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Metal News for May 23, 2012

Last updated on September 17, 2021 at 3:01 AM ET

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Unleashed Heralds A New Beginning After Ragnarök

The Swedish death metal vikings in Unleashed dropped new album "Odalheim" last month, which is preparing the metal masses for the coming changes after Ragnarök as the world is born anew.

If you haven't had a chance to hear the hymns of the new age dawning, or even if you've already taken the death metal beating offering by the album and risen again, drummer Anders Schultz dived into the creation of "Odalheim" with Metalunderground.com to let fans see further into the process.

In the full interview available below, Anders discusses recording the album at guitarist Fredrik Folkare's Chrome Studios, staying true to himself and his art over 20 years, the Swedish metal scene, and even the recent trend of releasing lyric clips over full music videos. More...

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Melvins Sell Out The House In New Orleans

The staff of One Eyed Jacks taped a crude “Sold Out” sign on the door at 6 o’clock. Those hoping to pay at the door were disheartened at the news, but happy for the band that they so quickly sold out the venue. Those with the foresight to purchase ahead crowded the sidewalk beginning at dusk. They blocked the historic sidewalk to the beaded and soused tourist-traffic trying to find their way to the supposed Shangri La of Bourbon Street or away from the intense never-ending party nightmare that it really is. But these eager customers were determined to see something more worthy. More...

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Attika 7 Streaming New Track

Attika 7 and Loudwire.com are pleased to reveal "Devil’s Daughter," a brand new track from the band’s upcoming July 31, 2012 release, "Blood Of My Enemies." In a recently posted teaser, vocalist Evan Seinfeld describes what the track is all about. “It’s that sexy woman who steals your soul. It’s also anything to do with your soul. It’s the drugs, it’s the sex, it’s the alcohol, it’s the thing that takes you away — the thing that takes the pain away.”

Fans can head to Loudwire.com to listen to the track now at this location.

As previously announced, Attika 7 will appear on this season of the Discovery Channel’s new motorcycle club series, "The Devil’s Ride." The show serves as a window into the world of motorcycle clubs, featuring members of San Deigo’s Laffing Devils.

For more details on Attika 7, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Nile Reveals "At The Gate Of Sethu" Track Listing

Nile has revealed the track list for the band's upcoming release entitled "At The Gate Of Sethu." The follow-up to "Those Whom the Gods Detest" (2009), will be released via Nuclear Blast Records on June 29th (Europe) and July 3rd (North America). The track listing is as follows:

1. Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame
2. The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased
3. The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh
4. When My Wrath is Done
5. Slaves of Xul
6. The Gods Who Light Up the Sky at the Gate of Sethu
7. Natural Liberation of Fear Through the Ritual Deception of Death
8. Ethno-Musicological Cannibalisms
9. Tribunal of the Dead
10. Supreme Humanism of Megalomania
11. The Chaining of the Iniquitous
12. Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame (Instrumental)
13. The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh (Instrumental) More...

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Enemy Reign Streaming New Song

Today GunShyAssassin unveils “Forged From Suffering,” from Denver death metal behemoths Enemy Reign. The tune comes off the band’s recently completed "Between Hell And Oblivion" long player, which was recorded at Flatline Audio by Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage, Martriden, Cobalt et al) and offers up 11 tracks of mile-high deathgrind brutality as well as the debut of vocalist, Stevie Boiser who replace Sherwood Webber (Skinless) last Summer.

Savor the audio punishment at this location.

Comments drummer Andon Guenther of the song: "I think 'Forged From Suffering' is one of the songs that defines our sound and gives listeners and insight into our personal musical tastes. It's got the d-beat/Discharge/Motorhead influence, coupled with our love for all things grindcore and just good, old fashioned, no-frills death metal.

"It's also a song we wrote as a follow up to the song ‘Means To A Dead End,’ and the writing approach was very deliberate to incorporate those ideas and give listeners an updated version of that song. It just rocks and that's all we really intended it to do. No more and no less. Moreover, it's a song that blends many genres but doesn't sound like it's a forced issue, and I think that's why it means so much to me on a personal level and that's a skill that Enemy Reign has been honing since its inception."

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Sacred Gate Signs With Metal On Metal

Metal on Metal Records has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with Sacred Gate:

"Sacred Gate is a traditional heavy metal band from Mönchengladbach, Germany, formed in 2008. The skills they presented on the album, which they were shopping around, were so impressive that they soon scored a deal with Metal On Metal Records known for its good 'nose' for finding quality old school metal bands.

"The band’s founding members, guitarist and composer Nicko Nikolaidis and vocalist Jim Over (both of Greek origin), have mastered their craft in other bands prior to Sacred Gate. They both played together in Made of Iron which was originally an Iron Maiden cover band, before starting to write their own songs and releasing a couple of demos, EP and a full-length as Made of Iron and an EP 'Creators Of The Downfall' as Sacred Gate in 2011. And the British giants still have the biggest influence on Sacred Gate’s music, which is rooted in NWOBHM, but also has some ’80s US Power Metal elements.

"Find out more about the band, watch some promo and live photos, and check the links to their pages from Sacred Gate page on the Metal On Metal Records website."

The debut full-length CD from Sacred Gate, titled "When Eternity Ends," was released on April 27th. Check out a promo clip below. The album's track list is as follows:

1. Creators Of The Downfall
2. Burning Wings
3. The Realm Of Hell
4. When Eternity Ends
5. Freedom Or Death
6. In The Heart Of The Iron Maiden
7. Vengeance
8. Earth, My Kingdom
9. Heaven Under Siege More...

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Dying Fetus Streaming New Song

With a little under a month left before the release of new album "Reign Supreme," Dying Fetus has unleashed another track from the album, to give fans just a little taste of what they can expect from "Reign Supreme."

AltPress.com, the online home of Alternative Press Magazine, is hosting an exclusive premiere of the song "From Womb to Waste" at this location.

Upcoming Dying Fetus tour dates are as follows:

5/24:Baltimore, MD @Sonar (as part of Maryland Death Fest 2012)

w/Revocation and Six Feet Under
6/8: Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
6/9: West Springfield, VA @ Empire
6/10: Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
6/11: New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
6/12: Columbus, OH @ AlRosa Villa
6/13: Chicago, IL @ Reggie's Rock Club
6/14: Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
6/15: Detroit, MI @ Harpo's More...

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Galar Working On New Album

Norway's Galar has issued the following announcement about working on an upcoming new album:

"Hi, folks!

"After our last update we've done our first foreign live shows. We had an amazing mini tour with the Batallion and Cor Scorpii, playing shows in Bitterfeld (de) and Plzen (CZ). It was great to travel a bit, and to perform for both old and new fans. If you want to check out a couple of live videos, click here and here.

"These days we're currently working on our new album which we hope to record this fall. The album will consist of six songs including one instrumental. We're very pleased with how the new material has developed, and believe it will be even better than 'Til alle heimsens endar.' I dear to say this one will be even more epic and massive than the last one, so stay put as we'll post more info on the new album in the coming months!

"If you'd like, join us on Facebook where you can visit our new webshop as well. There is still some clothing left (M, L and XL). The stock on 'Skogskvad' is running towards it's last copies, though.

"Until next time, cheers!"

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Hamerex Announces Lineup Change

U.K. act Hamerex has issued the following announcement about parting ways with guitarist Joe Wilson:

"Unfortunately, Joe has decided to leave the band. The decision he made to leave wasn't easy and was made due to his work and things in his personal life.

"We will continue as a 4 piece for the remaining gigs throughout the year. From all of us in the band we wish Joe all the best for the future and we still may see him join us on stage for the odd show."

For more details on the band, head over to Facebook. Hamerex is:

Steve Blower - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Chris Moules - Vocals
Andy Firth - Bass
Darren Kelsall - Drums

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Decease Streaming New Album Preview

Romanian thrash metal band Decease had released a full album preview for the group's upcoming new album. Check out the clip below.

The new album is entitled "Exhort to Obliterate" and will be released later this summer. You can also listen to the previously posted song "Sadistic Enjoyment" at this location.

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Pellek Posts "Bag Of Tricks" Teaser Video

Norwegian power/progressive metal band Pellek, featuring Damnation Angels frontman Per Fredrik "Pellek" Asly, posted a teaser video for the band's forthcoming sophomore effort "Bag Of Tricks," which is scheduled for release by the band on May 30, 2012 (Worldwide) through its official website at this location. The band previously released the first video for "Fugue State".

The track listing for "Bag of Tricks" is as follows:

1. Entrance
2. Fugue State
3. Reason And Psychosis
4. Send My Message Home
5. Thundernight
6. Win
7. Don’t Belong
8. Stare Into My Eyes
9. Born In Babylon
10. Bag Of Tricks
11. Conflagrate My Heart

Check out the teaser video here: More...

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Tourniquet Announces New Album

After running a succesful Kickstarter campaign to raise money, Christian act Tourniquet will be returning this summer with a new album titled "Antiseptic Bloodbath," and the band has now posted a teaser trailer available below. Tourniquet commented:

"The title track, Antiseptic Bloodbath, speaks of the way our society prefers to sanitize brutality. We can have our tidy Christian faith, or continue with no faith at all, as long as we don't consider the painful bloody price that was paid for us.

"We use animals for our food, profit, and amusement, but would rather not know about the needless, often systematic suffering that is inflicted on them by a callous and greedy humanity. 'Don't upset my comfort zone - brutal truth, leave me alone.' The great news is that we have the ability to choose. This album encourages us to make good and humane choices in our daily lives that reflect these images."

The new album "Antiseptic Bloodbath" will be Tourniquet's first studio release since 2003's "Where Moth and Rust Destroy." More...

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Eradication Finishes Work On New EP

Hungarian death metal act Eradication has just finished work on the new "Living In Sin Without God" EP. You can find a short mix of the four songs in the player below, or listen to a full song titled "False Misinformation" after the jump.

The new EP songs will debut on the 12th of July in Budapest at Rocktogon during a show with French act Benighted. You can also check out Eradication's previous album "Stigmatic Assessment" via Bandcamp. More...

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Morglbl Streaming New Album's Title Track

"Brutal Romance" is the fifth release from the intense French instrumental trio Morglbl, which consists of Christophe Godin (guitars), Ivan Rougny (bass), and Aurelian Ouzoulias. Today Decibel Magazine's "Deciblog" is hosting an exclusive premiere of the title track from "Brutal Romance."

Get a first listen here and be sure to pre-order "Brutal Romance" on Amazon. The following press release was also issued:

"Morglbl injects a dose of tongue in cheek humor into jazz rock laced with crushing power chords. They have a strong crossover appeal between fans of progressive rock, fusion, and metal. Morglbl has performed at festivals alongside Liquid Tension Experiment and Umphrey's McGee. They have most recently toured the US as co-headliners with Sweden's Freak Kitchen. The band is currently planning their fourth tour of the US for late 2012. Fans of shred and fusion Gods like Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai or Freak Kitchen's Mattias Eklundh will find this essential."

The "Brutal Romance" track listing is as follows:

1. Gnocchis On The Block
2. Brutal Romance
3. Le Surfer d'Argentine
4. Golden Ribs
5. Fidel Gastro
6. Oh P1 Can Not Be
7. Cantal Goyave
8. Glucids In The Sky
9. Wig Of Change
10. Metal Khartoom
11. Casse

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Illdisposed Reveals New Album Artwork

Illdisposed has posted the cover artwork online for the band's upcoming new album "Sense The Darkness," which was created by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie and can be viewed below. "Sense The Darkness" is the follow-up to previous studio album "There is Light (But it's Not For Me)."

Photos from the band's time at Antfarm Studios working on the album can be found at this location.

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Dischordia Announces New Tour Dates

Since the release of the band's debut EP "Creator, Destroyer" in late 2011, Oklahoma City's rising death metal act Dischordia has been virtually unstoppable. This June, the band will be embarking on its first independent multi-state trek, dubbed "The Waystation Tour." Dates are as follows:

Jun 11, 2012 - San Antonio, TX - Nightrocker Live
Jun 13, 2012 - Lubbock, TX - Jake's Backroom
Jun 14, 2012 - Albuquerque, NM - The Launchpad
Jun 15, 2012 - Amarillo, TX - Vientiane Nights
Jun 16, 2012 - Oklahoma City, OK - The Conservatory
Jun 17, 2012 - Wewoka, OK - Metal Malice Festival

"We are more than excited to embark on our first multi-state tour," comments Dischordia guitarist Keeno. "We look forward to playing with some great bands in all the local scenes and meeting everyone who supports metal in all these cities."

The title track from the "Creator, Destroyer" EP can be streamed here: More...

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Metallica To Film Show For 3D Movie

Metallica has checked in with the following announcement about filming the band's upcoming show in Vancouver for a new 3D movie:

"We're super excited to announce that the gigantic, massive brand new Metalli-show will head north following a sold out run of eight shows in Mexico City, with the first stop in Edmonton, AB on August 17 at Rexall Place followed by Vancouver, BC on August 24 at Rogers Arena.

"The Vancouver show brings a twist to the mix - you'll be a part of the show!! That's right, we will be filming this show all in 3D for... you guessed it, the upcoming Metallica 3D movie that we've mentioned on and off a few times this year.

"We couldn't think of a better place than Vancouver to end the three week new stage run with cameras capturing it all, so bring your nuttiest, craziest Metalli-self to the show, be a part of movie history, and show the rest of the world how much Vancouver rocks. More...

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Savage Messiah To Play Bloodstock

British shred-heavy metallers Savage Messiah have been confirmed for this year's edition of the Bloodstock Open Air festival, which is held at Catton Hall in Derbyshire from 9th - 12th August. The band will be performing on the Sophie Lancaster stage on Friday, 10th August, joining a line-up that includes Behemoth, Sepultura, Testament, Evile, Alice Cooper, and more.

Savage Messiah frontman David Silver comments:

"We're really pleased to announce that we've been confirmed to play at this year's Bloodstock Open Air festival. This should be a great gig, and we're really psyched to put on a great show with all you headbangers! Thanks to everyone that has been rooting for us on all the social media/forums, and we'll see you at the front!"

Watch a video of Savage Messiah drummer Mauricio Chamucero announcing the news below. For tickets and more information about Bloodstock, head over to this location. See Savage Messiah on the following dates:

Jun. 01 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Little Devil
Jun. 02 - Nijmegen, Netherlands - FortaRock Afterparty at Merleyn
Aug. 10 - Walton-On-Trent, UK - Bloodstock Open Air Festival More...

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Whitechapel Posts Third Studio Video Update

Today Whitechapel has released the third and final video in a series that was filmed during the recording process for the band's new self-titled album, set for release on June 19th through Metal Blade Records. This video focuses on the vocal tracking process and can be viewed below.

The album was engineered and mixed by Mark Lewis (Black Dahlia Murder, DevilDriver), who also handled production duties alongside the band. The album artwork was created by Aaron Marsh of Forefathers Group with art direction provided by Whitechapel. The track listing is as follows:

1. Make it Bleed
2. Hate Creation
3. (Cult)uralist
4. I, Dementia
5. Section 8
6. Faces
7. Dead Silence
8. The Night Remains
9. Devoid
10. Possibilities of an Impossible Existence More...

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The Unguided Splits With Drummer

Sweden's The Unguided, which released the new album "Hell Frost" last year, has issued the following announcement about parting ways with drummer John Bengtsson:

"John and The Unguided have decided to go separate ways after almost a year of collaboration. The Unguided want to thank John for a great time and the hard work behind the drum kit. We wish John and his family all the best for the future and hope at some point our paths may cross again.

"But hey! Fear not, The Unguided will still be moving on (pedal to the metal) and a new drummer will be announced shortly. Stay tuned and hold your balls and labials tight!"

John also commented, "I have decided to leave The Unguided cause of a few different reasons. I want to thank for my time in the band and everybody for the support."

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Black Knives Releases "A Big Part" Video

Toulouse, France based act Black Knives has posted a new official music video online for the song "A Big Part," which can be viewed below. "A Big Part" comes off the band's "The Rise" EP, and more info is available via the Black Knives Facebook profile.

Black Knives is:

Eric Estrade - vocals
Kevin Le Floch - guitar
Etienne Dumas - guitar
Thomas Pedotti - bass
Bastien Lafaye - drums

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Epitome Of The Weak Comments On EP Artwork

Fairfax, VA based metal band Epitome of the Weak has posted a teaser for the "A New Shore" artwork, which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

"The concept behind our new EP 'A New Shore' album art: We are entering a digital age, but we are still in limbo between the new technology and the old. As the new machines slowly take over the old, we watch as our dependence on them grows and becomes more secure.

"Not only are the new machines taking over the old, but they are taking over us as well; by increasing our need for them and our like for their convenience. Soon enough, our co-dependence on these machines will leave us too helpless to fend for ourselves. If we continue down this road then we are looking at a future of destruction crafted by our own hand and brought on by the machnies we built to help us." More...

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Centurion Posts Live Video Clip

Poland's Centurion has released a new live video for the song "No One To Serve," which was recorded during a release party for the band's album of the same name. The show took place on March 17th, 2012 in Warsaw club Progresja and the clip can be viewed below.

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Power Theory Posts "An Axe To Grind" Trailer

A new promotional trailer has been posted online for Power Theory's forthcoming second release on Pure Steel Records. Check out the teaser for "An Axe To Grind" in the player below. The album is set to drop on June 29th, 2012 and the album artwork is available after the jump.


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Autumns Eyes Premieres New Music Video

Solo metal act Autumns Eyes is premiering the first music video off the band's latest release, "Please Deceive Me" (reviewed here) on Metal Underground.com. You can watch the video for the album's title track below.

Band mastermind Dan Mitchell commented on this track:

The video for 'Please Deceive Me' was shot in the eerie haunted woods of Salem, MA where I was originally born and raised by lesbian witches who taught me how to hang myself from an early age. If you pay attention to the lyrics of the song, you'll notice a similarity with the visuals as well. Its basically about addiction abuse, and how its such a struggle to break free from that when you are faced to live a life with so many reminders of your past haunting you day after day. Im not going to lie, it was a bit creepy having to hang myself. That was a real noose, tied to a real tree, around my real neck. Granted it wasn't as violent a hanging to where I would suffer death, but terrifying to pull off nonetheless. My bloody eyeball at the end was not quite a thrilling experience either. Hopefully the kids like it!

"Please Deceive Me" Music Video:

"Please Decieve Me" was released on April 1, 2012 and can be heard in full and ordered via Autumns Eyes' bandcamp page. The band's recently remastered back-catalog is also available there.

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Vattnet Viskar Signs To Century Media Records

U.S. ambient black doom band Vattnet Viskar has signed a worldwide recording deal with Century Media Records. The band released a self-titled EP in March of 2012, which can be heard and purchased below.

The band commented on the signing: "Today, we are extremely proud to announce that we have signed a worldwide deal with the legendary Century Media Records! Given their long history of landmark releases since the late 80s, we're humbled to be included in their roster. Lots of great things in the works which hopefully we can share soon. Thank you everyone for the support so far!"

Check out "Weakness" from the first EP here (full EP stream is located here):


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MirrorMaze Posts New Music Video

Italian progressive metal band MirrorMaze posted a new music video for the track "Earn Your Answers." The song appears on the band's debut release "Walkabout," which is scheduled for release on May 28, 2012 through Bakerteam Records/Scarlet Records.

MirrorMaze features:

Fabio D’Amore (Serenity/Pathosray/Fairyland): lead vocals
Davide Penna: guitars
Samuele Lanfranchini: keyboards
Fabio Nasuelli: drums
Juan Manuel Savoini: bass

Check out "Earn Your Answers" here: More...

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Negura Bunget Satisfies Fans' Transylvanian Hunger

May 19, 2012, San Antonio, Texas—Watching Behemoth play material off “…From the Pagan Vastlands” is the closest most Americans get to Eastern European black metal. Many of these artists either don’t play live, don’t have the money to make it to America or fall into the familiar trap of not getting their Visa application in on time. Negura Bunget is one of the few bands of this fold you’ll find on a flyer. However, not until just a month ago could one find them on a flyer promoting a concert in America. Negura Bunget is not your average slash-and-burn-satanic black metal group. Hailing from Transylvania, the group blends traditional Romanian folk music with atmospheric black metal to illuminate the “dark foggy forests” of the primeval Carpathian Mountains.

Negura Bunget is not a band for banging heads, bodies or fists. They work more on the mind’s eye, recreating a world where superstition rules the land. This is perfectly fine for one band, but if the all the bands on the bill took a similar approach; I would have witnessed and partaken in a snooze fest. Thanks to promoters Beyond the Dark Horizon, we were treated to a diverse assortment of acts. More...

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Orange Goblin To Release Special Edition Album

Orange Goblin has issued the following announcement about Candlelight Records releasing a new special edition of the band's most recent album:

"On the 28th of May 2012, Candlelight Records will release a 'special edition' version of the latest Orange Goblin album 'A Eulogy For The Damned.' This version will come in 'book' style packaging and will feature 2 discs.

"The first disc (CD) will feature the album in full plus a cover of the Black Sabbath classic 'Symptom of the Universe.' The second disc (DVD) features the video for the track 'Red Tide Rising,' a short documentary about the making of the video as well as band interviews and footage from the band's recent Christmas concert at the Underworld in London, including the full live version of 'Red Tide Rising.'" More...

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Korpiklaani Unveils New Album Artwork

Finnish folk metal pioneers Korpiklaani have issued further details on their upcoming 8th studio album “Manala,” which will be released via Nuclear Blast on the 3rd of August. The cover artwork was created by Finnish artist Jan Yrlund, and Korpiklaani vocalist Jonne Järvelä states:

“On the album cover, our band mascot Vaari represents Väinämöinen, who is one of the main characters in the Finnish national epic Kalevala. As most of the lyrics on 'Manala' are based on the Kalevala, Jan Yrlund decided to draw his inspiration for the cover artwork from the beautiful but yet brutal depiction of the underworld in Finnish mythology.” More...

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Devilish Impressions Signs To Lifeforce Records

Lifeforce Records has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with Devilish Impressions:

"We at Lifeforce Records are extremely excited to welcome Polish blackened death metal act Devilish Impression to the family. It was very easy to convince us with their qualities as musicians and as extremely professional and hard working people! The band's Lifeforce Records debut and third album 'Simulacra' will be released July 30th in Europe and July 31st in North America.

"Despite having only two albums under their belt Devilish Impressions quickly managed to put their name out there. Critically acclaimed records and intense touring along with some of the biggest names onto the metal scene made them one of the most promising acts on the European map of extreme music. After a row of personal problems that eventually caused several line-up changes and temporary stage absence, the band strikes back with the brand new opus called 'Simulacra' and is now ready to take the scene by storm again.

"Simulacra is the 3rd full-length by Devilish Impressions, considered as one of Poland’s leading and most innovative modern black / death metal acts. Wrapped in breath-taking artwork created by Xaay, the album also features guest appearances of Orion (Behemoth, Vasania), Jacek Grecki (Lost Soul) and Roman Berežnicki (Lecter) as well as session synth / samples / fx appearance by Flumen (Asgaard) and Lestath." More...

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Gotthard Posts New Track-By-Track Video

Gotthard has now posted the fifth in a series of track breakdown videos from the band's upcoming new album "Firebirth." Check out the clip below, and the band commented:

"Part 5 of our new Track-By-Track Special 'Yippie Aye Yay' is online now! Get some background info on our new song by watching this video below.

"Check back tomorrow for the next part and follow our daily series until end of this month by checking out each song of the upcoming 'Firebirth' album, out June 1st on Nuclear Blast!"

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Hellwell To Release "Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin"

Manilla Road guitarist/vocalist Mark "The Shark" Shelton will release the debut from his side project Hellwell, named after keyboardist/bassist E.C. Hellwell, who played bass and provided vocals on the latest Manilla Road LP "Playground of the Damned" (2011). The album entitled "Beyond the Boundaries of Sin" is scheduled for release on August 17, 2012 through High Roller Records, a division of Pure Steel.

Shelton commented on the band: "We started the project as more of a one off album but then decided to go ahead and make a band of it. We are even now still adding new members to the group. So the next project that Hellwell will put out will have even more names on it. But on this album the line up is Jonny Thumper Benson on drums and he also plays some guitar and bass and did a little writing on this project. E.C. Hellwell (who the band is obviously named after) plays keyboards, synthesizers and bass. I play guitars and sing lead vocals on most everything but we had some special appearances by Bryan Hellroadie Patrick and Josh Castillo from Manilla Road.”

"Beyond the Boundaries of Sin" is a concept album based on a short story written by Hellwell. The mainman goes on to describe the concept of the release: "Side one of the album is just a collection of songs but side two is a complete concept based on the short story 'Acheronomicon' which was written by E.C. Hellwell. He has not been published until now but he has a few other stories that Manilla Road has based songs on before like 'The Riddle Master' and 'Cage of Mirrors'. E.C. came into my life when I was in school way back when and has been a fairly big influence on my philosophical approach to horror. Side two of the album is a trilogy concept that is based on this apocalyptic tale that Ernie came up with not long ago. After reading it I knew that I must put it to music.” More...

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Stray From The Path Posts RATM Cover Song

Stray From The Path, which recently released a music video for the song "Mad Girl," has now posted a new cover song online. Check out the band's cover of the Rage Against The Machine track "Vietnow" in the player below.

Stray From The Path will also be heading out on the All Stars 2012 Tour this coming August, with details available at this location.

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Testament Posts Facebook Fan Interview Footage

Testament posted a Facebook fan interview video featuring guitarist Eric Peterson. Peterson answers questions about the band's forthcoming LP "The Dark Roots of Earth," the details of which were recently unveiled. The album is expected to drop on July 27th, 2012 (Europe) and July 31st, 2012 (North America) via Nuclear Blast Records.

Check out the interview here:

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Ensiferum Details New Album

Finnish blackened folk lords Ensiferum announced that the band's fifth studio album will be entitled "Unsung Heroes." The album is due for release on August 27, 2012 through Spinefarm Records.
The album was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Sentenced, Apocalyptica), and will clock in at an hour plus.

A cinematic experience from first note to last, "Unsung Heroes" takes the listener on a journey of genuine light & shade, with the 16 minute-plus "Passion Proof Power" showing that when it comes to the epic statement, Ensiferum are very much in the front-line, swords at the ready.

The band commented on the album: “We’ve tried to push the different aspects of what we do as far as we can. The sonic scope is wider than ever. The folk elements go further down that path and the metallic parts will absolutely rip your face off!”

The album's artwork was created by Kristian Wahlin. The release will also feature special guests, including members of Apokalyptischen Reiter plus legendary Finnish singer & actor, Vesa-Matti Loiri.

The track listing for "Unsung Heroes" is as follows:

1. Symbols
2. In My Sword I Trust
3. Unsung Heroes
4. Burning Leaves
5. Celestial Bond
6. Retribution Shall Be Mine
7. Star Queen (Celestial Bond part II)
8. Pohjola
9. Last Breath
10. Passion Proof Power More...

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Bloody Symphony Streaming New Songs

Indonesian death metal band Bloody Symphony is readying its second album "Armageddon Vision" and has posted one of the tracks that will be appearing on it, "Heiroglyphs Reincarnation," in video upload form. Also, the band has posted a second track, "Holy Blood," over on its ReverbNation page. This album will be the follow up to 2011's EP release "Keterpurukan Jiwa," although Bloody Symphony has made numerous appearances on compilations as well in its two year history.

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Fiakra Signs With Pure Underground Records

New Jersey based blackened folk/power metal band Fiakra (formerly known as Hexen and not to be confused with U.S. thrashers HeXen) has signed on with Pure Underground Records, a division of Pure Steel. The band's debut release under the new moniker will be entitled "Invasion," and is scheduled for a June/July 2012 release date. Formed in 2000, the band, as Hexen, released a demo in 2005 and a debut EP entitled "A New Age" in 2006 before the first full length album "Dark Crucible" was released on Eternal War Records.

The band commented on the signing: "Fiakra are proud to be working with Pure Steel Records, we are overjoyed so far at the help and support we've received from the label, and can't wait to unleash our own molten brand of pagan power metal upon the unsuspecting world. Like a band of dark ages warlords riding harley's made of human bones....we shall conquer all in our path and destroy all who oppose!" More...

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Heretic (US) Streaming New Track "Remains"

Los Angeles power metal band Heretic, who recently reformed is streaming the track new "Remains." The track will appear on the band's sophomore full length release "A Time of Crisis" on July 26, 2012 through Metal On Metal Records.

Heretic is best known for its one and only full length release "Breaking Point" (1988), featuring Ex-Metal Church vocalist Mike Howe. The band is now fronted by original vocalist Julian Mendez, who sang on the band's debut EP "Torture Knows No Boundary" (a/k/a "Don't Turn Your Back").

Check out "Remains" here:

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Optimizing A Band's Profile: A Journalist's View

As we've entered the cyber age and immediate access to information, the amount of bands with a DIY ethos has exploded. In these times, it is no longer necessary to have the agonizing wait of being discovered by a record label to start a band's fanbase and get known. But, with that ease of being able to post one's material comes other self-apparent facts. A band is now part of a much larger macrocosm of over a hundred thousand metal acts, and must do what is necessary to publicize itself and put it's offerings at the forefront of others' minds. A band must now be in charge of its destiny, at least in the beginning. More...

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Mastodon Posts Live Footage

Mastodon posted live footage of the song "All the Heavy Lifting" from the band's show at Brixton Academy on February 11, 2012. The song appears on the band's latest LP "The Hunter" (reviewed here). Mastodon is currently touring Europe in support of the album. For dates and venues, head over to this location.

Check out "All the Heavy Lifting" here:

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Kreator Posts Third "Phantom Antichrist" Trailer

German thrash legend Kreator posted part three in a series of trailers for the band's forthcoming LP "Phantom Antichrist." The LP is scheduled for release on June 1, 2012 (EU) and June 5, 2012 (North America) through Nuclear Blast Records.

The track listing for "Phantom Antichrist" is as follows:

1. Mars Mantra
2. Phantom Antichrist
3. Death to the World
4. From Flood into Fire
5. Civilization Collapse
6. United in Hate
7. The Few, the Proud, the Broken
8. Your Heaven - My Hell
9. Victory Will Come
10. Until Our Paths Cross Again

Check out the third trailer here: More...

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