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Metal News for May 28, 2012

Last updated on September 28, 2021 at 3:19 AM ET

We post metal news every day, throughout the day, covering thousands of metal bands including underground and unsigned bands. You are currently browsing the news archive, but you can also find news by band.

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Jon Oliva's Pain Comments On Upcoming Shows

Chris Kinder of Jon Oliva's Pain has issued the following update about the band rehearsing for upcoming live shows:

"Tour rehearsal update and stuff: We are fast approaching the end of rehearsals in preparation for the first show in Tampa on June 16th at the Ritz Theatre and then it's on to Europe and The United Arab Emirates!

"It's remarkable to see and hear how the band has come together in the past few months. The hard work and dedication of Jerry, Joe and Jason has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their passion and attention to detail to such a wide range of material in such a short time is a testament to what professionals they really are. And honestly, Oliva's voice is on fire. I for one have not seen so much excitement and sheer power from his voice in quite some time. It is remarkable to see him sing such a wide variety of difficult songs as effortlessly as he is...awesome indeed!

"There are still a handful of VIP Rock Royalty Packages still available. We will likely shut down registration for this special package in the next week or so (if not sold out), as we have to order correct shirt sizes for each of our noble guests. Less than 3 weeks til showtime...don't be left out. General admission tickets are still available as well.

"Update you all again in a few days...we plan to blow the roof off the hall of the mountain king soon enough!"

For details on upcoming Jon Oliva's Pain shows, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Lita Ford On "Living Like A Runaway" And More

Rock icon Lita Ford will be releasing her new album "Living Like A Runaway" next month in North America through SPV/Steamhammer. With the album release and a tour with Poison on the horizon, I got the chance to chat up the metal mother herself to hear what she had to say about the creation of "Living Like A Runaway."

Commenting on what went into the album, Lita stated, "There’s a lot of emotions in this record and those are real. I think it comes across that way because it’s not something I’m trying to make up or I’m trying to conjure and sell, they’re real and it helps deliver the songs... We really want to keep it simple and I think sometimes less is more. In this situation, on this album, it turned out that way."

Read on to find out more about how Lita approached the album, her interest in getting The Runaways going again, being a mom in a rock band, and getting stoned with Ozzy Osbourne to create the iconic track "Close My Eyes Forever." More...

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Sorathian Dawn Streaming Two Songs

Sydney black metal band Sorathian Dawn recently released its self-titled debut album on Le Cabinet Des Curiosities records, and is streaming a couple of tracks from it over on ReverbNation. Those two tracks, "Anthems of Annihilation" and "Venom of Typhonian Might," are also streaming in the player below. Sorathian Dawn recently played at The Devil's Arcana, a two night festival in Sydney of thirteen black metal bands.

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Design Flaw Streaming New Single

Israeli metalcore act Design Flaw has posted the first single from the band's upcoming EP "The Long Lost Home." Check out the song "Humanity" in the player below.

"The Long Lost Home" was recorded at Black Horizons Studio in Natanya, Israel. Production was handled by Meir Gur at Black Horizion Studio and mastering was taken care of by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. The EP is due out on July 19th, 2012.

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Whips/Chains Posts "Secular Front" Video

Whips/Chains has posted a video clip online for "Secular Front," which can be viewed below, and Deathwish Inc. also commented on the band:

"Deathwish is proud to welcome Louisville's Whips/Chains to our affiliated family. Featuring Ryan Patterson (Coliseum), Ben Sears (Black God), and Will Allard (Xerxes), Whips/Chains play a brand of heavy, apocalyptic music for the trying times we live in. Unpolished and pure, this massive sounding down-tuned three piece takes influence from bands His Hero Is Gone, Bolt Thrower, and others.

"'Master/Slave' is Whips/Chains monstrous debut 12"EP. Taking no time to set a tone, opener 'Secular Front' crawls through a wreckage of noise before breaking into a D-Beat stride. Other songs 'Brick and Mortar,' 'Trembling and Alone,' and 'Human Filth' carry this same bombastic quality, but also introduce subtle hooks into the fray. These dynamics make Whips/Chains not only powerful, but also uniquely listenable. Creating a mesmerizing push and pull throughout the grime and fury."

Check out the band's video clip for "Secular Front" in the player below. More...

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Twingiant Streaming Debut Album

Phoenix 'hobo space rock' band Twingiant, only six months after putting out its first demo, recently issued its debut album "Mass Driver" and is streaming the nine tracks from it over on Bandcamp. Twingiant will be releasing the vinyl version of "Mass Driver" on June 8th at an official record launch party at the Palo Verde Lounge in Tempe, Arizona. Special guests at that show will be Enirva, Methra and Dead Canyon. Stream all nine tracks from Twingiant below.

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Gotthard Posts Track Explanation Videos

Gotthard has posted two more track-by-track videos online for the ninth and tenth tracks off the band's new album "Firebirth." Watch the track description videos for "Right On" and "S.O.S." in the clips available below. You can also check out the video clips for songs seven and eight at this location. "Firebirth" is due for release on June 1st, 2012 through Nuclear Blast Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Starlight
2. Give Me Real
3. Remember It's Me
4. Fight
5. Yippie Aye Yay
6. Tell Me
7. Shine
8. The Story is Over
9. Right On
10. S.O.S.
11. Take It All Back
12. I Can
13. Where Are You More...

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Meadows End Posts New Lyric Video

Sweden's Meadows End has posted a lyric video online for the new song "Masses Flee," which was recorded in the band's rehearsal space in April, 2012. The song will be included on the band's upcoming new album. You can also find more info on Meadows End via Facebook.

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Interview With Nathan Opposition of Ancient Wisdom

Ancient VVisdom is not so ancient; the band has only been around since 2009. But in that time, the Austin, Texas, based band has grown to be well-known in the realm of metal. Ancient VVisdom doesn't rely on intense growls and extremely fast guitar playing to scare the devil into listeners; they have rather soothing music and play acoustic guitars. But they do invoke his unholiness and hail him a good bit. I got a chance to talk to mainman Nathan Opposition about their devilish lyrical material, a new album in the works, and what Satanism is to him. More...

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Svyatogor Streaming New Song

"Doctor Veritas," the third album from Ukraine's experimental death/black metal act Svyatogor, is out now via Svarga Music. Along with melodic fragments and penetrating vocals, the solos smack of classical heavy metal and the saxophone gives the music jazz and art-rock tendencies, all of which is rooted in black metal.

The lyrics are written in the Russian, Ukrainian, English and French languages and devoted to the problems of society, preparation of human emotions, reflections on the subject of contemporary history, structure of the universe, and the macrocosm. Svyatogor features Amorth I.M. (ex-Drudkh, ex-Astrofaes, Underdark) and Master Alafern (Quintessence Mystica, Triglav, Thunderkraft). NoCleanSigning.com has posted an exclusive stream of the album's title track at this location, or check it out below.

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Abelina Valley Streaming New Song

Montana based heavy blues-rock/sludge-grass act Abelina Valley has posted a new song online titled "House of Earth," which can be heard in the player below or via Bandcamp. To hear more from Abelina Valley, head over to the band's official Facebook profile here.

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The Reticent Streaming Entire Album

GuitarWorld.com has teamed with Heaven and Hell Records for an exclusive stream of The Reticent's newest and third release, "Le Temps Detruit Tout," in its entirety. Click here to listen to all eleven darkly introspective tracks from the album. Heaven and Hell Records will be releasing The Reticent's "Le Temps Detruit Tout" on May 29th.


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We Are Knuckle Dragger Releases Recording Footage

U.K. act We Are Knuckle Dragger has posted the first in a series of videos chronicling the band's time recording "Tit For Tat" with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL.

Check out this first video clip in the player available below, or find more info on We Are Knuckle Dragger via the band's Facebook profile. You can also check out the band's previously posted video for "Bad Wee Bastard" at this location.

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Transcending The Flesh Streaming EP Online

U.K. act Transcending the Flesh has released a new EP titled "Eternal Suffering" for streaming and free download. Check out the full release through Bandcamp or in the player available below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Shipwrecked
2. Consumed By Hate
3. Eternal Suffering
4. This Is The End
5. Revolution
6. To Feel like Charlie Sheen Feat. Ollie Ross and Dave Osborne of Foreboding Ether
7. Before They Rise More...

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Katatonia Reveals Full Details On New Album

Katatonia, the Swedish purveyor of dark rock/metal, announced early this morning that the band's ninth studio album, due to be released on Peaceville Records on August 27th (EU) and August 28th (US), will be titled "Dead End Kings." The band has now revealed the full cover artwork and track listing, which can be viewed below. "Dead End Kings" follows the band's previous full-length "Night is the New Day" (reviewed here).

"Dead End Kings" was recorded at Ghost Ward Studios & The City Of Glass. The album was produced by founding duo Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse themselves, and mixed by David Castillo, known for his prior work with the band, as well as Opeth & Bloodbath.

"Dead End Kings" sees the recording debut of guitarist Per Eriksson for Katatonia, as well as recent bassist Niklas Sandin. Additionally, Katatonia is joined once again by Frank Default and his invaluable expertise on sampling and atmospherics, plus a special guest appearance by Norwegian vocalist Silje Wergeland of Dutch legends The Gathering/ex-Octavia Sperati. For more insight into the recording process, check out our interview with the band towards the end of the tracking process.

Jonas (vocals) comments on the album title: “Dead End Kings is about the corridors of our mind from where there is no return. Be a king or queen in your own right in these hallways, even at the dead end. Carry your burden with pride. That's what we are doing, twenty years and counting. Kings, because we believe in what we are creating, in our own disturbing faith."

Anders (Guitars) also added: “This album has doors revolving into many different genres of music but remain disguised within the Katatonia trademark. We have walked the fine line between attempting not to repeat ourselves but also not to distance us away from what people know and love. We're now ready to hand over the evidence and whatever the direction this has taken is now for you to decide. We're confident the creativity and passion on this album is something that will be echoing even beyond the dead end.” More...

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Kingcrow Comments On Upcoming Tour Dates

Italy's Kingcrow has posted in-studio footage online, which can be viewed below, and the band also issued the following statement about upcoming live shows and recording:

"Hi there! Some good news here! As some of you know, we’ll be touring Europe in June/July with the legend that is Jon Oliva. Savatage were one of my early influences. Something like 15 years ago, I was a lot more into 'Classic Metal,' collecting records, T-shirts, etc. The first time I encountered the music of Savatage (Streets- still my fave of theirs) I was impressed with the elegance of the music, and the beauty of the arrangements and melodies. So, many years later, we are going to share the same stage, and to me it is a kind of a 'dream come true.' In addition, we’re very excited to play again in countries like Germany, Holland, and Switzerland, since we have great memories of the past gigs there.

"For two of the gigs, our bass player Francesco 'Cecco' D’Errico will be substituted by our friend Angelo Orlando, the guy who recorded Phlegethon. So I hope to see you there, check our website for the dates!

"On the other side (of the Atlantic Ocean) we’re going to play in September at ProgPower USA, in Atlanta. I can’t tell you how much we’re looking forward to this gig. We’ve just started to think about what songs we can play there with a 60 minute slot. We want to play a good amount of Phlegethon, and some new songs. So I think we’ll have to start rehearsing the new ones soon. But which ones? Hard question… More...

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Resurgency Streaming New Song

Greek death metal act Resurgency is releasing new album "False Enlightenment" through Hellthrasher Productions, and the band has now posted a track from the release online.

Head over to Metalrecusants.com here to listen to the song "Ending the Beginning." The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Craniums of Slain Disciples
2. Ending the Beginning
3. Black Holes of Antiverse
4. Dark Revival
5. False Enlightenment
6. Hideous Prenomition
7. Where Despair Dominates
8. Mouth of Hades
9. Psychosis
10. Binding is Fatal More...

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Ampora Posts Making-Of Footage Online

Ampora has posted a making-of video clip for the band's debut EP "Last Chance" with Taylor Voeltz. Check out the clip below, which features the song "The Great Disappearance." You can also stream the entire "Last Chance" EP by heading over to the Ampora Bandcamp page here.

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Optical Faze Releases "Pressure" Lyric Video

Brazilian act Optical Faze has just released a lyric video for "Pressure," which can be viewed in the YouTube player below.

The song is an advance mix off the band's upcoming album, produced and mixed by Rhys Fulber (Fear Factory, Paradise Lost) and including a guest solo by Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad). Greg Reely (DevilDriver, Fear Factory) is in charge of mastering the record, which is yet to be titled and will be released still in 2012.

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Abnormality Posts "Monarch Omega" Video

Marlborough, MA based act Abnormality has posted a new music video online for "Monarch Omega," which is taken off the band's "Contaminating the Hive Mind" album released through Sevared Records. Check out the video clip below, or you can also find still photos from the shooting of the video at this location.

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Story Of Jade Offering New Song As Free Download

Italy's Story of Jade is offering a new song for free download titled "Bleedin’ Cage," which you can snag at this location. The band commented:

"We’re working on the new album and waiting to see you all soon on stage, we want to thank every supporter around the world and everyone who show respect to Story Of Jade during the shows, on the web and… along the way!

"For all the people who believe in the band and for all our brothers out there…. this is 'Bleedin’ Cage,' a song that was included in the promo version of 'The Damned Next Door' and never released before… this is for you guyz, we hope you’ll enjoy it! THANX A LOT!!”

You can also check out Story of Jade's previously posted video clip for "Self Inflicted Masterpiece" below. More...

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Widow The Sea Streaming New Songs

Queensland, Australia technical death metal band Widow The Sea is streaming five songs that it plans to put on a full-length release later this year over on ReverbNation. The most recent of those tracks, "The Hellbound Heart," is streaming below in the widget. Widow The Sea recently recruited a new vocalist and is currently in the studio recording more songs for its as-of-yet unnammed album.

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Carnifex Heading Out On California Tour Dates

Carnifex has a series of California and Arizona tour dates starting tonight with a free show in Fullerton. Details are as follows:

05/28 Fullerton, CA - Slidebar FREE SHOW!!!
06/01 San Diego, CA – SOMA San Diego
06/02 Lancaster, CA - Industry Theatre
06/03 Tempe, AZ – Rocky Point Cantina
06/05 West Hollywood, CA – The Whisky A Go Go
06/06 Santa Maria, CA - Skip Gibsons
06/07 Walnut Creek, CA – Red House Studios
06/08 Temecula, CA – The Vault
06/09 Bakersfield, CA – Stramler Park (“Rockin Roots Festival“) More...

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Soul Sacrifice Signs With Massacre Records

Massacre Records has issued the following announcement about signing a new record deal with Soul Sacrifice:

"We're delighted to welcome Soul Sacrifice from Istanbul to our family! The band was formed in 1997 by the two guitarists Maksim and Feyzi.

"Maksim also did the vocals in the early days of the band, before he was replaced as vocalist by Baris in 1999. In 2001, Sevan (former bassist) and Cagri (former drummer) joined the band. The band recorded their first demo, 'A Gift From An Angel.' But the line-up shouldn't last forever. In 2003 Onur (drums) and Özgur joined the band as a bass player and vocalist.

"Soul Sacrifice mostly plays death metal with melodic tunes but their sound is also influenced by Turkish melodies and offers varied vocals.

"The debut album 'Stranded Hate,' released in 2005, was a huge success. Being named 'the most successful live band in Turkey,' they played countless gigs in Turkey over the last decade. They had the chance to share the stage with Slayer, In Flames, Kreator as well as Dio and were opening act for Orphaned Land, Dark Tranquillity and Arch Enemy.

"Their upcoming album 'Carpe Mortem' was mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö and is going to be released on June 29, 2012 via Massacre Records."

The band has also already shot a video clip for the new song "Comatose," which is available at this location.

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Decrepit Birth Performance Video Available

New performance footage has been posted online, courtesy of Capital Chaos and cameramen Kevin Champ & Zoran Theodorovic, of Decrepit Birth playing at The Plea For Peace Center in Stockton, California on May 9th, 2012.

Check out the footage below. Decrepit Birth also recently missed the last three shows of the "Occupation Domination" tour, and you can find the band's statement on the cancellations here.

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Thornafire Releases "Malefactor Manifiesto" Video

Death metal band Thornafire has release a music video for "Malefactor Manifiesto," which is included on the "Eclipse Nox Coagula" album, released via Ibex Moon Records/Australis Records. Check out the video below. The band comments on the video:

"The album Eclipse Nox Coagula... is all about the individuals that acts like puppets under this destructive system that we living on today, bad government, obsessive ambitions and pure misery. It represents metaphorically in terms of images, Nuclear disasters, where the breeding environment is poison us and we are mutating little by little with a small conscience and almost no own will…." More...

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Halladrol To Release Debut EP

Death/doom act Halladrol will release debut EP "The Last Mile On The Earth" as a digital download via Violent Journey Records on June 6th, 2012. The cover was desgned by Hannu Kokkonen and can be viewed below. Halladrol's Lord Heikkinen commented on the band's history:

"Halladrol has been in the mind of Lord Heikkinen for a while now. He has ambitious of doing something different noise again. Roots of this project might be (or actually is) back in early 1990´s. Soulgrind was born then and at the beginning it was a one man project doing avantgarde dark metal. At the time it was a bit different. All was recorded on 8-track recorder over dubbing again and again and again… it was really a pain in the ass, when you could not correct mistakes or anything. When things were laid down, that´s it. And now when Soulgrind is more and more a band were are many different views of doing things, Lord felt that there should be one project which is totally under his control. No compromises. And so Halladrol was born in early 2012." More...

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Feral Offering New Song As Free Download

Swedish act Feral has issued the following announcement about offering a new song as a free download:

"As we have told you before, the band entered the studio earlier this year and recorded six new tracks of feral madness. These tracks will be delivered to labels as promotional CD copies, in the search of the label to handle our next full length album.

"But of course we are not about to forget you guys that are sending us e-mails and contacting us through social media, asking for new material. This is the kind of stuff that fuels us, and we appreciate it a lot!

"So, we present to you: a brand new track from Feral! Entitled 'Inhumation Ceremony,' this track is written and performed by Feral. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Petter 'Svarte Petter' Nilsson on behalf of Riverhill Audio. Drums where recorded in Studio Spiff, Skellefteå. Bass, guitars and vocals where recorded in Studio Repan, Skellefteå.

"You can download the track at this location.

"Observe that we are giving this demo recording away for FREE, you can download it as many times as you want and spread the link as much as you feel like. And we still will not expect you to pay us anything.

"However, if someone want's to thank us by giving us a small donation we won't stop you. Pay exactly as much as you feel like, and nothing more. Donations are sent through paypal to the following address: hookdavid[at]hotmail.com."

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0 X í S T Parts Ways With Bassist

Finland's 0 X í S T has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's bassist:

"While still having to hold the news about the debut album release date, we have an announcement to make.

"Ossi Leino has decided to leave 0 X í S T and the new bass player is Sameli Köykkä. Sameli has previously played drums with Colosseum, Drown Me Blue and more recently with Saattue."

To hear more from 0 X í S T, head over to the band's MySpace music profile.

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Metal Bands Thank Our Veterans

Today in the U.S. we celebrate Memorial Day, which honors the men and women in our armed services and those who have given their lives to protect us. Metal bands across the U.S. have been commenting on the holiday, and here you can see a variety of statements posted online from different groups.


To all our veterans, young and old, and to all actively deployed U.S. troops, thank you so much for the sacrifices made on our behalf both for this generation, those before us, and the ones yet to come. Enjoy your freedoms today and time with friends and family, for that freedom came at an unimaginable cost. So, once again, thank you Vets!!! We honor you all today and give you our support and appreciation.


We appreciated and respect EVERY Veteran every where, go thank a Veteran today.


We at Castle Dischordia would like to thank the brave men and women (and their families) who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Thank you.

Scythe Of Dante

For all the soldiers that fought and died for both you and I, We salute you.

Alekhine's Gun

Take time today to remember those who sacrifice for country and cause. Remember those who do the hard work of the armed forces when they're tired, when their family lives are taxed, and when things look darkest. Thank you all.

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Sabaton Posts U.S. Tour Footage

Sabaton recently wrapped up a U.S. tour, and the band has now released more footage from the run of shows. Check out the latest video tour blog below, or you can also find the band's last clips in the series at this location.

In related news, it was also recently announced that Ex-Sabaton members Rikard Sundén, Oskar Montelius, Daniel Mullback, and Daniel Mÿhr are teaming up with Nils Patrik Johansson and Stefan "Pizza" Eriksson to create the new band Civil War.

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Whoretopsy Releases Live Video

Melbourne slam death band Whoretopsy has released its 'official' live video for the track "Bittersweet," which comes from its recent debut "They Did Unspeakable Things." The video was filmed live at the Pony Nightclub by Milein at Proschuluz Productions. Whoretopsy also has a split release with Rezume and possibly another band coming out soon, for which they will contribute four songs. Check out a teaser for that EP here. Whoretopsy, Rezume and Human Mastication will be heading out on the Slamnation Tour 2012 in September.

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The Devil's Blood MDF 2012 Footage Available

Footage has been posted online of occult rock outfit The Devil's Blood performing the title track off the band's new album "The Thousandfold Epicentre" (reviewed here) at the 2012 edition of the Maryland Death Fest. Check out the clip below. You can also watch previously posted video of the band playing "Come, Reap" live at this location.

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Saint Lucifer Releases Official Video For New Song

Australian 'supergroup' Saint Lucifer has released an official video for the track "Monster," from its upcoming debut album "The New Messiah." That album should be self-released and distributed by Quarterpipe Records on June 6th. Saint Lucifer consists of Jordan Howe on vocals and guitar (Paindivision, Beware of the Dog, The Harlots), Stu Marshall on lead guitar (Dungeon, Empires of Eden, Paindivision) Paul Woseen on bass (The Screaming Jets) and Wayne Campbell on drums (Mortal Sin, Grungeon, White Trash) in a line up that came together in 2010.

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Crucified Barbara Reveals "The Midnight Chase" Art

Swedish, all-female metal outfit Crucified Barbara will be releasing new album "The Midnight Chase" this summer through Nuclear Blast. The band has now revealed the cover artwork for the release, which can be viewed below. You can also check out a video for the first single, titled "Into the Fire," at this location.

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Trivium Streams Nashville To The World

When Trivium rolled through Nashville, TN on May 25th, the Mexican restaurant on the end of the street near Exit/In (the venue) could have had no idea that their entire corner block would be surrounded by black-shirted masses from 7:00 until around 9 PM that night. It was encouraging to once again see metal fans overtake a block in the country music capital of the US – with even more people than when Cannibal Corpse invaded town at the end of April. Several hours later, Nashville showed the world via Livestream.com just how hungry they were for Trivium, as the band announced that the show would be streamed live online. It was a Friday night, nobody had to be anywhere else, and we hadn't had enough to drink yet, which are all good signs that a metal show was just what we needed. More...

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Katatonia Reveals New Album Release Date

Sweden's Katatonia has revealed the band's new album, "Dead End Kings," will be released on August 27th in Europe and August 28th in North America. "Dead End Kings" is the follow-up to the band's last full-length album "Night is the New Day" (reviewed here).

In other Katatonia news, band member Anders Nyström will be missing the band's Russian shows due to illness. Further details on the album will be announced as they are made available, but you can also get a look into the process of writing and recording the release in our recent interview with Jonas Renkse. More...

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Malevolence Unveils "Antithetical" Cover

Portuguese extreme metal act Malevolence has uncovered the artwork for the band's upcoming third full-length effort "Antithetical." Malevolence commented on the KKStructures created imagery:

"By portraying the central album conceptual theme fueled by the art of conflict, KKSTRUCTURES in straight involvement with the band twisted an eye-catching visual parallelism dissecting the antithetical contrasts between the positive and negative extremes.

"Transcending the opposites by mode of individual revelation (summon insurgence) whilst erecting a differing perspective throughout exorcising thesis, the visual mind bending design brings forth in the process the social global context trivialization invoking an upheaval synthesis. The fire combustion epitomizes the universal purification (in need) as an unrelenting way of forward critical thinking."

The follow-up to 1999's "Martyrialized" was written and produced by Carlos Cariano, recorded by
Paulo Pereira at 20M2SEA Studio (Portugal), and mixed and mastered at Woodshed Studio (Germany) by V. Santura (Triptykon, Obscura). More...

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Nachtmystium Posts "Silencing Machine" Artwork

Nachtmystium will release "Silencing Machine," the band's third release for Century Media Records, on CD / DLP / digital formats this coming July 31st, 2012.

A record release show has also been scheduled at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago, IL that same night, and the first 100 people through the door will receive a special Nachtmystium giveaway from Century Media Records.

The cover artwork for "Silencing Machine" can be viewed below, or you can also check out the new song "As Made" over at Invisible Oranges. More...

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A Hero A Fake Reveals New Album Artwork

North Carolina's A Hero A Fake will release the band's upcoming new album, "The Future Again," this coming July 17th, 2012. The cover artwork for the album has now been revealed and can be viewed below.

Guitarist Eric Morgan previously commented on the release, “This album started from scratch, which was quite refreshing as the previous two albums were taken from material I had written when I was 18. Evan Kirkley re-joined us on Drums and is incredible along with the addition of Chris Rosser on bass who contributed greatly to the writing process.

"Our goal was to make our ideas as massive, forceful, and engaging as possible and we couldn't be more excited about how the new songs turned out. It took over a year of writing and reworking before we were able to bring the new songs into the studio, and it was that extra time that helped in defining our new direction.” More...

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The New Dominion Recruits Guest Vocalist

Dutch death metal band The New Dominion has put the following announcement on its Facebook wall regarding the guest vocals of Neils Adams in its ranks, as they gear up to put out their full-length "Procreating the Undivine." Neils put out three albums with Prostitute Disfigurement and has done an EP with Nox, as well as contributing to Centurian from 2011 on. Here is the announcement:

Niels Adams (Prostitute Disfigurement) guest vocalist on forthcoming album! We really are fucking psyched that we can announce the appearance of guest vocalist Niels Adams (Prostitute Disfigurement and Centurian/NOX), on our upcoming album “Procreating the Undivine”. Niels can definitely be considered to be master of the most obscure and brutal death metal vocals. On the track "The Eclectic Splitting of Tongues," he will only do what he does best; unleash the most relentless of oral storms upon mankind. However the musical concept and setting differ a lot from what he is used to, the results are simply mind-blowing in terms of aggression and ferocity.

This alliance will make the already epic track even more interesting and challenging for the listener and it will put this ear grinding album on an even higher level. As Niels has to say about this cooperation himself: "It was definitely a great experience to work with this guys. Something completely different but they know what they want and they for sure know their shit. They put great effort in every detail, they are well prepared and they won’t stop untill perfection has been achieved. This album is going to be insane"

More details concerning the upcoming release will be revealed soon, along with new material when its posted. The New Dominion have the 2007 EP "...And Black Gleams the Eye" and the 2009
full-length "...And Kindling Deadly Slumber" to its credit. The New Dominion have posted the album cover artwork for "Procreating the Undivine" on its website, which was done by Niklas Sundin of Cabin Fever Media.

Also on the website you can see the composite pictures the band took of each member, which will be on the CD. The pictures were recently shot by Dennis Wassenburg as part of an integrated concept for the artwork of the upcoming album, and were made possible by Dorry Timmermans, who was responsable for all make-up art required and executed on the band. Check out older material from The New Dominion over on MySpace while they finish up the new one. More...

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