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Metal News for May 6, 2022

Last updated on July 3, 2022 at 9:47 AM ET

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Unleashed Pulls Out Of Incineration Fest

Swedish death metal legends Unleashed has announced that they will be unable to perform at tomorrow's Incineration Fest in London, following an accident sustained by drummer Anders Schultz. A message from the band reads as follows:


"We are extremely sad to inform you that Anders just had an accident and broke his ribs. Hence he has trouble breathing and is unable to play the show in London on Saturday the 7th.

"Right now we are all just very disappointed but there is nothing we can do but to cancel our show.

"Johnny & The Boys" More...

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Baest Releases New Music Video

Danish death metal stalwarts Baest has posted a new music video online for the song, "Creature." You can check it out below. The song comes from the band's forthcoming EP, "Justitia," which is scheduled to be released through Century Media Records on May 27th.

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Bloodywood Announces US Tour Dates

New Delhi based Indian Folk Metal band Bloodywood has announced the dates of the US leg of their Nine Inch Naans Tour 2022, The band is touring in support of their debut album "Rakshak," the first Indian Metal album to ever chart on Billboard. The tour kicks off on September 24th in Louisville, KY at Louder Than Life Festival and works it's way throughout the US including a stop at Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA and wraps up in Dallas, TX on October 13th.

"Our supporters in the US are unbelievably passionate, our debut US tour has been YEARS in the making and this time nothing's going to stop us. Whether it's more covid, a zombie apocalypse or a full blown alien invasion, we're going to bring the Rakshak rampage to the States and rock out with all of you in September!" - Raoul Kerr (Bloodywood)

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Night Laser Signs With SPV/Steamhammer

In Hamburg’s heavy glam metal act Night Laser, Steamhammer/SPV have signed one of the most committed and hard-working German bands around right now. Founded in 2014, the quartet surrounding brothers Benno and Robert Hankers (vocals and bass) has released three studio albums to date and garnered an outstanding reputation as a live act at home and abroad.

Night Laser have already played more than 180 shows, having been to England three times, toured Italy and the Benelux countries and delivered an awesome performance at the renowned Summer Breeze 2018. More recently, Night Laser were on a major European tour alongside DeVicious and Black Tiger in April 2022, with more shows scheduled for the coming months. Simultaneously, the musicians have started to write songs for their upcoming studio album, which is scheduled for release in spring 2023. "But there’ll probably be a lead single at the end of 2022," says bassist Robert Hankers, already promising new material.

For him and his brother, signing the contract has been a real stroke of luck: "Lots of my favourite bands, like Freedom Call and The Unity, are with Steamhammer/SPV. This makes us even more thrilled to have signed with such a legendary label, where we feel we’re in perfect hands stylistically."

Steamhammer label manager Olly Hahn is also pleased about this successful coup: "We’re proud and delighted to have enlisted Night Laser, one of the currently most committed new German metal bands, who have already proven their outstanding potential many times over with furioso live shows and three great studio albums. We look forward to a promising and fruitful collaboration."

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Therion Unveils New Music Video

With over 100+ million streams and a tremendously successful album released just a year ago, symphonic metal titans Therion have not been idle and continue their epic "Leviathan" trilogy with striking new single "Litany Of The Fallen."

Cristofer Johnsson comments:
"'Litany of the Fallen' is a song that could have been on any of the three parts of the Leviathan trilogy. It’s a song that binds them all together." More...

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The Heretic Order Shares New Music Video

The occult metal band The Heretic Order has released its new single "The Conjurer" today - and it is accompanied by an official video that's available for your viewing pleasure below.

The Heretic Order will release their third album, "III," on May 27th via Massacre Records - on which furious guitars and thunderous drums herald a pack of faster, meaner, and heavier songs, which still drip malignant venom into the listeners consciousness.

The album was mixed and mastered by Guillermo "Will" Maya, whereas the cover artwork has been created by the band's vocalist Dominus DF Ragnar and fivemiligrams Artworks. Guest musicians on The Heretic Order's new album "III" include Jeremy Gomez of Red Method as well as Ays Kura of Die Kur. More...

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Sinner Uploads New Lyric Video

Today, German hard rockers Sinner are pleased to present "Bulletproof," the powerful first single off their forthcoming new full-length, "Brotherhood." Scheduled for release on July 15th, 2022 via Atomic Fire Records, "Bulletproof" serves as the album's opening track and sets the perfect tone for the 12-track journey while lyrically underlining the many trials, tribulations, and obstacles of the last two years. Watch the supporting lyric video by Gabriel Management below.

Guitarist/co-producer Tom Naumann says, "This first single is in no way inferior to heavier tracks from 'Judgement Day' or 'Nature Of Evil.' Fans of these albums won't only have fun with 'Bulletproof' but also definitely with the complete record." More...

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Inhuman Condition Posts New Music Video Online

Florida death metal vets Inhuman Condition, consisting of vocalist/drummer Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc, Ex-Deo, The Absence), guitarist Taylor Nordberg (Deicide, The Absence) and bassist Terry Butler (Obituary, Death, Massacre, Six Feet Under), lay waste to fans with a merciless new single titled "The Mold Testament." The song is featured on their eagerly awaited sophomore album, "Fearsick," that's due out on July 15th on Kling/Nordberg's own Listenable Insanity Records. In addition to the 9 new blistering tracks, the band has recorded a series of cover songs to be delegated to the labels they have signed license deals with for their CD releases.

Commenting on the meaning behind the new song, Kling says:

"'The Mold Testament' represents a true sense of the word 'conflict.' In this video, I wanted to show the daily conflict we have between consumerism and humanity. We do not realize how symbiotic those two things are and how each is related. We all end up in the same place. Have fun and remember you mosh/dance like your life depends on it." More...

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Grave Digger Reveals New Album Details

German metal institution, Grave Digger, announces the release of their new album "Symbol Of Eternity."

Grave Digger have been an integral part of the German heavy metal scene for over four decades. Chris Boltendahl, Axel Ritt, Jens Becker and Marcus Kniep are not only a force to be reckoned with in the live sector, they also regularly deliver high-quality heavy metal albums.

On their latest album, "Symbol Of Eternity," they continue to spin the story of the Crusaders... after having dealt with it once before on the album "Knights Of The Cross," they devote themselves once again to the fabled history of the Templars.

Razor-sharp riffs, opulent choir arrangements and the distinctive voice of Chris Boltendahl are components of Grave Digger's new work. All the trademarks that have made the band stand out for four decades can be heard on the album... an original and hard album is "Symbol of become eternity". And yet, next to the merciless riffs, like in the opening headbanger "Battle Cry", melodic refrains are always in the foreground... hard double bass attacks alternating with mid-tempo songs and the almost doom-like title track will make every headbanger's heart beat faster.

Grave Digger have never been so varied and are not afraid to think outside the box like on the bonus track "Hellas Hellas" which is a cover of the Greek superstar Vasilis Papakonstantinou in which Chris sings Greek for the first time in his career and the band was even able to win Vasilis himself for some vocal passages. Open your ears and eyes when the new album will be in stores worldwide on August 26, and you can take another journey into the secret world of the Templars... The king is dead... long live the king! More...

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Unbowed Releases New Single

Canadian extreme metal band Unbowed has released another ripping new track from their 3rd full-length album, "Colour The Soul," that's coming May 20th. Titled "The Holy Momentum," the song features guest vocals by Frederik Jensen of Mother Of All and is a cacophony of blistering destruction and neck-snapping mayhem.

Diving into the song's meaning the band says:

"This song takes up the responsibility to represent the concept of ‘Lich’ which concerns itself with mind and body synchronicity. This concept can be found within ancient concepts leading back to the ancient myths of Mesopotamia. It is the symbolism of two serpents endlessly chasing one another, it is the DNA helix, etc. The symbol indicates movement, and an endless chase; thus creating a generation of energy and power, a concept crucial to the creation of all art forms. This is the left brain, right brain, Apollo and Dionysus, or mind and body. In order for one to generate the power and energy needed to go the distance along the journey, the soul must be nurtured by the experiences and stresses put on both mind and body. This song represents the endurance through all forms of extreme resistance against the path forward." More...

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Imonolith Drummer Speaks About New Album

As devastating as the pandemic has been generally, it must have had that extra bitterness to bands who released their debut albums just before it kicked off. Finally realising your dream of putting out your first record together only to be unable to perform it to people could only have been a metaphorical kick in the balls. Such was the case for Imonolith, the band featuring former Devin Townsend Project members Ryan van Porderooyen and Brian Wadell, whose debut full length "State Of Being" was released at the end of March 2020, just as things got really bad the world over.

Two years later and the band are gearing up to release their sophomore album, "Progressions," which had a small scope to begin with, but gradually grew to become it's own beast and in a way, a compilation of everything Imonolith is all about. Before it hits the shelves on May 20th, Metal Underground caught up with van Porderooyen to discuss the record, the importance of including demos, covering Bjork and more. You can watch the interview in full below.

Diamond Oz: The new album, "Progressions" is set to be released on May 20th. It's obviously a fitting title given that it's moved on from the debut, "State Of Being." In what way do you feel that Imonolith has progressed since the first album?

Ryan van Porderooyen: Well the thing is, just the songwriting, Brian Waddell and I wrote all of "State Of Being," or the majority of it, between 2015 and 2018, so it was an ongoing process while we were playing with the Devin Townsend Project, we were writing music. It's no secret that when Devin starts something, whether it be Strapping Young Lad or Devin Townsend Project, it always has a bit of a shelf life. It's never going to be an ongoing thing, so we were surprised how long the Devin Townsend Project lasted, which was pretty much a good ten years, which is the longest thing he's ever done and the biggest, most successful thing he's ever done and he's doing great now. So we were kind of expecting it so around 2015 we said, "Let's write just in case this goes." I didn't really have any interest in joining another band or being a hired gun, I'd rather take a shot at something that was our own.

So with that precursor, we wrote all this music that was "State Of Being," but it was during the time that we were with Devin so we kept it on the side until 2018 when the inevitable happened. It was all good, Devin's awesome, I'm still friends with him and there's no hard feelings whatsoever, it's just now we can move on and do this. So that was the start of Imonolith and the writing back then, but it progressed so much getting Jon Howard in the band. Brian Waddell isn't in the band anymore, basically he never liked touring with Devin Townsend Project either and he just wanted to stop doing it altogether. So Jon Howard and I took over the writing process from when Beav and I were doing it.

When Jon came in, the whole of "State Of Being" was already written. He contributed to "We Never Forget" and "Instinct" but other than that, it was Beav and I. So that progression alone was huge because how Jon and I write is definitely more progressive and heavier, I'd say. I love the "State Of Being" record to this day but it's just a natural progression and there's a little more samples, more keyboards, the production's different, it's more progressive even in song writing. So that's how the band has progressed and the other guys will put in riffs too, it's just that Jon and I are the head guys that take everything, mold it and create the music.


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Beast In Black Unveils New Lyric Video

On May 6th, 2021, the world of Japanese manga lost Kentaro Miura, one of their most important artists and the creator of the epic manga “Berserk”.

“Berserk” has sold over 50 million books worldwide, making it one of the best selling manga series of all time.

For Beast In Black fans, it is no secret that mastermind and main songwriter Anton Kabanen drew his inspiration from “Berserk” and you can find these elements in every Beast In Black release.
Today marks one year since the untimely passing of Kentaro Miura.

Kabanen shares a few personal thoughts:
"We all hurt, we all break, we all feel sorrow and profound pain, for that’s the price of being fragile and delicate. But with this same fragility and delicacy we may open ourselves to kindness, gentleness, joy, understanding, empathy, caring, longing and love. I believe Kentaro Miura knew this very well, as he imbued his characters of Berserk with these qualities, and complex yet accessible emotional depths. He knew how to make hearts beat, and how to make souls resonate, because he could feel it. This is what made Berserk meaningful to me, and undoubtedly to many other devoted admirers as well. Hence we, Beast In Black, aimed to prepare something unique to encapsulate the warmer and gentler side of Kentaro’s humanly vulnerable characters.

"With eternal love and respect for Kentaro Miura, we proudly present you: BROKEN SURVIVORS!” More...

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Draconian Announces Lineup Changes

After introducing their new guitarist, Niklas Nord (Myteri, DeathTrap, The Random Victims) a few days ago, Swedish gothic doom entity Draconian is thrilled to have more exciting news to share that will warm the hearts of every fan!

The inimitable Lisa Johansson, vocalist on the band’s first five albums, will now re-join as a permanent member, sharing singing duties with incredible Anders Jacobsson for more enigmatic music to come. After the release of their fifth studio album, "A Rose for the Apocalypse," in November 2011, Lisa Johansson had to leave Draconian due to personal reasons. In September 2012, the group officially announced Heike Langhans as new vocalist, who will now leave the band with a focus on family and her own musical projects.

To honor this special occasion and heating the fire of a bright future to come, Draconian is delighted to announce that they'll play French Hellfest festival on June 25th as a seven-piece special arrangement, with both Lisa and Heike on stage. This will be Heike's final show and the perfect opportunity to pass back the torch to Lisa. The full show will be streamed live and will also be available for viewing at a later date. More...

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Kreator Shares "Midnight Sun" Video

Today, extreme metal titans Kreator are proud to unveil "Midnight Sun," the third single from their forthcoming fifteenth studio album, "Hate Über Alles," which will be released on June 10th, 2022. The eagerly anticipated full-length is a strong album-of-the-year contender as well as a global statement against hate & the division of society. Before its release next month, Kreator gives you another treat in the form of the most unusual song "Hate Über Alles" has to offer. "Midnight Sun" manages to couple heavy guitar shredding and captivating groove metal with a melodramatic, larger-than-life chorus including female backing vocals, impressively showcasing Kreator's continued evolution of the genre they helped create.

Mille Petrozza comments:
"'Midnight Sun' is something a little new for us, our first time collaborating with a female artist. When I was writing the song, I could hear this Oracle type voice over the pre-chorus and chorus and I immediately reached out to my talented friend, Sofia Portanet who is an emerging artist, here in Germany. Sofia added exactly what I was looking for and gives the song a really dark, ethereal vibe.

"The video is the second production we shot with Tom Schlagkamp and his team. The concept was drawn up from the song’s lyrics which I envisaged to take place during a ritual sacrifice. Director, Tom came back with an idea loosely based on Ari Aster’s ‘Midsommar’ which has powerful visuals, perfect for a killer metal music video!" More...

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