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Metal News for July 15, 2021

Last updated on September 27, 2021 at 3:08 AM ET

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Space Chaser Streaming New Album

On July 16, Berlin's Space Chaser will release their new album, "Give Us Life," via Metal Blade Records. An advanced album stream can be found below, along with a recent interview drummer Matthias Scheuerer gave to Metal Underground.

Nothing can beat the thrill of thrash at its best, and no one is keeping the spirit and sound of the genre alive quite like Space Chaser. Marking their ten-year anniversary with their third full-length, Give Us Life, they are returning in force and once again establishing their importance in the scene. "What we do is contemporary thrash metal, if you will, and while still having the 'old-school' elements everyone loves, we try to incorporate some of the influences that we expose ourselves to. Over the last ten years, this kind of music progressed a lot, and of course that has its influence on us. But what we do is still thrash metal, we just hope we're able to translate it a little bit better into 2021." More...

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Ravenous Reveals New Album, "Hubris" Details

This year, Calgary’s Ravenous is giving metalheads another reason to be famished after the long musical starvation experienced around the globe. They are releasing their new full-length album "Hubris," which continues to reminisce about a time when metal was hungry.

This will be the second full-length release, following 2019’s "Eat the Fallen," and 2017’s "Eternal Hunger" EP. Working collaboratively, so that the strengths of each musician can stand out and compliment the others, Ravenous have grown from doing basic fist-pumping heavy metal songs into writing complex, dense, and multilayered dark symphonic power metal anthems. The band doesn’t just caw about hunger, they take lyrical inspiration from personal experiences, books, movies, games, (especially Magic: the Gathering), classic poetry, folklore, and historical events.

They explain the album in their own words:

"Lyrically, the album tells 10 stories from various sources all surrounding Hubris, the notion of arrogance and the hunger for power, resulting in the demise of the story’s main characters - beneath the surface, hidden messages are scattered throughout various lyrical lines that pertain to the band’s real-life experiences. Musically, the album is the marriage of European Anthemic Power Metal and American Speed Metal, with a penchant for speed and aggression accentuating the dynamics of the music." More...

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U.D.O. Shares "Metal Never Dies" Music Video

German heavy metal legend Udo Dirkschneider and his eponymous band, U.D.O., has today released a brand new music video for the song, "Metal Never Dies." You can check it out below.

"Metal Never Dies" is a teutonic Metal hymn from the reigning king of German heavy metal with those infectious and memorable melodic guitar riffs and with a brilliant chorus that metal fans will sing for years.

U.D.O. will release new album "Game Over" on 22nd October via AFM Records.

"Game Over" tracklisting:

1. Fear Detector
2. Holy Invaders
3. Prophecy
4. Empty Eyes
5. I See Red
6. Metal Never Dies
7. Kids And Guns
8. Like A Beast
9. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
10. Unbroken
11. Marching Tank
12. Thunder Road
13. Midnight Stranger
14. Speed Seeker
15. Time Control
16. Metal Damnation More...

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Headline News

Former Kiss/Cinderella Keyboardist Passes Away

Composer Gary Corbett, best known to rock and metal fans for his work with Kiss and Cinderella, has sadly died after battling lung and brain cancer. He performed live with Cinderella from 1990 to 1995 and then again from 1998 to 2014. He was also the first live keyboardist for Kiss, performing with them for three years between 1987 and 1990 and appearing on the Crazy Nights and Hot In The Shade tours. This follows the tragic news from earlier today that Corbett's former Cinderella bandmate Jeff LaBar was also found dead yesterday at the age of 58.

A message from his wife Lenora Corbett/Cohen and sister Mindy Cohen reads as follows:

"It is with great sadness and the heaviest of hearts that the Cohen/Corbett Family needs to let everyone know that after a hard fought battle with cancer, Gary passed away last night on July 14, 2021.

"Those who knew Gary know that we and the wold of music have all lost a very talented, funny, kind and gentle soul. The pain cuts so deeply that our hearts are bleeding.

"A memorial event is being planned. The details will come at a later date.

"Today is Gary's birthday. Please keep Gary and our family in your thoughts and your heart.

"Gary Corbett will be truly and deeply missed, by all who know him." More...

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We Came As Romans Releases "Darkbloom" Video

We Came As Romans — Joshua Moore [guitar], Dave Stephens [vocals], Lou Cotton [guitar], Andy Glass [bass], and David Puckett [drums] — have shared the video for their brand new single "Darkbloom." Watch and listen below.

With sharp synths and riffs that could chip that paint off the wall, "Darkbloom" represents the next chapter for WCAR. In Fall 2019, the band shared two new tracks: "From the First Note" and "Carry the Weight." These songs marked the first material the band released after singer Kyle Pavone's tragic passing in August 2018.

"The idea behind 'Darkbloom' is that even through the darkest, most difficult times of life, there is still the potential, or possibility, of personal growth," says Moore. "As long as we're not willing to completely concede to the negative emotion or thought that feels like it has taken over, then we can be strong enough to overcome and push through to a different future. This song is about having the mind to be able to acknowledge the reality of situations we're in, but having the strength to weather the adversity. It's about making the choice to keep putting the effort forth to move your life forward, in the face of the most difficult times you'll experience." More...

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Tesla Announces US Tour Dates

After an 18-month hiatus that the world has taken from live concerts due to the Covid-19 lockdown, America’s multi-platinum rock band, Tesla, is announcing their return to performing live concerts with the “Let's Get Real!” tour - kicking off August 5th in Grants Pass, Oregon. The tour will include shows with legendary artists Styx, Kid Rock, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and will continue until November 2021 - hitting the continental US and Mexico.

Frank Hannon: "We are so excited and anxious to get back to performing ‘real’ live concerts again. There’s nothing like the energy of being in the same spontaneous moment with an audience of people. Tesla has always taken pride in being a high energy live band relying on performances without any backing tracks or pre-recorded help. We are planning some surprises for our fans on this upcoming tour by playing some deeper Tesla cuts as well as a fresh brand new song we just wrote. Of course we will play the hits as well, but introducing a fresh new track on this return is something we are very excited about!"

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Cryptic Shift Signs With Metal Blade

Metal Blade Records is proud to welcome Cryptic Shift to its worldwide roster!

Founded by Xander Bradley and Ryan Sheperson, and later joined by John Riley and Joss Farrington, Cryptic Shift have become a continual leading force in the next generation of extreme music. 2016's EP, "Beyond the Celestial Realms," and 2017's single, "Cosmic Dreams", built anticipation for Cryptic Shift's debut full-length record, "Visitations from Enceladus" - one of the highest critically acclaimed debut releases of the last decade. Showcasing Cryptic Shift's unique take on progressive and technical death/thrash metal and sci-fi themes, Visitations from Enceladus takes listeners beyond the limits of planet Earth musically and conceptually - the first episode of perhaps the greatest musical sci-fi adventure of all time...

Now, after having signed with Metal Blade Records, Cryptic Shift are working towards building on their previously established phenomenal die-mensionominal Astrodeath, following on from the themes and concepts found on their debut record, "Visitations from Enceladus."

Cryptic Shift comments: "We are pleased to announce we have signed with none other than Metal Blade Records. We are looking forward to developing Astrodeath alongside one of the greatest record labels on planet Earth and continuing our cosmic crusade across the hemispheres. Writing for the conceptual follow up of 'Visitations from Enceladus' has begun, and we look forward to performing worldwide in the near future!"

Stay tuned for more news to come - the saga continues!

In the meantime, fans can catch the first performances of Visitations from Enceladus - in its entirety! - on Cryptic Shift's headlining "Return to Earth" 2021 UK tour this September. See below for all dates! More...

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Rotten Sound Introduces New Bass Player

Finnish grindcore favourites Rotten Sound has announced that they have welcomes bassist Matti Raappana into the fold full time, a stint as a live bassist. A message from the band reads as follows:

"Some of you might have already noticed, that we have been playing with a new and now also permanent bass player at our shows and rehearsal videos.

"Please, welcome Matti Raappana into Rotten Sound!

"Matti, based in Tampere with Sami, has proven to be a solid live player and has learnt all of our new material we are finalising to our next album."

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Iron Maiden Releases First New Song In Six Years

Iron Maiden today revealed their brand-new track, "The Writing On The Wall," with an eagerly anticipated global YouTube video premiere. The song was written by Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith & lead singer Bruce Dickinson, produced by Kevin Shirley and co-produced by Maiden bassist and founder-member Steve Harris.

Bruce Dickinson initially had a concept for the video which came to fruition in collaboration with two Award-winning former Pixar executives and long-standing Maiden fans Mark Andrews & Andrew Gordon. The pair have over 50 years of animation industry experience between them at the very top-level including work on The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Brave, Monsters Inc & Finding Nemo. With partners lining up to get involved with the project they chose BlinkInk, a London based animation studio celebrated for their work with a variety of global brands from Adidas to Coca-Cola and a number of high-profile music videos.

In BlinkInk director Nicos Livesey, another long-time Maiden fan & kindred spirit, they found a man who shared the collective vision for the track – resulting in the final film which features the very first glimpse of a stunning new incarnation of Eddie in spectacular 3D form. More...

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Katatonia To Release Rarities Compilation

Katatonia are set to release "Mnemosynean" on 1st October 2021 through Peaceville Records.

This new release marks 30 years since the formation of one of the most enigmatic & aurally captivating bands to grace the dark rock/prog genre, Mnemosynean contains an extensive collection of all of Katatonia’s rarities and B-sides, including tracks from the band’s numerous EPs, unheard album songs, limited special edition bonuses, cover songs, as well as a series of collaborative remixes.

The journey of Mnemosynean spans the gothic-soaked experimental epic "Scarlet Heavens" recorded all the way back in 1994, through to tracks recorded during the sessions for the stellar 2016 opus, "The Fall of Hearts."

The intriguing title of "Mnemosynean" itself represents memories & was selected because tomb inscriptions dating back to 400 BCE say that the dead could keep their memories by avoiding drinking from the Lethe, and drink instead from the stream flowing from the lake of Mnemosyne (the goddess of memory).

Following an early string of deathly doom-inspired releases which firmly & quickly established Katatonia as a leading force in the 1990s underground, the Swedes, led by Jonas Renkse & Anders Nyström, came to true prominence following a transition to a more metallic, sleek, dark & depressive rock style while fully embracing concepts of urban and social decay, but also retaining some of the distinguishing traits from their early repertoire, such as the melancholy-laced & instantly identifiable melodic guitar leads. More...

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Headline News

Cinderella Guitarist Found Dead Aged 58

Jeff LaBar, best known as the guitarist for glam metal/rock band Cinderella and also of Naked Beggars, has died at the age of fifty eight. According to TMZ, his was discovered in his apartment by his first wife, after several days of friends and family being unable to reach him. A statement from his former bandmates reads as follows:

"Heavy hearts cannot begin to describe the feeling of losing our brother Jeff. The bond between us over decades of creating music and touring the world is something that we as a band uniquely shared. Those memories with Jeff will be forever alive in our hearts. It’s unimaginable that one of our band brothers has left us. We’re sending his wife Debinique, his son Sebastian, family, and friends our deepest condolences. Jeff’s memory and music will be with us forever. We all... band, family and management appreciate the overwhelming outpouring of love. Rest In Peace Jeff" - Tom, Eric & Fred

Jeff LaBar joined Cinderella in 1985, three years after the band's formation and stayed with them until their breakup in 2017. The band's first album, "Night Songs" was released a year later and they would go on to release three more albums, "Long Cold Winter," "Heartbreak Station" and "Still Climbing." More...

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Lantlos Posts New Music Video Online

Lantlos present the video single "IDONTKNOW" taken from the "Glitchking" CD, which is included in the special edition of their forthcoming full-length "Wildhund" ("Wild Dog"). The German alternative metal project headed by multi-instrumentalist Markus Siegenhort has slated their album for release on July 30, 2021. The video can be viewed below.

Lantlos comments: "The song 'IDONTKNOW' from 'Glitchking' is obviously quite different from what you have heard from 'Windhund' so far", states Markus Siegenhort. "This provides me with an excellent opportunity to explain the concept behind this twin album. Many people have asked me about 'Glitchking' that has been introduced as a bonus disc coming with the special edition of 'Wildhund'. Well, I rather see these two works as complementing each other and as two parts of the whole piece. I have put as much effort into 'Glitchking' as into 'Wildhund', which can be seen as counterparts or rather different perspectives of the same vision. It is all about: The Zone – the heavenly otherworld. This ultimate fantasy of a weird dreamlike realm oozing bubblegum is overwhelming and suffocating the ego with sweetness and delight. Without a beginning or an end, everything is The Zone and The Zone is everything.

"'Wildhund' represents the acceleration, excitement, power, and pure joy of The Zone, a vivid sensation of inspiration, a special fragrance in the air, a childlike fascination, and unreal bliss. 'Glitchking' is holding a mirror to the danger that it is very easy to get lost within The Zone. The Zone makes you forget about everything else. It turns your every day life even more onto a feeling of grey. The Zone entangles and pulls into its divine bubble. Sweet, sweeter, unbearably sweet. The glory and the horror. Too detached to focus, feelings reach the point where they becomes just an overloaded, over-saturated, and energy draining heaven of glittery tar. 'Glitchking' is an experimental, noisy, wobbly, and down-tuned sonic trip. Stay ZONED. For ever etherealPRO." More...

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WaxWorm Stream New Track Off Upcoming Release

WaxWorm, a new industrial-tinged project featuring Arthur Brown (based in Sydney, Australia) and Duncan Evans (former member of A Forest of Stars), will release their debut album, Mea Kulpa, this summer via Trepanation Recordings.

Mea Kulpa is the product of several collaborative sessions between its creators (some in-person and some conducted remotely) which began in 2008. The project was shelved and revisited several times, and was finally completed in 2021.

The album is an expression of and a reaction to the fear, loneliness and dejection that can arise in all of us as we navigate the uncertainties and contradictions of human existence. Accordingly, the record is sometimes unsettling and disturbing, but it also brings catharsis and consolation.

Duncan commented: “I’m really excited that Mea Kulpa, the upcoming WaxWorm album, is going to be released this summer. The project, which is a collaboration between me and my friend Arthur Brown, grew out of just throwing sounds and ideas around and letting the music evolve naturally. We wanted to make something heavy without using guitars, and we also wanted to borrow some ideas from electronic music and industrial. We’re really proud of the way the music turned out. We call dark electro-chaos, and we hope you enjoy the record.”

Often abrasive and noisy, but also rich with melody, the music is mostly electronic and largely instrumental. Incorporating brooding ambient soundscapes, skittering beats, dissonant noise and distorted synth patterns, the record draws influence from styles including dark ambient, industrial, metal, and electronic dance music. Occasionally, recordings of household objects and real instruments are twisted and contorted to fit within the makeup of the otherworldly synth textures. Lyrics and vocals were only used where they seemed to be necessary, with layered vocals on a few tracks sung by Evans and Brown.

Mea Kulpa is an immersive electronic sound collage that juxtaposes bleakness and anguish with warmth and redemption. More...

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