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Metal News for May 26, 2022

Last updated on July 3, 2022 at 9:47 AM ET

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Sinnery Posts New Music Video Online

Hailing from Israel, Sinnery is a new take on the traditional death metal sound. They bring something more modern, with more melody, but maintain just as much energy and brutality. They have a new album coming out, the much anticipated "Black Bile," six years after their debut. In the time since then, they have melted more influences into their sound, and morphed from a predominantly thrash sound to something darker, and heavier. Swept up with melodic breaks amidst the gutturals, they wrap their music in modern layers. The album contains ten tracks; the first of which, "The Burning" is the enticing debut single. The band explains it in their own words:

"'The Burning' is probably the most popular song with the fans even before it comes out, the fans chant God bless the human race' on every show so it was a no-brainer picking it out to be the first single off of the album. It is an upbeat thrash song with many heavy and groovy moments. It was perfect for the beginning of the album, to start with a bang, with no introductions or orchestral intros just straight-up metal from the get-go. Lyrically the song’s full name was The Burning of Mt. Sinai and so it’s easy to know this song is an anti-religious song, coming from Israel, religion is a big part of the atmosphere where we grew up, and we are not very fond of those establishments that are more about power and money than the lessons in those books they sell."

Coming at the listener fast and hard is the name of the game for Sinnery. They infuse their music with real true emotions and messages, nothing about it is made up, it’s all very personal and they really dug into the deepest, darkest parts of themselves to write this album. They anticipate that it’ll be received well and expect that listeners will find that sense of realness in it amidst relentless riffs and catchy melodies.

"Black Bile" will be released on September 16, 2022 via Exitus Stratagem Records. More...

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Conjurer Shares "Cracks In The Pyre" Video

Conjurer has unveiled another glimpse of their long-awaited album "Páthos" (1st July, Nuclear Blast) in the form of their new single "Cracks In The Pyre." You can check it out below.

Brady Deeprose (guitars, vocals) comments: "'Cracks' is probably the biggest departure from our previously established sound - the working title was 'Ballad'. For me this is the most affecting track on Páthos, I connect more with it on every listen, and I think it opens up a new element to the band's identity that will be important moving forwards. The video reflects the themes of the track and was captured on the Scottish coast: the breathtaking landscapes evoke the atmosphere the song is trying to capture, and we're blown away by the finished piece."

Conjurer has also announced their Europe and UK headline tour for "Páthos." Tickets onsale from Friday 27th May at 10am BST via atonal.agency. More...

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Sacred Son Detects The Foul Deth of Engelond

England has something of a funny relationship with metal music. While many will point to certain bands as the fathers of the genre, or of certain sub-genres such as Venom and black metal, it often seems that bands in other countries overtake the island in terms of the music's popularity or roster of bands. The aforementioned black metal is of particular note and it's quite strange because English history is every bit as savage and brutal as countries like Norway, Greece or Poland, who have all produced some truly legendary bands in the field.

That's not to say that the English black metal scene is barren however. There's always been underground bands keeping the music alive, though very few have broken into what could charitably be called the "black metal mainstream." Nevertheless, one band which has got people talking in recent years would be Sacred Son, who only two weeks ago, released "The Foul Deth Of Engelond," their fourth album and first with a full band since "Arthurtian Catacombs" three years ago. To find out more about the album, including how to pronounce the title, as well as the themes, history, politics behind it and much more, Metal Underground spoke with vocalist and bassist Dane Cross. You read the interview in full or watch it in full below.

Diamond Oz: First of all, let's get clear on the title. I imagine it's pronounced "The foul death of England," though it looks like it could be pronounced differently.

Dane Cross: Right. You're absolutely correct, it's pronounced "the foul death of England" but it's written in middle Scottish. It derives from just after the black death came to these shores and the Scots at the time believed that it was the wrath of God, specifically reigning down to kill off the English, but obviously a few months later, the plague arrived in Scotland and they realised that it wasn't exclusively affecting the English. I suppose it's up for interpretation as to what it means in terms of the context of this album. It could still refer to the black death itself, because it played such a part in the socio-economics of the fourteenth century, which gave way to the rise of the revolt, which is the theme of the album. It could also refer to the revolt itself I suppose or it could, and this is my personal take, refer to the corruption, malice and ineptitude of the ruling figures at the time.

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Heathen Releases New Lyric Video

In celebration of their upcoming tour dates, Heathen have released a lyric video for "Blood To Be Let", featured on their latest studio album, "Empire Of The Blind," available via Nuclear Blast. Watch below.

"Empire Of The Blind" was for the most part engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by Christopher “Zeuss” Harris at Planet Z Studios. Additional details — rhythm guitars, etc. — were put to digital “tape” by Kragen Lum at SubLevel Studio in Little Rock, AR. The album features guest appearances by Gary Holt (Exodus, Slayer), Rick Hunolt (Exodus), and Doug Piercy (ex-Heathen). The cover art to "Empire Of The Blind" was once again handled by renowned artist Travis Smith (Overkill, Exhorder). More...

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Trollfest Releases "All Drinks On Me" Video

Bottoms up! Flamingo Overlords Trollfest buy a round of drinks for everyone just days shy of the release of their new album, Flamingo Overlord, dropping this Friday via Napalm Records! "All Drinks on Me" is a raucous party anthem in the vein of Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys that only Trollfest could deliver, arriving in perfect time to celebrate the album’s release – featuring special guest Jonne Järvelä of the infamous Korpiklaani! No matter where Trollfest pop up, a whole lot of fun is bound to occur – Flamingo Overlord is one of the craziest, most eccentric, and multi-faceted releases of the year!

Trollfest Singer Jostein “Trollmannen” Austvik says:
"‘All Drinks On Me‘ is a party song to go along with those wonderful great parties that become the talk of the town once they go down. With the highest possible singalong factor this tune is guaranteed to make you stomp your foot and sing yourself hoarse while sharing the best of times with your finest friends." More...

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Eruption Reveals New Album Details

Apocalypse is not necessarily a bad thing. The actual meaning of the word is ‘revelation’. But through the ages it was shown over and over again that ‘to reveal something’ is to ‘face something bad’. Of course, we could go on and on by asking "But what does bad actually mean?" Let’s face it – doom or delight is in the eye of the beholder.

The apocalyptic concept behind the upcoming Eruption’s fourth studio album "Tellurian Rupture" is about bleak, dark, and heavy things. At least for civilizations, that is. Yet with a fall of an empire comes rebirth. Forged under the grey skies ridden with COVID-winds, when every prognosis seemed hopeless and induced despair, "Tellurian Rupture" was not an easy undertaking. Through perseverance, blood, sweat, and tears a behemoth of power-infused thrash metal was born.

"Tellurian Rupture" is Eruption’s most ambitious album to date. It’s epic, dark and technical, explosive at one time and brooding the next minute, yet it still maintains the foundation on which every Eruption’s album was built – catchy melodies, sharp riffing and memorable vocal hooks. The album is a gargantuan listening voyage, an emotional rollercoaster of anger, despair, fear, but also hope.

As the planet’s crust ruptures and ancient titans rise once more witness the destruction, embrace chaos, and welcome rebirth!

"Tellurian Rupture" will be released on digital, CD and LP (black/gold vinyl, limited to 300 units) via From The Vaults on August 19th, 2022. Pre-orders are available here. More...

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Scardust Debuts "Concrete Cages" Video

Israel's progressive/symphonic metal wizards Scardust – joined by special guests Patty Gurdy and the Hellscore choir - have unveiled the music video for "Concrete Cages," the latest single from their critically acclaimed sophomore concept album “Strangers.” The compelling mix of beautifully-shot rooftop performance footage, gorgeous forest scenery and an underlying concept that plays out through the very final seconds of the video can be viewed below.

Says Patty Gurdy: "Working with Scardust is like working with a group of wizards. The whole band consists of extremely skilled musicians and their creative energy is absolutely inspiring."

Says vocalist Noa Gruman: "Filming 'Concrete Cages' was unbelievable. As soon as it was possible for Patty to finally make the trip to Tel Aviv, she hopped on a plane in a heartbeat. Patty is not only an amazing artist, but also an incredible human being. She has always believed in our music and never gave up on us. Hellscore is simply a family. They are always there for me, whether in the scorching sun or on a freezing night like the one we had on that glamorous skyscraper rooftop. The production was managed by the spirited Lahav Levi who worked round the clock to ensure that every second and every frame in this video is as close to perfect as could be. I hope you will be able to see the passion and love that was put into it. 'Concrete Cages' finally has the video it deserves!" More...

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Temple Of Void Premiere New Single

Temple Of Void premiere a third single named “The Transcending Horror” taken from their impending new full-length “Summoning The Slayer“, due out in stores on June 03rd, 2022 via Relapse Records.

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Miss May I Premiere New Music Video

Miss May I premiere a new official music video for “Bleed Together” off their recently announced studio full-length “Curse Of Existence“. The album will be out on September 02nd via SharpTone Records.

Comments frontman Levi Benton: More...

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Rammstein Premiere New Music Video "Dicke Titten"

German industrial metal veterans Rammstein premiere a new official music video for “Dicke Titten” off their latest album “Zeit“, streaming via YouTube for you below.

The band’s 2022 touring plans include the below shows: More...

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Yatra Premiere New Song & Lyric Video

Maryland’s blackened sludge/death metal trio Yatra‘s new advance track “Reign Of Terror” has just premiered online. A lyric video for the single is streaming below. The song is the fourth to arrive from the band’s upcoming new studio full-length “Born Into Chaos“, due out on June 10th via Prosthetic Records.

Tells guitarist/vocalist Dana Helmuth: More...

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Darkane Premiere New Music Video "Awakening"

Darkane premiere a new official music video for their latest track “Awakening‘. The single is the second to arrive from their upcoming studio full-length “Inhuman Spirits“. That album has been scheduled for a June 24th release date by Massacre Records and will mark the group’s first release since 2013.

Comment Darkane: More...

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