop really. I also recently did a review on this cd in the reviews section.

Shadows Fall - Ah the band referred to as my generations Iron Maiden (Yes, Im only 21). This band is great and they have everything including a killer live show. I cannot get enough of Brian Fairs vocals.

And for brand new cds Ive picked up and cant stop spinning :

The Haunted - rEVOLVEr. I heard so much about this band before I even started listening to them. Deathbringer recommended them himself, but they always seemed to be one of the bands that elluded my ears. Now that I downloaded (legally) a mp3 of their single "99" I was hooked. Although the cd itself isnt that great, there are many songs on there that maintain in my playlist.

Unearth - The Oncomming Storm - I always loved Unearth but never got around to actually getting a cd of theirs until this one. I cant say enough about how well this band plays together and cant wait to catch them live later this month.

And now for my throwback cd pick of this article (as I will do in every article)......

Nothingface - Pacifier, possibly the best cd they ever released (Skeletons was good but not cover to cover) Im a huge old school nothingface fan and have been listening for years, its a shame they broke up and im real skeptical about their new project with skrapes frontman.

Thats it for me, Keep the Horns High Metal Heads \m/

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This Week In Metal: September 29th, 2005

Top 10 Albums:

1. Opeth - Ghost Reveries, Last Week #1, Weeks on Chart 2
2. BTBAM - Alaska, Last Week #2, Weeks on Chart 2
3. Hypocrisy - Virus, Last Week #8, Weeks on Chart 2
4. Every Time I Die - Gutten Phenomenon, Last Week #4, Weeks on Chart 2
5. Arch Enemy - Doomsday Machine, Last Week #3, Weeks on Chart 2
6. Fear Factory - Transgression - Last Week #7, Weeks on Chart 2
7. Chimaira - Chimaira, Last Week #5, Weeks on Chart 2
8. Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma Last Week #6, Weeks on Chart 2
9. Biohazard - Means to an End, Last Week #9, Weeks on Chart 2
10. YOB - The Unreal Never Lived, Last Week #10, Weeks on Chart 2

As you can see Opeth is still holding strong among the top of the albums chart, a second straight week at #1 has Ghost Reveries looking great as their new album. Nothing new to the top 10 this week unfortunatly, they just shuffled around. There are however, some noteable new commers looking to enter next week, including God Forbids new effort, A Constitution of Reason, as well as A Dozen Furies - A Concept of Fire. Between the Buried and Me held strong at #2, but it looks like they may just be stuck peaking there. Hypocrisy was the big jumper this week comming from #8 to #3, and the bottom dweller of the week was Arch Enemy falling 2 spots to #5.

Top 10 Singles - (Last Week) (On Chart)

1. God Forbid - Chains of Humanity -- 1
2. Jacknife - Surrender Never -- 1
3. Matthew K Heafy - The End -- 1
4. Darkest Hour - This Will Outlive Us 9 2
5. Throwdown - We Will Rise -- 1
6. Byzantine - Taking Up Serpants -- 1
7. The Abscense - Necropolis 5 2
8. Every Time I Die - Guitarred and Feathered 3 2
9. BTBAM - Selkies -- 1
10. Soilent Green - Forgive and Regret 2 1

This singles chart jumps around alot more then the albums do, as of course its based on whats currently being played on the metal \m/ airwaves around the area. Only 4 songs remained on the chart this week, with alot of newcommers including God Forbids first single Chains of Humanity, which will see a video soon this week. Matthew K Heafy of Trivium had his RoadRunner all-star track all over the place and surprizingly was third most played this week in metal. Darkest Hour is still remaining strong and currently on the road everyday in support of their new album. Byzantines new album has been out a few weeks and is slowly gaining a big following, the album which carries the same name as the single can be heard all over metal satellite radios. Soilent Green is noticeable hanging on for the second week in a row, despite dropping 8 spots.

And thats all for this week in metal, keep the horns high \m/
Negatyve One

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Now Playing: deathbringer's Playlist

In this new weekly column, entitled "Now Playing," a different staff member each week will write about what he or she is currently listening to. We'll give some mini-reviews and some recommendations and hopefully bring some new and interesting bands and albums to our readers' attention. I'll be kicking off the first week's column myself. More...

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