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Metal News for July 16, 2020

Last updated on August 12, 2020 at 10:19 AM ET

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Pallbearer Posts New Album Trailer

Little Rock, Arkansas based doom metal outfit Pallbearer has posted the first trailer for their new album, "Forgotten Days" online, which can be seen below, along with the music video for the song below. This will be the band's first release through Nuclear Blast Records and is scheduled to be released on October 23rd.

The Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Johan Johannson) produced album was recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in West Texas. Michael Lierly, drummer Mark Lierly’s brother, once again created the album’s artwork, crafting images that were roughly hewn yet heartbreaking in their expressive heft. The striking cover, by Michael Lierly, is the ideal foil to Pallbearer’s thick musical and lyrical melancholia.

Forgotten Days tracklisting:

1. Forgotten Days
2. Riverbed
3. Stasis
4. Silver Wings
5. The Quicksand Of Existing
6. Vengeance & Ruination
7. Rite Of Passage
8. Caledonia More...

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Draemora Posts New Music Video Online

Relatively new to the Seattle metal scene, Draemora is comprised of seasoned musicians who, despite COVID-19 slowing their debut, showed the nation and the world their EP "Awakening," unleashed this past June via Ultra Nast Records.

Today, the band is excited to share their first music video for their track "Home" via its premiere on BeheadingTheTraitor's YouTube channel, which can be seen below.

Guitarist Terry Jenkins adds about the video:

"The video is meant to capture the day in the life of a drug addict/alcoholic. Take the video how you want, but to me, it’s just a depiction of the brutal loneliness of addiction, and the damage it can do." More...

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Selenseas Uploads New Visualizer

Moscow heavy/power metallers Selenseas are sharing with fans their next single "The Mirror" from their forthcoming album "The Outer Limits" due out August 7th on Rockshots Records. After a debut EP and the full-length "Za gran’yu vozmozhnogo" (2017) in their native language, the band formed in 2010 by bass player and composer Vladislav Tyushin have decided to re-record their songs for the international debut album "The Outer Limits."

In 2019, Mikhail Kudrey, a talented vocalist, joined Selenseas as the new singer, his unique voice and charisma turned out to be a perfect addition to the band’s style, and recording sessions for the revamped international version of "Za gran’yu vozmozhnogo" followed immediately.

The band decided to re-record almost all instruments for the album "The Outer Limits" and to ensure a more powerful and epic sound, several guest musicians were invited: Sergei Lazar (Arkona, Rossomahaar), Ivan Garin, Andrey Zodchiy (ex-Dis Pater), Alexey Verbitsky (Legenda) and Gamil Makhmutov (ex-Ethno-Sound). More...

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Isle Of The Cross Posts New Video Online

Progressive-death metal band Isle Of The Cross have unleashed their new video 'The Wolf' in support of their debut album "Excelsis" released this past February via Rockshots Records. The video is for tracks "The Wolf, Pt I. Invocation" and "The Wolf, Pt II. Sanctuary."

The band explains in further detail:

"The two ‘Wolf’ tracks take a little diversion from the storyline on the album in order to pay homage and deliver a message to a small parish that celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.

"‘The Wolf, Pt I. Invocation’ is an octagonal ritual where the leader welcomes and initiates the obliteration of the innocent minds of children. 'The Wolf, Pt II. Sanctuary' is a direct message to the small parish previously mentioned and quite timely as they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. Though it truly is a universal message to all leaders and followers of religious sects and cults who are so violently overcome by their own self-righteous pride and arrogance; having a form of Godliness and blindly believing through their own willing enslavement that they are actually ‘serving God.’ One of the cardinal sins in the world and one radicals' are highly fond of, is the brainwashing and tormenting of an innocent mind; especially that of a child. Though redemption is never too far of a reach for any of us and so of utmost importance is the closing monologue." More...

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Pig Destroyer To Release New EP

Pig Destroyer return with their new EP, "The Octagonal Stairway," coming August 28 through Relapse Records. A blistering dose of grindcore, harsh noise, and industrial swagger, "The Octagonal Stairway" features sic crushing tracks from the legendary band, B-side noise tracks, and a special appearance from Iggor Cavalera.

Watch "The Cavalry" music video, featuring fan submitted video footage during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic below.


1. The Octagonal Stairway
2. The Cavalry
3. Cameraman
4. News Channel 6
5. Head Cage
6. Sound Walker More...

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Hiidenhauta Reveals New Album Details

Finnish folk-influenced black metal band Hiidenhauta are set to release their third studio album, "Riivin," on September 18th via Inverse Records. The first single and music video "Riidenlieko" was released yesterday. Check it out below.

Hiidenhauta's third album, "Riivin," is most easily labeled as folk-influenced black metal, but above all it is a balanced ensemble of Finnish Devil, which represents both humanity, mischief, but also an eternal will of revenge for those who do wrong. This album exudes the band's ability to regenerate and transform. Once again, Hiidenhauta is like a story they created: earthy, raw, angry, but also sounding like the endless beauty of nature. On the record, the band takes another real leap into a new area where it tears and breaks, and just when it’s used to be still, it leaves again and looks for new trails to carry. More...

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Serene Dark Streaming New Album

Canada’s Serene Dark will be unleashing their new album "Enantiodromia" this coming Friday, July 17th. "Enantiodromia" (pronounced en-an-ti-o-dromia) is dark, entrancing, and orchestral while maintaining the key elements of death and black metal. Overall, the album explores the confrontation between the shadow aspect of the personality and the integration of it into the self to create wholeness. Influenced by philosophy, stoicism, hermeticism, and the occult. The album, lyrically, is a journey towards individuation by the exploration of human darkness and transforming that pain into something tangible and meaningful. In essence- to lose one's self entirely to reach perfection.

Before the full length's official release, the band is streaming the album in full via BeheadingTheTraitor's YouTube channel and can be heard below.

The band adds:

"This album will be received as a new but familiar sound for any previous fans of our last band (Endemise)… We want our fans to get lost in the music. We want to pique some interest in fans of this style of music… We have written a lot of songs and chosen our top ten favourites." More...

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Varg Posts New Music Video Online

The wolves of Varg return to their roots with their seventh full-length album, "Zeichen" (translated: Signs), to be released on September 18th via Napalm Records. The album marks a new era of the wolves haunted by wild battles, death and bloodlust - a resurrection from the fields of Pagan Metal, pairing razor-sharp melodic death riffs with Freki's furious vocals. Forget anything you have seen or heard about them in the past few years and embrace the new album as a reboot of a band that never ceased to evolve and has gotten rid of everything superfluous.

Varg sets an uncompromising sign with first monumental single "Zeichen", which comes along with an official video and introduces the concept behind their upcoming offering. Visually and lyrically, their first single draws the listener deep into the Viking era, picturing their traditions, a strong community cohesion, ancient runes, the old gods and their beliefs. The chorus gets stuck in your head, coalesces with the blasting power of riffs and perfectly showcases the reincarnation of Varg. "Zeichen" is the ultimate hymn heralding the age of the wolves.

Singer Freki states: "'Zeichen' is the heart of our new album, maybe even of the 'new' Varg. It was important to us to release the title song first along with an official music video, since it reflects the energy of our new full-length both musically and visually, and invites our fans to the legendary era of the Vikings. Follow us on a journey!" More...

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Psychosomatic Premiere New Song & Lyric Video

California-based thrash metal band Psychosomatic premiere a new song called "We Don’t Trust You", taken from their forthcoming new album "The Invisible Prison". The outing will be the label debut for Nefarious Industries and is scheduled for a August 28 release date.

Check out now "We Don’t Trust You" below.

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Bulletbelt Premiere New Animated Music Video

New Zealand's blackened thrash metal outfit Bulletbelt premiere a new animated video for "Punishment of God", taken from their fourth full-length album "Warlords". The effort was released on July 1st, 2020 by Impaler Records.

Check out now "Punishment of God" below.

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Health & Full Of Hell Premiere New Single

Health and Full Of Hell joined forces for a recently premiered collab single, “Full Of Health“. Loma Vista Recordings digitally released the outing, with a 7'' pressing scheduled for a late August release date through Closed Casket Activities.

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Septicflesh Premiere Orchestral Live Music Video

Septicflesh premiere a new official live music video for their orchestral performance of their song “The Vampire From Nazareth“. The clip is taken from their impending live Blu-ray, “Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX“, which is set to land in stores July 31st via Season Of Mist.


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Static-X Premiere New Music Video “Bring You Down”

Static-X premiere an official music video for “Bring You Down” from their recently released record, “Project Regeneration, Vol. 1“. That album arrived this past Friday, July 10th and is the first of two outings to be put out featuring songs with previously unreleased recordings of late Static-X vocalist Wayne Static.

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Primitive Man Premiere New Song & Music Video

Primitive Man premiere a new official music video for their song “Menacing“, taken from their impending new album “Immersion“. The effort will be out August 14th via Relapse Records.

Comments singer/guitarist Ethan McCarthy: More...

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